Cancer - Videos

Suicide Gene Kills Brain Cancer

13-thousand people will die from brain cancer this year. But doctors hope a gene with a death wish will help destroy deadly brain tumors.

You've Got Yael Cohen

Activist Yael Cohen discusses the touching inspiration behind starting her cancer awareness charity, and the strikingly direct delivery system she chose to help educate young people about the importance of early detection.

The Beautiful, Bald Barbie Campaign for Girls with Leukemia

Previously on The Doctors, 12-year-old Leukemia fighter Kinley attempted to make a big-time beauty statement through the iconic Barbie brand. Today, see how Kinley's campaigning paid off!

I-SPY 2 Trial: Personalizing Cancer Treatment

Cancer claims the lives of more than a half million Americans each year. The lengthy battle against cancer has been one of human ingenuity, dramatic technologic advancement, and tireless commitment, but also of misperception, endless complexity, and frustration. Leading cancer researchers discuss the discoveries, and their collective hope for the future.

Amanda's Survival Story of Stage 3 Breast Cancer

The Haven offers support to breast cancer patients in the UK. Watch our video interview with cancer survivor Amanda Meeling.

Learning About Breast Cancer

In this video interview, Jan Dell, Breast Care Nurse Specialist at The Haven, discusses important issues concerning breast cancer.

Supporting Your Choices at The Haven

Cancer patients are faced with difficult choices. The Haven offers support, advice and information. Watch our video to learn more.

The Haven Cancer Charity at Home

Watch our video interview with Eve Warren, a life-work coach at The Haven, a breast cancer charity.

An Introduction to The Haven

The Haven is a charity that offers care to breast cancer patients in the UK. Watch our video to learn more.

The Haven Breast Cancer Charity

Learn about The Haven, a breast cancer charity with three locations in the UK, that helps cancer patients and their families cope with breast cancer.

Coping With Fear When Battling Breast Cancer

Part of the battle against breast cancer is learning to deal with fear. In this video interview with a cancer patient we examine fear.

Staying Positive With Breast Cancer

A positive outlook can help in the battle against cancer. Watch our video interview with a cancer patient who discusses positive thinking.

Introducing the Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In this video, we learn where to get updates on breast cancer and H1N1.