Autism - Treatments

The Benefits of Music Therapy for Autism

This approach may help improve language comprehension, social behaviors, and motor skills in children with autism.

Best Treatments for Autism

What are the cutting-edge options for speech, behavioral, and development treatments?

Your Adult Child With Disabilities: A Caregiving Guide

Here's how to find helpful resources and know the right questions to ask.

Taking Your Child to the Hospital?

Care for your child with confidence with these 10 tips.

Could Neurofeedback Retrain Your Brain?

Although the procedure may sound complex, the intended results are not. NFT seeks to teach a brain with a particular abnormality how to behave normally.

Share Your Story. Become a Health Hero.

Have you or a loved one survived a life-threatening disease? Are you currently struggling with depression, chronic pain, heart disease, or other health-related condition? Have you gone to extraordinary lengths to help someone in a health crisis? If so, we want to hear from you!

Autism and Vaccines: What's the Link?

Autism affects one out of every 150 births. What role do vaccines actually play in the prevalence of this disorder? Get the facts now.

Understanding Autism

Learn more about this increasingly common disorder, from risk factors to potential treatments.