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8 Movies to Watch for Women's History Month

Looking for powerful movies to watch during Women's History Month? Here are eight fact-based stories about women that could spark great conversations with your kids.

Meet the Toddler with Rare “Hulk” Disease

Madison joins The Doctors and her mom Joni on stage. Check out all the amazing surprises The Doctors has in store for her!

Hypnosis for Kids?

Hypnotherapist Lisa Machenberg joins The Doctors to share why parents are turning to hypnosis as a parenting tool for their kids.

Goody Bags to Apologize for Kids on Planes?

Cassie, mom of twins, recently wrote a passionate essay online condemning the trend of giving goody bags to people on your flight to pre-emptively apologize for your kid’s behavior.

Help for Biological Dad Being Kept from Son?

Rebecca Brown-Wiseman, attorney for The Florida man that is banned from seeing his son, joins The Doctors to discuss his complicated case. Can the laws be changed?

Biological Dad Banned from Seeing Son?

A Florida Dad was told by the court that he has no rights to see, talk to, support, or help raise his son because the son’s mother is now married to another man. How can this be legal?

Children Learn Faster Knowing Their Intelligence Can Grow

Is intelligence a fixed mindset or can it grow throughout childhood time? Dr. Aliza Pressman and WSJ's Tanya Rivero discuss a new study showing that children who believe their intelligence can grow pay more attention and learn from their mistakes. Photo: iStock

Are Candy-Flavored ADHD Meds Problematic?

Addiction specialist Paul Moen and child & adolescent psychiatrist Domenick Sportelli join The Doctors to discuss ADHD medication for kids and the potential issues that can arise from overmedicating and the sharing of these drugs.

How to Find a Good Nanny

Nanny Consultant Lindsay Heller joins The Doctors to discuss a horrifying recent news story of a nanny abusing a young boy by burning his feet. Lindsay shares how you can find safe child care.

Should Parents Use Code Words for Sex?

Alone time with your spouse can be tough, especially when you have kids. Would you use this method that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban utilize to get their needs meet?

I was Brutally Attacked on Snapchat!

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social media platforms among teens today and also a place ripe with cyberbullying. 14-year-old Jordan’s life was completely changed for a 10-second video.

Assault on Snapchat

14-year old Jordan sustained a head injury after being assaulted on Snapchat, changing his life forever. Jordan and his father Ed are working to get laws passed that make cyberbullying a serious crime.

3-Year-Old Gets 5 Pound Tumor Removed

3-year-old Melyssa suffered from a rare facial tumor that just kept growing. After 10 hours of surgery to remove the 5 pound tumor, check out what Melyssa looks like now!

Boy Shot by Arrow Told He’ll Never Walk Again

Curtis was shot in the chest with an arrow, puncturing his spinal cord. After being told he would never walk again, Curtis wanted to prove everyone wrong. Did he?

Boy Survives Being Shot by Arrow

Kirsten’s 8-year-old son Curtis was shot in the chest by an arrow that punctured his spine. She shares how the family remained positive when they learned he would probably never walk again.

Family Fights for Cure for Their Two Children

Jessica and Kyle discuss their fight to help cure their two kids Kruz and Paizlee who have a rare life-threatening disorder called Schimke immune-osseous dysplasia. Meet their adorable kids and see what surprises The Doctors have for the whole family

Couples Children Both Diagnosed with Fatal Dwarfism

Jessica and Kyle join The Doctors to share their heartbreaking journey dealing with the diagnosis of their two children with a fatal form of dwarfism.

10 Great Oscar-Nominated Movies to Watch as a Family

Here's a list of ten great Oscar-nominated movies to watch as a family.

Mold Hiding in Popular Child’s Toy

In a recent online report, parent’s claim they have found mold growing inside of the popular toddler chew toy Sophie the Giraffe.

5 Ways to Spot Fake News

These days it can be hard to tell what news is legit, what's opinion, and what's full-on fake. These five tips can help you weed out the real from the completely made up.

E-Cigarette Nearly Kills 6-Year-Old

A new an unexpected danger with e-cigarettes is accidental e-liquid poisoning. Check out this alarming story involving a 6-year-old girl.

4 Great Fact-Checking Sites for Tweens & Teens

Looking for ways to help kids find out the truth when it comes to news and current events? Here's a list of four great websites to help kids separate fact from fiction.

Actor Greg Grunberg’s Son’s Brave Battle with Epilepsy

Actor Greg Grunberg of ‘Heroes’ and ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ fame, joins The Doctors to share the story of his son’s epilepsy and what Greg is now doing to help advocate for others.

Why Older Siblings Are Better At Life

It's no secret brothers and sisters compete for just about everything - attention, grades, number of friends, looks - the list goes on. Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the story.

Meet the Boy with 3D Printed Skull

Meet Teddy who lives with a 3D skull implant that has given him his life back after suffering a traumatic brain injury.

3D Printer Restores Boy's Skull

Teddy fell and suffered a traumatic brain injury that left him missing almost 50% of his skull. After a year of wearing a helmet daily, a 3D printer gave Teddy his life back.

8 Great Movies for Black History Month

Looking for great movies to watch for Black History Month? Well, here are eight powerful stories that could spark interesting conversations with your kids.

Study Suggests Parents May Be Pressuring Kids Into Obesity

It seems parents have yet another weight to carry on their shoulders. Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the story.

Autism Controversy at Cleveland Clinic?

A doctor at the Cleveland Clinic wrote an unauthorized blog questioning whether preservatives used in vaccines are safe for infants. Since the blog was released there has been a huge backlash in the medical community.

Vaccine Skeptic to Lead National Vaccine Safety Review?

Notorious anti-vaccer Robert Kennedy Jr. told reporters that President-elect Trump asked him to chair a commission on vaccination safety and scientific integrity, leaving many in the medical community up in arms.

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