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1. Are you or someone you care for living with any of the following digestive conditions? (Choose all that apply.)
2. Have you or someone you care for been diagnosed with Cancer?
3. Are you or someone close to you one of the millions of Americans living with Hepatitis C (Hep C)?
4. Have you or someone you care for been diagnosed with Endometriosis?
6. Do you or someone in your household frequently experience pain in your back, shoulder, knee, hand/finger, ankle, joints or muscles? (Select all that apply)
7. 1 in 30 Baby Boomers may have Hepatitis C (HEP C) and most dont even know it! If you or someone close to you has served in the military, has a tattoo, used intravenous drugs or had a blood transfusion, you/they are may be at risk. Are you/they at risk for Hep C?
8. Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with high potassium (hyperkalemia)?
9. Are you or someone you care for struggling with opioid dependence or "painkiller addiction"?
10. Have you or someone you care for been diagnosed with Wet age-related Macular Degeneration?
11. Over 100 million people DO NOT have enough life insurance to protect their loved ones if tragedy strikes. Are you one of them?
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