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Will Clock Change Affect Kids' Sleeping?

Research is underway to determine how clock changes affect children's sleep patterns.

Gurl 101 â€" 6 Easy Ways To Be A Better Kisser

Feeling a little insecure about puckering up? If so, don’t worryâ€"you’re definitely not alone. Kissing is something that a lot of people worry about, whether they’ve done it multiple times or it’s their first time doing it. Fortunately, making out doesn’t have to be the big mystery it sometimes seems to be. In fact, there’s some stuff you can do to prepare yourself for your next kissâ€"whether it’s happening next week or next yearâ€"and make yourself feel a little more secure about this whole “kissing” thing overall

3 TV-Watching Tips for Toddlers

Trying to figure out how to manage screen time when it comes to your little ones? Here are three TV-watching tips for toddlers.

New Book: Long-Term Impact of Corporal Punishment

Does corporal punishment have a long-term negative impact on the black population of children? Stacey Potter, the author of 'Spare the Kids: Why Whooping Black Children Won't Save America,' discusses the effects of spanking on Lunch Break as well as its acceptance in the South.

Both Parents Driving Drunk with Kids in the Car?

The Doctors discuss the troubling story of a mother arrested for driving under the influence with her kids in the car -- when her husband showed up to pick up the kids, he was drunk too.

Do Multiple Kids Increase Heart Disease Risk?

Could have more than one child contribute to a greater chance of problems with your heart?

What's in a Baby Box?

Finnish-style baby boxes are being trailed in some English hospitals in a bid to tackle infant mortality. Here's what they contain.

Gurl 101 â€" 5 Signs Your Bae’s Best Friend Hates You

5 Signs Your Bae’s Best Friend Hates You If you’ve ever dated someone before, you’ll probably already know that there are a few people you need to impress to make sure it lasts. Their mom, obviously. Their siblings, probably, if they have any and are close to them. Then, of course, you’ve got their best friend. And if their best friend doesn’t like you? Well. I don’t want to put the nail on the coffin too soon, so to speak, but if that’s the case, chances are good that the relationship won’t last for too long after that. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it all on your own. In this video, Cheyenne talks about five ways to tell if your bae’s BFF hates youâ€"and what to do about it.

Ivana Trump Writing Tell-All Book....About Parenting

Ivana Trump is writing a tell-all book about parenting. Elizabeth Keatinge (@elizkeatinge) has more.

Best Apps for Busy Moms

Dr. Tania Elliot from Doctor on Demand is here to help busy moms find the best apps to make life easier.

Food Swaps Put to the Kid Test!

We put the healthy food swaps to the test with a panel of adorable kid food critics.

Healthy Food Swaps Your Kids Will Love!

Mom blogger and author Lisa Leake shares how to make some of your kid’s favorite foods healthier.

Daycare Provider Breastfeeds Baby?

The Doctors examine the shocking case of the daycare worker who breastfed someone else’s baby.

Gurl 101 â€" 8 Lies Porn Tells You About Sex

Porn is one of the most controversial topics out there for a lot of reasons. One of the biggest is the fact that it is rarely realistic. Porn is a fantasy, a place where the stars look conventionally beautiful, the sex is always incredible, everybody has multiple orgasms, and people are incredibly flexible. This would be fine, if it weren’t for the fact that so many people start to believe it is true. There are a lot of reasons porn is great, but one reason it stinks? It delivers some pretty high expectations. So, it’s good to know what’s real and what isn’t. In this video, Cheyenne clears that up by exposing some lies porn tells you about sex. It’s all good to know!

Family Fights to Keep Adopted Daughter

An adoptive mother shares her struggle to keep her adopted daughter as the child’s biological dad protests the adoption.

Adoptive Mom Pleads to Keep Her Family Together

Tammy is embroiled in a battle to keep her adoptive daughter in her family.

Good for Kids to Play with Food?

A new study has revealed that when kids play with their food it is actually a good thing!

5 Great Online News Sources For Kids

Kids want to know about current events, but adult news shows and sites can sometimes be overwhelming. These five sources offer a more kid-centered perspective on current events.

Father-Daughter Viral Pep Talk

The Doctors discuss the viral video of a father giving his daughter a touching morning pep talk.

What Kids Think About the News

Tweens and teens candidly share their thoughts, feelings, and concerns about today's news media. From valuing the news media to feeling fearful and left out, these kids bring to life some of the findings from News and America's Kids: How Young People Perceive and Are Impacted by the News . This groundbreaking report also highlights the importance of news-literacy skills to help kids navigate the ever-changing media landscape.

What Your Daughter Hears When You Criticize Yourself

It’s not always pretty. Here’s why we all need to think before we speak.

Epilepsy: What to Know

"Hamilton" star Miguel Cervantes is on top of the world starring in one of the hottest musicals, but things took a turn last year when his baby daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy, which affects 3 million people in America.

Is Your Kids' Lunchbox Contaminated?

Could you be sending your kids off to school with mold, fungus, and bacteria? The Doctors discuss proper care for the containers carrying your children’s food!

Playground Hazards!

More than 200,000 children are treated in the E.R for playground related injuries. The Doctors share a couple surprising playground dangers to be aware of.

Try A Device Free Dinner

Learn how this one simple step can make a difference.

Gurl 101 â€" 6 Sex Tip Fails You Need To Avoid

6 Sex Tip Fails You Need To Avoid From magazines to websites to conversations with friends, there are tons of sex tips out there that people are just waiting to share. Some of them (especially ones from, just saying, just saying) are genuinely helpful and great. Unfortunately, most of them are… not so great. They’re either obvious and lame, or they’re way too over-the-top to actually work IRL. So, we’re filling you in on the truth by telling you which sex tips are total fails. The most frustrating thing is that most of these are really, really common â€" and you definitely shouldn’t be trying them at home. Let Cheyenne school you on what’s right and what’s wrong by watching our newest video. You’re welcome!

8 Movies to Watch for Women's History Month

Looking for powerful movies to watch during Women's History Month? Here are eight fact-based stories about women that could spark great conversations with your kids.

Do It, Gurl â€" LOL-Worthy Bloopers

It’s about that time again â€" time to laugh uncontrollably at all of the crazy mistakes that happen while filming Do it, Gurl. Yup, that’s right, we’ve got some more bloopers for you guys. This season of DIG featured so many amazing episodes, which wouldn’t have been nearly as good as they were if it wasn’t for Jamie making a few little mistakes at times. Hey, you have to fun while filming, right? And Jamie might be really talented, but that doesn’t mean she’s perfect. So, while we get to work churning out some new episodes and crafts for you guys, we really want you to enjoy these hilarious mistakes and shenanigans that happen to Jamie. We’ll be taking a break, but we’ll be back soon!

Meet the Toddler with Rare “Hulk” Disease

Madison joins The Doctors and her mom Joni on stage. Check out all the amazing surprises The Doctors has in store for her!

Gurl 101: 6 Times You Definitely Shouldn’t Wear A Thong

6 Times You Definitely Shouldn’t Wear A Thong Thong underwear is… complicated. On the one hand, they’re great to wear when you don’t want to show any panty lines but also don’t want to go commando. They can be the most comfortable with tight denim and they can also look very cute and sexy. On the other hand, though, they can be the WORST. They can cause infections down there, and they can be painful, and… you know what? I’ll let you watch the video so you can find out more on your own. This week, Cheyenne spills on the times you should definitely wear any other underwear aside from a thong. Watch and learn!

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