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Caught on Tape: Teachers Dragging Student with Autism

The Doctors discuss a video of teachers dragging a 7-year-old student with autism down the hall in his school. Attorney and child advocate Areva Martin and clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho weigh in on this shocking event.

Mother Exposes DIY Treatment for Autism

A mother of an autistic child joined an online group of parents who are trying to ‘cure’ their children’s autism with bleach enemas. She joins The Doctors to share the shocking things she discovered in the group.

Dangerous DIY Treatment for Autism

Some parents are subjecting their children to a dangerous procedure multiple times a day in an attempt to ‘cure’ their autism. Is this child abuse?

Dangerous Autism Treatments Exposed

The Doctors are joined by clinical psychologist Dr. B.J. Freeman and mother and autism activist Shannon Des Roches Rosa, who admits to previously trying alternative autism cures to treat her son’s autism.

7 Classic Scary Movies

Got kids who love a good scare? Well, here are seven old-school spine tinglers to share with your young thrill seekers.

5 programas bilingües para niños de preescolar

Si quieres que tu hijo pequeño practique tanto el inglés como el español al ver televisión, estas cinco series animadas pueden ser una buena opción. Entérate de qué pueden aprender los niños al ver estos programas en este video de Common Sense.

Hilarious History Movies

Looking for ideas for a fun family movie night? Check out these five hilarious history flicks.

Top 5 Animal Movies for Kids

Looking for movie ideas for your little animal lovers ? Here are five great picks to check out.

2016 Most Popular Baby Names By State

If you want your baby to have a popular name, look no further than this list. Keri Lumm (@thekerilumm) shares the Social Security Data for top baby names of 2016.

5 Kids' TV Shows That Promote Character Strengths

Looking for TV shows with good lessons and role models for your kids? Here are five picks that fit the bill.

5 formas de proteger la privacidad online

Proteger nuestra privacidad online es cada vez más importante, estos 5 consejos pueden ayudar a tu familia a mantererse segura y a no compartir de más en internet.

Have you Read This Controversial Children’s Book?

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon discuss a wild children’s book that was not written for kids at all. Check out as Dr. Andrew Ordon reads the entire book for the website audience only.

How to Prevent Kids from Clicking Out of an App on the iPhone

Step-by-step instructions for setting up Guided Access to lock the iPhone on one app at a time.

How to Restrict Mature Content, Games, and More on the iPhone

Step-by-step instructions for setting Restrictions to manage specific apps and actions.

How to Limit What Kids Download on the iPhone

Step-by-step instructions for enabling Ask to Buy so that your kid has to get your permission to download and buy stuff on the iPhone.

How to Approve Your Kid's Downloads and Purchases on the iPhone

Step-by-step instructions for setting up Family Sharing so that you can OK (or not) your kid's downloads and purchases remotely and share media among family members.

How to Control What Your Kid Can Do on the iPhone

Step-by-step instructions for setting a passcode on your kid's iPhone to lock them out of content they're not ready for.

Things You Can Do With Your Kids That Won't Break the Bank

Keeping your kids entertained without going broke is no easy task. Here are some activities that will capture their imagination without breaking the bank.

Don't Fret! Here's How to Prepare for Parenthood

You can't know what being a parent is like before you actually ARE a parent, but you CAN prepare for parenthood. Here are six easy ways to start now.

3 Things Your Child Is Waiting to Hear

Being a parent isn't about being perfect. It's about being present! Help your child grow up healthy by sharing these three essential lessons.

You Deserve a Treat: Family Fun to Make Everyone Smile

Is your family night fizzling? Freshen things up with a fort night! Follow these tips for making a couch cushion campsite and enjoy the great indoors.

Books Every Child Must Read

One of the best parts about having kids is passing down stories that you loved as a child. Here are some must-have children's books for kids of all ages.

I Struggle. I Rise.: Davey Blackburn

After losing his wife, Davey Blackburn grapples with his new life. He finds strength in God, his son and the determination not to let tragedy define him.

4 Reasons to Surprise Your Kids With a Midweek Slumber Party

Mix things up midweek and surprise the kids with a slumber party! There are many great reasons to make it happen, including the excuse to build a pillow fort!

5 Ways Story Time Builds up Your Kids

Reading to your kids brings big benefits. Here's a list of good things for kiddos that come from making daily storytime part of the routine.

Top U.S. Cities for Unforgettable Family Vacations

Don't waste your vacation waiting in lines for roller coasters. Check out these five amazing family vacations that don't go anywhere near a theme park.

Cute and Creative Crafts for Kids

Crafting with your kids is a great way to spend time nurturing their creativity. Here are a few easy ideas to start making something great together.

What is Sarahah?

Anonymous evaluation tool is ready-made for cyberbulling.

Dad Does Lunch: Lunch on a Stick

Lunchbox Dad, Beau Coffron makes mealtime fun with this lunch on a stick that'll take school lunch from blah to ahh!

Dad Does Lunch: Waffle Pizza Pockets

Dippable pizza? Yes please! Beau Coffron makes waffle pizza pockets perfect for the lunch box - or a fun dinner-time treat!

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