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What You Should Know about Kids and Fiber

You probably know that fiber is important to your health. But did you know that this is true for your children, too? Everyone needs to eat an adequate amount of fiber to keep their bodies and digestion functioning at their very best. But the recommended amount for best results can vary, depending on age and gender, too.

Childhood Anxiety vs. Depression

Anxiety and depression symptoms often go hand in hand in adolescents. Yet when it comes to addressing these issues, it's best to consider them as two distinct diagnoses that may just happen to co-exist.

The Link between Parenting Styles and a Child's Behavior

How one's parents can have a direct effect on a child's behavior including his outlook on the world around him.

Frequent Moves in Childhood Tied to Teen Suicide Risk

The risk of suicide increases directly with the number of times a child or adolescent moves, says a recent study.

When Imaginary Friends Come to Play

While pretend playmates used to be viewed as a sign of a troubled child, experts now believe that the occurrence isn't only common; but it's quite healthy, too.

The Effect of a Diabetes Diagnosis on the Family

A diagnosis of diabetes is tough on the whole family. Here, effective strategies for learning to cope.

Conduct Disorder and Your Child

Almost five percent of all American children are diagnosed with this disruptive disorder.

Toddler-Tailored Workouts

Most toddlers are naturally on the move. Use these exercises to get the most out of their desire to run, climb, and balance.

Social Factors for LGBT Youth

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) youth face distinct challenges both in school and out. It is important for parents and educators to understand the high levels of stress that LGBT youth feel and to be able to recognize warning signs associated with that stress.

The Link Between TV and Blood Pressure

If your kids often opt for television over playing outside, the consequences could be more severe than you imagine.

Kids and Fitness: Weighing the Health Benefits

Do your children get outside to play for at least an hour a day? If not, they may be missing some important benefits that go along being active, including maintaining a healthy weight.

The Link between Exercise and Brainpower

Could burning calories boost your IQ? While the stereotype of a low-IQ'd "muscle-head" may be true in some cases, studies tend to show the opposite.

Four Completely Gross Children s Illnesses

These illnesses will make your stomach turn.

Children and Cold Meds: A Dangerous Combination

Before you turn to over-the-counter medication to treat your child, find out which risks exist.

Could Your Child Have Lactose Intolerance?

Find out how lactose intolerance works, and how it can be managed.

Sick Child? When to Call the Doctor

Not sure when your child's sickness warrants a visit to the doctor? Our guidelines help you make the best decision.

Sick Child? Pediatricians Recommend These Fever Treatments

No parents ever want to see a child sick with the discomfort of a fever--but knowing how to treat it can be the first line of defense.

Got a Sick Kid? When to Keep Your Child Home from School

On the fence about whether to keep your little one home or not? We have tips to guide your decision.

Diaper Rash Treatment: What You Should Know

We have easy tips to help you effectively treat diaper rash and reduce the odds of reoccurrence.

Children s Dental Care: Tips to Keep Their Teeth Healthy

You go to great lengths to ensure that your child eats well and gets enough sleep, but do you also spend as much time caring for his teeth?

Will Tanning Beds Be Banned for Teens?

Tanning addiction can cause serious health issues. Will teens be banned in order to protect them? Find out here.

Safe Insect Repellent for Kids: Does it Exist?

Can you keep your kids safe from insects without harming their health?

Identifying Ear Infection Symptoms in Your Child

Get the basics on this common childhood ailment so that you and your little one can rest easier.

What's the Safest Baby Cold Treatment?

How can you treat your little one's cold while keeping her safe at the same time?

Pregnancy and Neonatal Lupus

A look at pregnancy and neonatal lupus. Get information and tips on how to have a healthier pregnancy.

Tips to Help You Prevent Your Children from Being Dehydrated

Did you know that what they drink is just as important as when or how?

Does Your Child Have a Cold or the Flu?

Telling the difference between a cold or the flu is difficult—but our guide makes it possible.

Bullying Affects Children s Mental Health

Study shows that bullying is a predictor of psychotic symptoms in adolescence and of long-term mental health problems.

Steroids for Asthmatic Kids: Effective or Not?

If you have a child with asthma whose symptoms aren't well managed, you might want to revisit the treatment strategy to be sure it is in sync with his or her needs.

Children's Vaccines 101

Learn how immunizations work and why it's so important to vaccinate your child.