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Doctors are heating up brain tumors; making the treatment of cancer safer with fewer side effects

MRI for Better Prostate Biopsy

Prostate cancer affects one-million men every year, but now, instead of a biopsy, doctors are using MRI scanners in order to catch cancer earlier than ever before.

Using Robots to Remove the Esophagus

This year, 18,000 patients were diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus, and the recovery can often be long and painful. Now a new surgery approach allows doctors to remove the cancer with less complications.

Anthrax: Fighting Cancer?

The biological weapon that could potentially wipe out entire countries is now being turned into a cancer fighter to help save lives.

Prostate Cancer: What's Your Risk?

Emoji's have moved from the iPhone to the hospital and are now playing an important role in showing men their risk for developing prostate cancer.

HPV: The Teen Vaccine No One Gets?

A vaccine to prevent cancer is on the market, but not everyone is taking advantage of it.


The brain path allows doctors to access previously inoperable brain tumors; sparing patients from life-altering complications like blindness, or paralysis

Vitamin D for Pancreatic Cancer

Researchers are finding that vitamin D is wiping out pancreatic cancer, but this is not the kind you can buy in a drug store.

'Blueprint' for Breast Cancer Diagnosis

A new test is helping doctors better diagnose breast cancer right down to the gene.

Deadly Infections from Prostate Biopsies

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, a deadly infection may also be a risk for some patients.

Why Men Should Orgasm Every Day

Men should be having daily orgasms for their health

Hunting Cancer Cells in Kids with A-L-L

Doctors are testing a new treatment that uses a person's own immune cells to hunt and kill cancer

Valerie Harper's Health Update

Two years after announcing her diagnosis with terminal brain cancer, iconic actress Valerie Harper joins The Doctors to discuss her ongoing battle with the disease and how she continues to defy her prognosis.

Inspiring Woman's Battle with Rare Disease

Watch a clip from a new documentary, 'Banner on the Moon,' which is narrated by iconic actress Valerie Harper and documents one woman's battle with a rare, terminal cancer and her efforts to raise awareness for her condition. Plus, learn about her inspiring journey from the doctor's office to the top of Mount Everest and the finish line of the Alaskan Iditarod.

Can Cancer Be Cured With Polio?

Learn about a promising new treatment currently in human trials that uses a genetically modified polio virus to combat cancer.

Killing Blood Cancer

A new treatment using antibodies could possibly stop a type of blood cancer that currently has no cure.

New Melanoma Therapy

A new therapy is giving hope to patients suffering from the deadliest form of skin cancer.

New Approach to Brain Surgery Helps Minimize Potential Damage

Learn about a new device and technique that allows surgeons to remove tumors deep in the brain with reduced risk to surrounding tissue and helps patients recover more quickly.

Brain Surgery Approach Helps Daughter Get Back in the Game

A teen who lost her father to an aggressive brain tumor undergoes a breakthrough, life-saving surgery to remove her own tumor.

23 Year Old Discusses Strength As He Battles Cancer For The Fourth Time

Filmmakers Ken Spooner and Mike O'Brien stop by HuffPost Live to discuss their new film "To Be Strong", a short documentary about Anthony Daniels, who is fighting a battle against Hodgkin's lymphoma for the third time.

'To Be Strong' Filmmakers LIVE

Filmmakers Ken Spooner and Mike O'Brien stop by HuffPost Live to discuss their new film "To Be Strong", a short documentary about Anthony Daniels, who is fighting a battle against Hodgkin's lymphoma for the third time.

Snakelike Robotic Device Fighting Cancer?

Surgeons are now using a snake-like robotic device in order to remove tumors that otherwise would be inoperable.

Getting Aggressive with Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in the U.S., but now there are more aggressive treatment options for men suffering from the disease.

New Treatment for Advanced Melanoma

A new treatment helps treat a deadly form of advanced melanoma.

Cancer Gene: Medicines Next Big Thing?

A new discovery in genetics is offering hope to families dealing with childhood cancers.

Free Services for Cancer Patients

More and more businesses are giving their time and services free of charge to cancer patients.

Big Ang Survives Throat Cancer

The star of "Mob Wives" is recuperating at home after a tumor and lymph nodes were removed from her throat.

Thyroid Cancer in Kids

Thyroid cancer is increasing in an unlikely group, kids. Parents are informed on what symptoms to look for in their children.

A Woman with a Large Facial Tumor Searches for Help

A woman with a grapefruit-sized tumor on her face describes how the growth has affected her life.

Surgeons Examine a Woman's Large Facial Tumor

A woman with a large tumor on her face visits a surgical oncologist and a reconstructive surgeon to determine whether the tumor can be safely removed.