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4 Ways to Deal with Drinking and Smoking in Media

Your kids get all sorts of messages about drinking and smoking from the media. Here are some simple tips for parents to help deal with the issue.

This Has Been the Top Baby Name for the Past 9 Years

And it's such a pretty name.

10 of the Best Family Movies of 2018

From superhero adventures to eagerly anticipated sequels and groundbreaking role models, these Common Sense Seal-winners offered the best of 2018 for kids, teens, and families.

Cinco películas aptas para niños pequeños en esta época de fiestas

La temporada de fiestas un excelente momento para disfrutar de una película con tus pequeños. Entérate de qué películas para niños pequeños llegarán a los cines pronto.

5 Little-Kid-Friendly Movies Coming this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a great time to enjoy a movie with your little ones? Check out these kid-friendly picks coming to theaters soon.

5 Tools for Using Phones Less (and More Mindfully)

Looking for tips on how to prevent screen overload? Take a look at some of the most popular platforms' efforts to protect your digital well-being.

5 Great Halloween Books for Little Kids

If your little ones are getting excited about pumpkins and trick-or-treating, it's time for the best Halloween stories. Check out these charming books that have just the right amount of spooky fun for young kids.

Should Parents Be Concerned About Stomach-Sleeping Babies?

The Doctors answer a viewer question about when it is usually safe for a baby to sleep on their stomach. Plus, OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry details when parents should be most concerned about sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Child Hospitalized after Using Toy Makeup Kit?

The Doctors discuss the case of a child who had a severe allergic reaction to a toy makeup kit reportedly bought at a discount store. The panel issues a safety warning for parents about these types of toys.

Is Breastfeeding after a Year Beneficial?

The Doctors weigh in on breastfeeding after a year and if it has benefits for both mom and baby.

Will STD Stuffed Animals Help Educate Kids?

The Doctors discuss a new line of sexually transmitted disease stuffed animals. Are these plush STDs toys a good conversation starter for kids and those afraid of discussing the risks of having sex?

Helicopter Parenting Targeted by New Law?

The Doctors discuss a new law “free range parenting” law in Utah that allows children to have more independence.

6 Things Parents Should Know About Esports

Wondering if your Fortnite-obsessed kid really has a future playing esports? Here are six important facts about the world of competitive gaming.

Does Removing the Tonsils Lead to More Future Diseases?

The Doctors discuss whether removing tonsils can increase someone’s risk for diseases and infections with otolaryngologist Dr. Nina Shapiro. Should parents reconsider removing a child’s tonsils?

How to Decide If Your Child Needs Their Tonsils Removed

The Doctors and otolaryngologist Dr. Nina Shapiro share what parents should consider and discuss with your doctor before deciding to remove a child’s tonsils.

Are Adult Cold Sores Contagious with Babies?

The Doctors issue a strong warning against having any mouth-to-mouth contact with an infant while dealing with an active cold sore.

How to Prepare a Child for a Surgery

Parenting expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa shares tips for parents as they prepare their child for a surgery, stressing that parents be honest and upfront when answering any of their questions.

Girl Vomits Blood after Tonsillectomy?

The Doctors discuss the case of a girl who suffered severe complications after having her tonsils and adenoids removed and began vomiting large amounts of blood. Find out why she had such an adverse surgery side effect.

Should Parents Ever Lock a Child in a Room to Fall Asleep?

The Doctors discuss how actress Kristen Bell reportedly locked her child in her room in order for her to fall asleep. Is this a tactic that parents should use or avoid?

Do Child Car Seat Accessories Create More Dangers?

The Doctors discuss the possible dangers of adding accessories, like pads to the car seat straps, could actually be making a car seat more dangerous.

5 Things Your Teens Are Doing on Snapchat

Curious about what your teens are doing on Snapchat? Here are five features they love using on the popular social media platform.

Can Strep Throat Lead to OCD in Kids?

Could obsessive-compulsive disorder and strep throat share a connection? Psychiatrist Dr. Domenick Sportelli shares how strep can cause OCD in kids in rare instances.

How to Handle a Child’s Sudden Separation Anxiety

The Doctors are joined by family physician and parenting expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa to help mom Lissette with her toddler’s new anxiety when he’s away from his parents.

8 More Shows Your Teens Are Watching on Netflix

Discover these eight popular Netflix shows that your teens are binge-watching -- and what you should watch out for.

6 preguntas antes de comprarle un celular a tu hijo

La mayoría de los adolescentes y muchos niños le piden a sus padres que les compren un teléfono inteligente. Antes de decidirte, puedes hacerte estas preguntas para saber si tu hijo realmente necesita un celular.

New Toxic Food Warnings That May Affect Your Kids

The Doctors welcome pediatrician Dr. Katherine Williamson to discuss the American Academy of Pediatrics’ new warning about possible chemicals and additives that could possibly be harmful.

4 Things Parents Should Know About the Screen Time Feature in iOS 12

Looking for parental controls to help manage your kids' Apple devices? Check out what the new Screen Time feature in iOS 12 has to offer.

Diaper Duty Dad Goes to Extreme Measures

The Doctors discuss a social media post that highlights the lack of changing tables in men’s restrooms.

5 películas inspiradoras para familias latinas

Si estas buscando películas que muestren la cultura latina, te recomendamos estas 5 películas con mensajes positivos que pueden resultar inspiradoras para ti y para tus niños.

Social Media, Social Life: Teens Reveal Their Experiences

From their daily habits to their opinions on technology addiction and cyberbullying, teens open up about their experiences from the front lines of today's social media frenzy. Find out why social media is both a positive and negative force in most teens' lives -- and why they can't imagine life without it -- in the full report, Social Media, Social Life: Teens Reveal Their Experiences.