Asthma - Management

Asthma and Corticosteroids: What You Need to Know

If you've noticed your asthma symptoms have been getting out of hand, your doctor may be considering putting you on steroids. And although this is a very common treatment course that can help you feel significantly better, there are some things you should know before you begin.

The Link Between Car Pollution and Asthma

If you're exposed to heavy traffic on a regular basis, you could be putting yourself at greater risk for asthma complications.

Hypnosis Therapy for Asthma

As implausible as it may sound, some researchers believe that asthma patients can use self-hypnosis to control their condition and help themselves breathe better on a regular basis.

A Real Solution to Sinus and Allergy Misery

World renowned sinus surgeon and Director of New York's prestigious Nasal and Sinus Center, Dr. Jordan Josephson, answers a desperate reader's question about how he can relieve his chronic sinus pain.

Lifestyle Changes to Help You Manage Your Asthma

When it comes to managing asthma, sometimes making small changes in your daily routine can add up to big differences in how you feel.

How to Use an Inhaler Correctly

Inhalers are essential to your asthma management plan, but if you don't know how to use them correctly, you could be doing yourself a disservice.

How Your Birth Control Could Help Your Asthma

Women with asthma who take birth control pills may reap an unexpected benefit: an improvement in their respiratory symptoms.

5 Most Common Asthma Myths

Got asthma? Then get the facts. The more you know about this chronic condition, the easier you may find it to manage your own symptoms.

How Body Shape and Asthma Are Related

It's no secret that your body weight impacts your health, but now, research is finding that how your weight is distributed is just as important--if not more so--than the actual number on the scale.

Asthma and Altitude: What You Should Know

If you're planning a trip to the mountains this winter, read on to find out how the change in altitude will impact your asthma symptoms.

Asthma and Lung Function

Although not as tangible as wheezing, coughing, and not being able to catch your breath, the reduced lung functioning that goes along with an asthma attack is just as dangerous.

How Fireplaces Heat Up Your Asthma Symptoms

When the weather outside is frightful, the fire is so delightful--but it could be increasing your asthma symptoms. Find out why this is, and how you can take steps to protect yourself.

When Asthma and Emotions Go Hand in Hand

When you're feeling particularly sad, or particularly happy, the changes that occur in your body can put you at increased risk.

Why Cold Air and Asthma Go Hand in Hand

If you ever notice that cold air makes your asthma flare, you're in good company. Cold air seems to be a trigger for many asthmatics, making navigating the coldest winter air quite a challenge.

Top 10 Asthma-Friendly Holiday Gifts

You'll love giving these gifts to your asthmatic loved ones.

Exercising with Asthma: Harmful or Helpful?

Asthmatics might be nervous about working out, but it might be just what they need to keep their symptoms under control. Find out how daily exercise could help you breathe easier.

The Vitamin D-Asthma Connection

If you didn't realize that the amount of sunshine you get everyday can actually impact your breathing, listen up. Vitamin D isn't just for strong bones-it's also for strong lungs.

How Where You Live Can Impact Asthma

Location is everything; even when it comes to your breathing.

Folic Acid: The Future of Asthma Management?

Want an easy and effective way to gain control of your asthma symptoms? Some experts believe that in the future, taking a folic acid supplement may be the answer to help you breathe better.

Can You Outgrow Asthma?

Ever wonder if you might outgrow this condition? We have the facts.

How Crying Can Trigger Asthma

The popular saying, "Don t cry over spilled milk" should be taken seriously if you're asthmatic—crying can actually make your breathing symptoms worse.

Asthma and Natural Herbal Remedies

Millions of asthmatics are going natural to ease their symptoms. Find out the pros and cons of this growing trend.

Apples and Asthma: A Healthy Mix

Apples have long been touted for their numerous health benefits--and they just may help you reduce your asthma symptoms as well.

How Being Obese Impacts Your Breathing

Obesity can increase your chances of experiencing dangerous complications from asthma. We tell you why.

Salt and Asthma: Is There a Connection?

Some studies show that the amount of sodium you consume might be related to your asthma symptoms.

Autumn Asthma Management Tips

Got fall asthma? Follow our guidance to breathe easier this season.

Allergy-Proof Your Bedroom

If your allergies get worse at night--your bedroom may be to blame.

Why Having Asthma Makes the Flu More Dangerous

Asthmatics suffer uncomfortable symptoms year round-- but flu season can be dangerous.

Cholesterol Medicine: A New Asthma Treatment?

If you use statin therapy to manage high cholesterol and also happen to suffer from asthma, you could find that your breathing may benefit.

Smoking and Asthma: A Dangerous Combination

It's no secret that smoking is bad for you, but if you have asthma, it may be worse than you even thought.