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Here Are Some Other Methods Of Getting A Breast Exam From Elisa Port, MD

Methods of getting a breast exam

Dr. Elisa Port Tells Us What Will Increase The Risk Of Breast Cancer

This will increase the risk of breast cancer

How Do You Know If You Should Get Tested For BRCA1 or BRCA2 Genes?

Getting tested for brac 1 and brac2

An Expert Opinion On What The American Cancer Society Said About Mammograms

New Information on mammograms

Mondays With Marlo - Dr. Elisa Port

Marlo interviews Elisa Port, MD

Why Does It Seem Today That More Women Are Choosing To Have A Mastectomy Over Other Forms Of Treatment

Other forms of treatment

Our Expert Breast Doctor Gives Us The Answer To When You SHould or Should Not Get A Mammogram

When should you get tested?

Is Breast Surgery Necessary If You Feel A Lump In Your Breast

Do you need surgery if you feel a lump

How Common Is Breast Cancer In Men?

Can men get breast cancer

ACS Says Women Should Start Mammograms At 45

The American Cancer Society has made a major shift in its recommendations on when women should start having yearly mammograms.

Japan To Pay Fukushima Worker Cancer Compensation

Japanese authorities have confirmed the first case of cancer linked to radiation exposure following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster.

Breast Cancer Screening

The American Cancer Society updates breast cancer screening guidelines.

Prostate Cancer and Men's Health Supplements

Do men's health supplements help improve the medical outcome of prostate cancer patients?

Breast Cancer Distress in Childhood

How does family history of breast cancer affect girls' psychological development?

What Kids Like About Martial Arts

Eye Opener TV's kid reporter Ava explains what she likes about martial arts and her new Taekwondo classes.

5 Exercises to Maintain Your Bikini Body

Despite the summer months being way behind us, Hannah Rees shows you 5 perfect exercises for maintaining your bikini body this winter.

Antioxidants and Cancer Risk

Antioxidants may not always be a healthy choice, according to a new study.

Can Balloons Help You Lose Weight?

The Doctors discuss a new surgical procedure recommended for obese patients to help them lose weight. Is it healthy?

New Study Investigates If Tanning Salons Are Giving Gay Men Skin Cancer

Is skin cancer linked to a person's sexuality? Dr. Matthew Mansh joins HuffPost Live to discuss.

I Survived: Breast Cancer

Cristina in 2008 was diagnosed with breast cancer. After years of treatment she learned how to keep the joy in her life.

Europe's Secret to Targeted Fat Burning

European women have a reputation for being thin. Maybe it's all the walking, their diet, or all the cigarettes; but we think SlimBelly might have something to do with it. The innovative air compression system works to target belly fat and tone your abs when you're working out, so you can finally watch your waistline shrink by the week.

How to Use Offensive Fraternity Banners as a 'Teachable Moment'

The Doctors discuss offensive fraternity banners that were hung to 'welcome' freshman women and their moms to one college campus and what conversations parents should have with their sons and daughters.

Our Secret to Drinking Enough Water

Style Expert Jenn Falik discovered an innovative way to drink water with the Aqua Zinger Water Bottle. This contraption subtly infuses your water with a variety of flavors for a supreme satisfaction and refreshment.

The Most Convenient Water Bottle Ever

Unless you carry a water bottle with you at all times, it's hard to stay adequately hydrated. But most bottles are so bulky and heavy that it's tempting to leave them behind. So make it easy for yourself and try the bottle that's not only lightweight, collapsible, and safe for hot or cold beverages, it's chic and fun to carry too!

Woman Who Had Facial Tumor Receives Life-Changing Diagnosis

A woman who had a large tumor removed from her face joins The Doctors five months after later to share how the surgery has changed her life. Hear the shocking results of the tumor biopsy.

Woman with Large Facial Tumor Undergoes Life-Changing Surgery

A woman who has a large grapefruit-sized tumor on her face undergoes a risky surgery to have the tumor removed seven years after she first noticed a bump behind her right ear.

Residential Exposure to Pesticides

Exposure to indoor pesticides is significantly associated with the increased risk of childhood cancers.

Aspirin and Your Health

Should middle-age adults be taking a daily dose of aspirin to help prevent heart attack and colorectal cancer?

Breast Cancer and Diet

Eating a Mediterranean diet with olive oil may lower risk of breast cancer.

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