Healthy Kids' Snacks and Treats

Top 8 Healthy Snacks and Treats

Please review the following suggestions, which are adapted from the American Dietetic Association's website, for simple recipes you can make together. Better yet, when it comes to helping to fill your child's daily quota of protein, calcium, fiber and other essential nutrients, these recipes are sure to make the grade.

1.   Banana and yogurt can be a tasty combination. Peel a medium-size banana and dip it in your child's favorite yogurt flavor until it's coated well. Then roll the banana in a bowl of crushed cereal. Freeze it to make a healthful dessert that's filling, too.

2.   Celery makes the perfect edible vessel. You can have your child fill it with peanut butter, low-fat cream cheese or hummus for a yummy snack that's also good for her.  Sprinkle in raisins, dried cranberries or walnuts to add some extra crunch to her munch.

3.  Let your child design her own snack kabobs using pretzel sticks or rods. Cube low-fat cheese and clean some red and green grapes, then let your child stack them on the pretzel for a creative treat that's also easy and fun to make.

4.  If you want an alternative to peanut butter crackers, what about spreading the peanut butter on thin slices of red or green apples? This is easy to pack in a lunchbox and can serve as a healthy lunch or snack.

5.  Instead of splurging on high-fat ice cream, treat your child to a smoothie that's low in fat and calories and high in nutrients.  You can mix low fat milk, frozen strawberries and a banana in a blender for 30 seconds, then pour into a cup and let your child indulge.

6.  A waffle cone can be the perfect "bowl" good enough to eat. Fill it with a blend of cut up fruit and low-fat yogurt for a delicious snack your child can hold and eat.

7.  Take your sandwiches to a new level by using cookie cutters to turn them into appealing shapes. Just remember to use whole grain bread and low-fat cheese and deli meats.

8.  If your child loves pizza, you can make your own version at home in just a few minutes. Use a whole wheat English muffin topped with pizza sauce and low-fat shredded mozzarella cheese and stick in your toaster oven.  Your child can also add her own personal touch by adding an array of veggie slices.

To learn more about your child's nutritional needs, you can also talk to your pediatrician or meet with a registered dietician.




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