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ICYMI: 3 Hot Tech Trends Explained

In case you missed it, here's a cheat sheet for three of the hottest trends in tech: VR, AR, and AI.

7 películas clásicas de terror

Si a tu hijo le gusta el terror o te ha comentado que le gustaría comenzar a ver películas de este género, esta lista de 7 films te puede ayudar a conseguir algo terrorífico, pero apropiado para su edad.

Will Your Baby Sleep Better outside in the Cold?

A nursery in England is making headlines after reviving the old Scandinavian parenting trick of having your baby sleep outside in the cold.

Can Adoptive Moms Breastfeed?

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry shares how an expectant non-birth mom could induce breastfeeding.

Could Tickling Cause a Stuttering Problem?

Pediatrician Dr. Cara Natterson weighs in on whether there is any relation between stuttering and being tickled as a baby?

Daycare Waxes Toddler’s Eyebrows!?

The Doctors discuss the case of a mom who says she picked up her 2-year-old from daycare and discovered her daughter’s eyebrows had been waxed.

Money for Student’s Good Behavior?

Principal Stephanie Andrewlevich joins The Doctors to discuss her unorthodox approach to encouraging student’s good behavior and potentially discourage physical violence.

Kids Notice When Parents Ignore Them, and a New Study Finds a Lot of Us Do

A new study finds 6 in 10 parents worry they’re not creating enough family memories, and many kids are noticing. Nathan Rousseau Smith has the story.

3 Tools to Manage Screen Time

Looking for ways to reduce time spent on tablets, phones and computers? Here are 3 cool tools to help tweens, teens, and even adults, manage their screen time.

Crisis Negotiators Reveal How to Get Your Kid to Behave

A team of crisis negotiators offers tips on how to get your children to behave. Buzz60's Sean Dowling has more.

Girl Suffering from Sleep Disorder Seeks Help

Sleep specialist Dr. Raj Dasgupta joins mom Senetra and The Doctors to discuss Senetra’s daughter Madison who suffers from sleep apnea, asthma and narcolepsy. Meet Madison and her service dog Hershey.

Wakeup Call for 7-Year-Old’s Sleepless Nightmare

Madison who suffers from sleep apnea, asthma and narcolepsy stops breathing over 15 times an hour. Her mom Senetra has reached out to The Doctors to get help for her daughter's dangerous sleep disorders.

The Hidden Risk to Kids in Your Home

One child will die this month from a window blind injury. Here’s what you need to know to protect your kids.

These Are The Cheapest And Most Expensive Places To Raise A Family In America

If you and your family are struggling to make ends meet, you might not need a on the side hustle but rather a move. Susana Victoria Perez (@susana_vp) has more.

How to Win the Nap Time Battle

Family physician and parenting expert Dr. Debi Gilboa shares tips on how to get your child to nap.

School Requires Doctor’s Note for Lip Balm?

Did one North Carolina school take things too far when the administration confiscated a student’s lip balm because he did not have a doctor’s note?

How Serious Is Video Game Addiction?

The Doctors discuss how the World Health Organization is adding “gaming disorder” as a mental health condition in its International classification of diseases.

Pediatrician Answers Your Baby and Toddler Questions

Parents always have questions about the health of their babies and toddlers. Pediatrician Dr. Tanya Altman joins The Doctors to answer some of the most popular questions from her new book “Baby and Toddler Basics.”

When Should You Stop Cursing in Front of a Baby?

Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho shares at what month parents need to start being careful about what they say in front of the new baby.

Mom Will Be Fined $14K If She Posts Another Picture of Her Son on Facebook

A court ruled in favor of a 16-year-old boy, ruling his mother can no longer post pictures or videos of him on Facebook.

5 cosas a evitar al elegir películas para niños pequeños

Elegir una película apropiada para niños pequeños puede ser complicado. Lo que no es gran cosa para un niño de seis años, puede ser la peor pesadilla de otro niño de la misma edad. Estos son cinco consejos para evitar

5 Things to Avoid When Picking Movies for Young Kids

Choosing the right movie for very young kids can be tricky. What's no big deal for one six-year-old may be another's worst nightmare. Here are five tips to help you avoid movie meltdowns.

7 formas de sacar provecho a las apps de preescolar

Muchas apps dicen promover el aprendizaje, pero ¿cómo puedes asegurarte de que tus niños se estén beneficiando realmente de las aplicaciones que usan? Estas son siete formas de sacar provecho de las aplicaciones hechas para niños de preescolar.

Car Seat Mistakes: Are You Putting Your Child in Danger?

Child car seats are required by law, but a shocking 80% of them are installed incorrectly and may be putting your child at risk.

5 películas familiares nominadas

Si eres fanático de los premios Oscar y quieres ver algunas películas nominadas con tu familia, estas son 5 buenas opciones que recibieron nuestro sello de aprobación. Hay elecciones para todos los gustos y edades!

Trick to Clear Child’s Nostril

The Doctors share a trick to get a foreign object unstuck from a child’s nose.

¿Qué ven tus hijos en YouTube?

¿Tus hijos ven YouTube y quieres saber qué tipo de contenido ven? Hazles estas preguntas para enterarte de qué es lo que más le gusta mirar en esta plataforma.

Meet Toddler Recovering from Near-Fatal Lawnmower Accident

Sean and Melissa are joined by their son Roan who is recovering from a near-fatal lawnmower accident. Find out how you can protect your children.

Funniest Channels on YouTube

Curious about what your kids are watching on YouTube? Here's a countdown of the seven funniest channels they're likely subscribed to.

Baby Receives Life-Changing Surgery

Baby Sandy was born with a huge mass engulfing her neck making it hard for her to eat and breathe. Pediatric facial plastic surgeon Dr. Milton Waner performed surgery to help remove her lymphatic malformation.