It's no secret that most take-out food is dangerous for your waistline, but it can also be downright disgusting. From rats to food stored in unsanitary locations, some restaurants have served up more than just convenient, tasty food. Beware, what you're about to read might make your stomach turn. Here, five take-out horror stories

A Ratty Situation

It began when a rat fell out of the ceiling at a fast food restaurant in New York City. This complaint, plus several others (including one alleging that an employee was bitten by a rat), prompted an inspection from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Amazingly, the health inspector gave it a passing grade. The day after the inspection, footage of rats running around the restaurant played on several local television stations. According to one news report, there were at least a dozen rats scurrying around—and they appeared to be well fed. A subsequent review by the New York City Department of Investigation found that the conditions at the restaurant could have lead to its immediate closing and recommended that the health inspector be fired for "gross dereliction" of her duties

Dirty Buns

You probably never thought that the buns that your take-out restaurant uses might serve anything more than extra calories. After a health inspection on April 24, 2008, a burger joint in Sanford, Florida, was issued a dozen health violations. Perhaps the most disgusting violations from the inspection report were the ones for storing its hamburger buns and cups in the men's restroom. The buns and cups were removed that day and another inspection two months later found that the restaurant met inspection standards.

Burgers and Baths

There's no denying that a hot bath can help you unwind from a stressful day, but is taking one at work really necessary? Apparently one Ohio employee thought so. Not only did the worker, who calls himself Mr. Unstable, decide that bathing in a utility sink in the restaurant was a good idea, but his manager and co-workers didn't stop him—they even videotaped the unsanitary scenario, which was posted on YouTube. A spokesperson for the chain confirmed that all employees associated with the incident were fired. Hopefully, no other restaurant workers have considered washing more than just the dishes in the utility sink. 

A Rare Find

One Illinois family cruised through their local burger drive-thru for kids' meals and got more than just plastic toys as treats. One of their children--an 8-year-old girl—found a lighter, pipe, and bag of marijuana in her meal and asked her dad about the suspicious items. Her father went to the police, and the employee was fired and arrested for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Sickening Fried Rice

Fast-food restaurants aren't the only places that diners may find less-than-savory side dishes. More than 100 customers and 10 employees fell sick after eating food from a Chinese restaurant in Tigard, Oregon, in August 2008. Consequently, the restaurant had to close for an entire day for cleaning. Health department workers determined that an outbreak of norovirus (a group of highly contagious viruses that cause the stomach flu) was the culprit—not exactly the condiment that you want served on the side.