Diabetes - Videos

Diabetes Service Dog

A family is raising money for a service dog that will help alert them to their son's diabetic highs and lows. Amanda Raus reports.

The Benefits and Risks of At Home Dialysis

There is a new option for those who have to go under kidney dialysis that could mean less time in a hospital or doctor's office. Barbara Morse Silva reports.

Insulin T-Shirt Pump

A young girl faced a devastating medical diagnosis- type 1 diabetes. But her mom found a simple way to help her daughter feel normal and stay active.

Growing Number of Kids Developing Type-2 Diabetes

Doctors struggle to determine why type-2 diabetes acts differently in children.

The Paradox of Thin Diabetes Patients

People with type II diabetes who are overweight or obese appear to live longer than thinner or normal weight diabetes patients.

Daycare for Diabetic Children

In a case that raises questions about how far child care workers should be required to go in administering medical care, the parents of a 2-year-old girl with diabetes claim a day care is violating the law.

High Blood Sugar Impacts the Brain

Higher blood sugar levels may impact the brain, even among those who don't have diabetes.

Fat Type Determines Diabetes Risk

A new study reveals where a person's body fat is stored could determine their risk of developing type two diabetes.

Diabetes Screening Does Not Reduce Death

A study from the UK suggests screening for diabetes does not reduce deaths associated with the disease.

Two Best Friends Overcome Diabetes Together

Two best friends manage their type-1 diabetes together.

New Report Looks At Diabetes Death Rates

A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looks at changing death rates due to diabetes in kids over several decades.

Diabetes Diagnosis Has Increased 100% Since 1995

A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds the prevalence of diagnosed diabetes increased by 100% or more in 18 states since 1995.

High Levels of Fructose Corn Syrup Linked to Diabetes

High amounts of high fructose corn syrup in foods has been linked to the rising type two diabetes epidemic.

Doctors Say More Young People Are Being Diagnosed With Type-1 Diabetes

Monica Robins reports on a mysterious spike in Type 1 Diabetes. Doctors don't know why more young people are being diagnosed.

Holiday Gatherings Can Be Dangerous For Diabetics

Holiday gatherings often lead to overindulging in your favorite foods -- which can be a dangerous practice for diabetics.

Special Service Dogs Can Be Trained to Detect Low Blood Sugar

Dr. Bruce Hensel reports on special service dogs that are trained to sense when owners have low blood sugar levels.

Understanding the Signs of Diabetes

The Doctors address the No. 1 most searched medical question on Yahoo: What are the signs of diabetes?

Four Ways to Defeat Diabetes

Reader's Digest Editor-in-Chief and author Liz Vaccariello shares four ways you can help lower your risk for diabetes.

Miracle Drug Beats Diabetic Blindness

For the first time in a long time, the FDA has approved a drug to help save diabetics' vision. Find out why one doctor calls it a "miracle drug."

Bob Schrank on Goal-Setting to Manage Diabetes

Bob Schrank, a Type 1 diabetic, discusses how goal-setting and planning has helped him set and achieve his fitness goals despite his condition.

Monitoring Blood-Sugar Levels

The Doctors explain how being active can help lower blood sugar levels. Use a convenient blood sugar monitor that's accurate and ideal for on-the-go lifestyles.

Hyperglycemia Vs. Hypoglycemia

The Doctors have an exciting partnership with USA Weekend magazine as the exclusive medical contributors to its weekly HealthSmart column! E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how the most recent article focuses on blood sugar levels associated with diabetes. Learn the difference between hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, and get tips to help manage diabetes.

Diabetic Alert Dogs Save Lives

3 million kids and adults have Type 1 Diabetes. It's the type that requires insulin to stay alive. See hoe these special dogs are also helping diabetics live a healthy and normal life.

You've Got Anthony Anderson

Actor Anthony Anderson (of NBC's "Guys With Kids") and his family have suffered from diabetes for years and he stops by to talk about how he transformed the loss of a loved one into making a difference in the lives of other young people who may be at risk.

Can Cinnamon Prevent Diabetes

Actress Tatyana Ali asks the doctors if the rumors are true: Can cinnamon help prevent diabetes?

How to Get Your Whole Family Involved in Caring For Your Diabetes

Managing diabetes is a family affair. Learn how to ask for help when you need it from your parents, partner, and children.

Beating Diabetes Before It Develops

Doctors are studying ways to cure diabetes before it happens and even get rid of the disease for those who already have it!

Randy Talks Diabetes With HuffPost Live

GRAMMY award winner Randy Jackson talks with Marc and the HuffPost Live community about his career and struggle with diabetes. Elizabeth Huntsman, Joel Connable and Kristin Reagan join Randy and host Marc for the discussion.

Randy Jackson's Personal Diabetes Story

Randy Jackson shares the story if discovering his diabetes, and explains why it's important to be aware of it and make regular visits to your doctor.

You've Got Paul Sparks

"Boardwalk Empire" actor Paul Sparks sits down to talk about living with Type 1 diabetes, the prevalence of diabetes in children today, and why it's important to take preventative steps to avoid contracting the disease.