Asthma - Management

7 Asthma Inhalers Discontinued by FDA

The latest action by the FDA to phase out seven popular asthma inhalers may seem daunting, but you might understand the reasons why they're discontinued. Thankfully, these alternatives are just as effective.

Why Asthma Rates Peak in September

Fall can come with pleasures like football, apple picking, or going back to school. But it can also mean asthma symptoms so severe that hospitals report record-high ER visits in September.

Working With Soy May Cause Occupational Asthma

Is your job making you sick? If you work in a soy processing plant and suffer from asthma, you certainly could be in danger according to a study.

What is the September asthma epidemic and how can my family avoid it?

If this is the most dangerous month for your asthma symptoms, you may want to read on. See how you can prepare yourself for the September asthma epidemic.

7 Ways to Combat Asthma and Stress

If you have a lot on your plate, stress and anxiety can creep in. But can it also worsen your asthma?

5 "Super" Foods for Asthma

It can be difficult to keep track of which foods you should avoid that worsen asthma symptoms. Thankfully, these are super foods that are not only common in what you eat, but also relieve asthma.

Why It's Important to Keep Your Home Mold-Free

Does mold flare up your asthma or allergies? Preventing mold triggers and proactively keeping your home mold-free can be the best way to evict this pest.

Weighing the Connection between White Food and Asthma

The color of the food you eat really matters, especially if you suffer from asthma. Research now points out that starchy white foods may make asthma symptoms worse over time, but it's not for reasons you'd expect.

Don t Lose Sleep Over Nocturnal Asthma

Is your asthma keeping you up at night? If so you certainly aren't alone. As many as 20 million Americans suffer from asthma according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. And many of them find that their symptoms worsen after dark. In fact, this condition is so common, it's often referred to as "nocturnal asthma."

Tips for Traveling with Asthma

While packing for vacation, you probably wish you could leave your asthma behind. Unfortunately, asthma symptoms go with you wherever you go. In fact, a change of weather and location can even make your respiratory problems more severe.

Seasonal Asthma: Why Warm Weather Makes it Flare

On warm summer days, do you find your asthma symptoms heating up along with the temperature? Asthma and the weather are often related and days that are particularly hot can leave you scrambling for your fast-acting inhaler.

Breathe Better with the Latest Asthma Guidelines

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute offers the latest guidelines to deal with asthma and to breathe better.

Protect Yourself Against Poor Air Quality

Many major cities in the U.S. have poor air quality. Found out ways you can protect yourself against air pollution to lessen your asthma symptoms.

The Probiotics and Asthma Benefit: Does it Exist?

Probiotics, "good" bacteria, can positively improve asthma symptoms. It can strengthen the immune system to lessen its response to cause asthma and can reduce illness occurrences.

Worried About Asthma and Panic Attacks?

Find out what is the relationship between asthma and panic disorders and how these conditions can go hand in hand.

Are Your Meds Triggering Your Asthma?

You probably rely on your medicines to help you to feel better when you're sick, but you may not realize know that in some cases, the medication you use to treat one health problem could also be triggering your asthma symptoms in the process.

When Asthma and Anxiety Co-Exist

Does your asthma sometimes make you feel anxious? Or could your anxiety actually be to blame for causing your respiratory distress?

Asthma or Heart Disease? How to Tell the Difference

As if experiencing chest pain and heaviness isn't scary enough.

Patient Compliance with Asthma Treatment Plans

Do you take your asthma medication as directed? If not, the latest research warns that you may be setting yourself up for unnecessary harm.

Black Currant Breathing Benefits

You know that fruit is good for you, but did you know some types could help to relieve your asthma, too?

Do Your PMS Symptoms Leave You Breathless?

Many women are all too familiar with the monthly discomfort that goes along with premenstrual syndrome or PMS. But did you know that asthma could be one of accompanying symptoms caused by the related hormone shifts?

Herbal Remedies for Asthma Relief

Bad asthma symptoms might leave you frustrated and tempted to try herbal relief, but proceed with caution this alternative treatment could cause more harm than good.

Asthma and Marijuana: What You Need to Know

New research shows promise in the relationship between asthma and marijuana.

Can Omega 3 Help Ease Asthma Symptoms?

If you consume fish regularly and have also noticed a reduction in your asthma symptoms, there could be a connection.

Real Solutions for Spring Asthma Symptoms

Does the beauty of spring take your breath away? If so, and if the connection is more than figurative, then you may be one of the many people who suffer from spring asthma.

The New FDA Guidelines for Inhalers

Just how safe is your asthma medication? According to recently released FDA warnings, certain popular treatment methods could have dangerous even deadly consequences.

Can Basil Help Ease Asthma?

If you cook with a lot of basil, did you know that you could be getting more advantages than just the great flavor?

The Truth About Asthma and Dairy

Milk. Butter. Cheese. Ice Cream. These are just a few popular dairy products that you may love. But if you suffer from asthma, they may also be on your "do not consume" list.

Aspirin and Asthma: Surprising Benefits

Aspirin eases pain and even helps those with heart disease. But can it help asthma sufferers as well?

Benefits of Online Asthma Support

If you ever go online for help when your asthma symptoms flare, you could have the right idea.