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Fast Fixes for Common Digestive Problems

You probably don't think about your digestive system when it's working properly. But when your stools become either too loose or too hard, it can suddenly be difficult to ignore. Causes of Stool Problems As many as 30 percent of adults experience stool problems, according to Eamonn Quigley, MD, past president of the American College of Gastroenterology and the World Gastroenterology Organization, who serves as head of Houston Methodist Hospital's gastroenterology division.

Early Warning Signs of Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association estimates that more than 25 million Americans today are living with this chronic condition, which causes elevated blood sugar levels in the body that leads to a number of serious health problems. Types of Diabetes There are several different forms of diabetes.

Cut Calories (Not Flavor) From Your Cocktails

If you're watching your weight, a couple of cocktails can use up more than their share of your calorie allowance for the day. Here's how to de-calorize your favorite alcoholic drink. There are two ways to cut back on the overall amount of cocktails you consume in an evening.

The Skinny on Green Coffee Bean Extract

For those of us addicted to the buzz, the benefits of a good old cup of coffee are nothing new. But a recent study indicates that unroasted, or "green," coffee beans might do more than just help us start the day and stay awake: They may also help some people lose weight.

8 Signs You Have Secondary Hypertension

If you've been diagnosed with hypertension, or high blood pressure, it actually may be caused by an underlying medical condition. In this case, it's known as secondary hypertension. But how do you know if you have it, and what can you do about it? Is...

Joint Replacement Surgery: An Unexpected Bonus

There's nothing sexy about having pain in your knee or hip joints. That's why when arthritis strikes, it can make engaging in a sexual relationship difficult. Before you resign yourself to celibacy, consider findings of a new study presented at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons' 2013 annual meeting that revealed undergoing joint replacement surgery not only increases mobility but makes physical intimacy possible again.

Be Prepared for Unexpected Health Expenses

Living with a chronic health condition means that you're probably juggling a lot of additional expenses. While you may be able to scrape by most of the time, what would happen if you suddenly lost your job and your health insurance? Planning for the Worst It's always best to prepare for the worst-case scenario, says Derrick Kinney, a Dallas-based personal finance advisor and principal of Derrick Kinney & Associates.

Could Your Partner Have Alexithymia?

Do you feel like your partner doesn't connect with you emotionally? Does he seem unable to share or understand emotional issues that are important to you? Does he avoid talking about feelings? He may have a personality trait called alexithymia. And if he's got this trait and the two of you are married, chances are you're feeling lonely and that there's something missing in your marriage.

The Gout Food Plan: 4 Foods to Avoid, 3 Foods to Eat

Do you have gout? This rheumatic disease, which causes pain or inflammation in the joints or muscles, is the result of too much uric acid in the blood and tissues. Uric acid is produced when the body breaks down substances called purines, which are compounds found in foods and drinks such as beans, some fish, and beer.

Sex Secrets: The Male G-Spot

The existence of the female G-spot has been the subject of much debate since Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, a gynecologist known for his research on the female genitalia, first described the pleasure zone—and gave his name to the idea—in the 1950s.

Frequently Asked Questions About Allergies

Fifty million Americans suffer from some type of allergy. With so many different symptoms and so many varieties of allergies, people have a lot of questions. We've got answers to your most frequently asked questions: Q. What exactly does allergy mean? A.

The Lowdown on Low-Residue Diets

If you have diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) or are recovering from bowel surgery, your doctor might prescribe a low-residue diet. But what exactly does that include and can you get all the nutrition you need? Yes, if you choose your foods carefully and make a few diet modifications.

Type 1 Diabetes: Some Seniors Cope Better Than Others

Enjoying the golden years was once an unlikely dream for anyone with type 1diabetes. In early part of the 20th century, individuals diagnosed with type 1 diabetes weren't expected to live past their early 50s. But thanks to great strides in the treatment of the chronic disorder, a long life expectancy is now possible.

Eat More Avocados

If your only contact with avocados is your annual Super Bowl party guacamole dip, you're missing out on a real super food. Avocados are loaded with nutrients, healthy fats, and great flavor, and they are spectacular additions to a wide variety of dishes.

Are Poisonous Plants Growing in Your Garden?

Is there danger lurking in your yard? There might be if you're growing one of these five common poisonous plants. 1. Oleander This flowering red, pink, or white evergreen shrub is grown in warm areas all over the U.S. It's often found in yards and gardens and is so draught tolerant and hearty, California even uses it to landscape highways and freeways.

6 DIY Massage Techniques

Massage can be a relaxing indulgence but there's no denying that applying gentle pressure to sore spots relieves tension and is a wonderful cure for physical pain. If a regular rub down with a trained massage therapist just isn't possible, check out these six do-it-yourself techniques and feel better—fast.

Healthy Spotlight: Kale

Long a staple of southern cooking, kale has exploded onto the national scene in recent years, and with good reason. This leafy green vegetable, visually similar to spinach and belonging to the same family as cabbage and collard greens, has been labeled a super food by experts.

5 Life Lessons to Share With Teens

No one gets through the teen years without some angst, but for some those transitional years are particularly difficult. Who among us hasn't wished she could go back in time and impart some well-earned wisdom to her younger self? Below are a few pieces of advice from which you probably would have benefitted; why not offer them today to a teen in your life? 1.

6 Common Pet-Training Mistakes

When you bring a dog, cat, or other animal into your home, you aren't just responsible for providing your pet with "creature comforts" (i.e. food, water, shelter) but also for his physical and mental well-being. Proper training is the key to having a pet you enjoy—and others do, too.

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