Childrens Health and Parenting - Expert Q&As

What is the best way to be a new step-parent of a teenager and a school-age child?

Good step-parenting requires patience, maturity, and high levels of teamwork.

What is wrong about intimate relationships between stepparents and stepchildren and what can we learn from it?

We may be outraged when we hear about stepparents falling in love with their stepchildren, but it s more important to see the lessons in these tales for all of us.

How do I get over issues from past relationships?

Love hurts. It s wise to know what hurts you, but it s unwise to let these hurts affect all your interactions.

How can my family and I go on a summer vacation without going crazy with stress?

The first step to reducing vacation stress is to expect it--but you can do damage control if you plan wisely.

What is the best way for my child to receive adequate vitamins and minerals for a well balanced diet?

Christy Valentine, MD, discusses the best way for children to receive adequate vitamins and minerals for a well balanced diet.

Are cold medicines safe for very young children?

Pediatrician Bradley Kirschner answers a reader's question about the safety of over-the-counter cold medicines for young children.

How should I handle my toddler's separation anxiety?

Kathy Longeway, Ph.D., answers a reader's question about dealing with her toddler's separation anxiety.

My child is a picky eater. How can I make sure she's getting the nutrients she needs?

Clinical dietitian Carly D.G. Lion answers a reader's question concerning her child's dietary needs.

How do I know if my teenage son's headaches should be evaluated by a physician?

Tammy Langhoff, RN, answers a reader's question about her teenage son's frequent headaches.

Should I get my son vaccinated for HPV when the vaccine becomes available for males?

Susan Milstein, certified health education specialist and sexuality educator, answers a reader's question about whether or not she should get her son vaccinated for HPV.

Should I encourage my 13-year-old daughter to get the HPV vaccine?

Jennifer Wider, MD, answers a reader's question about teens and the human papillomavirus vaccine.

How can I approach my son about his possible eating disorder?

Stuart Koman, Ph.D., answers a reader's question about approaching her son concerning his recent problems with food.

How can I control my son's temper tantrums?

Psychotherapist and certified trauma specialist Kimberly Gerlach answers a reader's question about preventing and managing temper tantrums.

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