A Growing Field

Doctors of chiropractic are medical professionals who believe in the power of the body's own healing abilities. To this end, these specialists use a natural approach to help resolve various health challenges. Their efforts focus in large part on the spinal cord and its function in relation to the body's other systems and on keeping these in a proper working state in order to maintain optimal health.

In the past, this method was used mainly for people with head, neck, joint and back pain, among other things. But as modern medicine has gained a better understanding of how the body works, the use of chiropractic practice has spread to address other conditions, including asthma.

A Natural Asthma Treatment

The idea behind using chiropractic adjustments to lessen asthma symptoms is that by manipulating the spine, it will open up the rib cage and help to open the airways and lungs to improve airflow there. However, many experts question the appropriateness of using this technique to treat medical conditions, including asthma and other respiratory disorders.

Much Controversy Exists

Research on the effectiveness of this type of treatment is still very limited and the topic is quite controversial in terms of whether it makes a real difference. That being said, some people do believe this holistic asthma treatment does work. So if you've had little or no success with other treatment methods, or if you suffer from severe side effects from taking high doses of asthma medications, trying chiropractic approaches could make sense. Just keep in mind that it may not replace your prevention and medication strategies, but rather is better used to supplement them, at least at first until you start receiving health benefits. However, if this natural asthma treatment ends up being effective, over time you may find the amount of medicine you require will eventually lessen.

A Word of Warning

If you're considering visiting a doctor of chiropractic for a natural asthma treatment option, just be sure to talk to your primary care physician first to see if he thinks this is a safe idea. While using chiropractic therapy doesn't have the same side effects as taking some of your asthma medications, there are certain risks involved in using any type of spinal manipulation and should only be done by someone who is highly trained and well respected in this area.




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