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4 Smart Ways To Deal With Media Violence And Your Kid

Violence in games, movies, TV shows, and even ads is becoming harder to avoid. Here are four smart ways to deal with media violence when it comes to your kids.

Would You Sell Your Old Wedding Ring to Pay Bills?

Financial expert Emma Johnson answers what you should part with after a divorce. Is your old wedding ring one of them?

Do You Have Mom Guilt?

Emma Johnson, financial expert and author of “The Kickass Single Mom,” joins The Doctors to weigh in on a common concern; should single moms feel guilty for working?

Would You Do Time for Your Kids Behavior?

The Doctors wonder if a new law that may make parents responsible for their kids’ bullying will actually create change in their kids’ behavior.

Jail Time for Parents of Bullies?

The Doctors discuss a new law in North Tonawanda, New York that may have parents of bullies fined $250 and serve a 15-day jail sentence.

La importancia del uso compartido

¿Sueles ver televisión o jugar con la tablet con tus hijos pequeños? En este video te explicamos por qué el co-viewing o el uso compartido de los medios y la tecnología es imporante.

Holiday Shopping Tips

This holiday season there are tons of cool gadgets, games and electronic gifts to choose from. Here are some helpful tips on how to make the most of the gift giving season.

Did Middle School Sex-Ed Program Go Too Far?

The Doctors discuss a sex worksheet one Oklahoma middle school passed out to students, which outraged parents. What is the right way and age to teach kids about sex?

Must-Know Red Flags of Programs Designed to "Help" Teens

There are more than 17,000 residential treatment centers across the country. How do you find a reputable center? Liz shares what to look for when selecting a program for a troubled teen that might need help outside the home.

Son Was Killed in Teen Wilderness Camp Nightmare

Lynn joins The Doctors to share her experience sending her teen son that lacked confidence to a wilderness camp designed for troubled kids. Six days in, she received a call no mother should get.

Drs. Investigate: Torture Camps for Troubled Teens?

How far would you go to “fix” a troubled teen? The Doctors investigate camps, programs, and treatment centers that are designed to help troubled teens.

Must-Know Child Choking Hazards

Children under 4 years old don’t have the ability to thoroughly chew food and it can easily get caught in their small windpipes. The Doctors share some tips to keep your loved ones safe.

Watch Out! 6 Popular Kids' Movies with Surprisingly Racy Scenes

Excited to watch some classic movies with your kids? You might not remember them as well as you thought. Here are six popular kids' movies with surprisingly sexy scenes.

Paleo “Mint Chocolate Chip” Ice Cream Sampled by Yum Yuck Crew

The Doctors culinary critics sample professional cook Joshua Weissman’s secret ingredient ice cream. Will the ice cream pass the test?

Do Fidget Spinners Help with ADHD?

Can using a fidget spinner actually ease anxiety, reduce stress, and combat ADHD?

Should Parents Friend Their Kid’s Friends on Social Media?

The Doctors and guest Melissa Rivers discuss how to keep kids safe online and whether or not parents should friend their kid’s friends on social media.

When to Talk to Your Kids about Guns

The Doctors discuss when it’s appropriate to talk to children about guns and other weapons.

Children Take Field Trip to Gun Range?

The Doctors discuss a school field trip that took first and second-graders to the gun range. Is it appropriate for a school to arrange this type of trip?

ICYMI: 3 Popular Social Media Trends Explained

In case you missed it, here's a cheat sheet for three popular social media trends on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

#DeviceFreeDinner - Cat Filter

Will Ferrell brings his signature humor to #DeviceFreeDinner to push distracted parenting to the limit. Don't be like Will Ferrell. Try #DeviceFreeDinner tonight!

#DeviceFreeDinner - Cat Filter

Will Ferrell brings his signature humor to #DeviceFreeDinner to push distracted parenting to the limit. Don't be like Will Ferrell. Try #DeviceFreeDinner tonight!

#DeviceFreeDinner - Basket

Will Ferrell makes fun of our most distracted parenting moments … and shows us why we all need #DeviceFreeDinner.

#DeviceFreeDinner - Like

Will Ferrell shows us what not to do at the dinner table. And why families everywhere should try #DeviceFreeDinner for a balanced media diet.

5 razones para que los niños mantengan el español

Estas son 5 razones para que los niños mantengan el español aunque el inglés sea el idioma que hablen en la escuela y domine su ambiente.

What is

Teens love, the popular live video-streaming app. Find out what they're doing and what to watch for.

What your Teen’s Social Media Could Be Telling You

The Doctors share the three things you need to know about your child’s social media that could put them at risk.

Should Your Kids Know about Your Sex Life?

The Doctors discuss a mom who honestly answered her child’s question about her sex life. But was that TMI?

4 apps para que los niños aprendan español

Si tienes un niño pequeño en casa que está aprendiendo dos idiomas, estas apps pueden ayudarlo a practicar el español y a aprender vocabulario nuevo.

We All Use 'Baby Talk', But It May Not Be The Best Way To Communicate With Them

Researchers found that moms actually change the timbre of their voice while speaking to their babies.

Depressed Teen’s Hair Transformation

Hairstylist Hayley worked for hours to untangle a depressed teenager’s matted hair after the teen was unable to get out of bed for months. She joins The Doctors to share this incredible transformation story.

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