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This Pantry Staple Could Do Wonders for Your Microbiome, Study Says

This affordable item is very healthyâ€"and recent research shows it may have a gut-health edge, too.

France Is Overhauling Their Nutrition Guidelines in a Really Surprising Way

Less wine and cheese?!

Exactly How Healthy Is Brown Rice?

Here’s the truth about brown rice, a whole grain that often gets overshadowed by trendier grains like quinoa and farro.

7 Tasty Foods With More Fiber Than a Cup of Broccoli

While we love vegetables, there are plenty of other healthy and delicious foods out there to help you get your fiber fix.

How to Eat Clean in 6 Simple Steps

This easy guide to clean eating highlights the six steps you can take for better, healthier, cleaner eating.

Sorry, the Best Oil to Cook With Is Still Canola

Canola oil has gotten such a bad rapâ€"here’s why you should ignore the haters and give it a try.

Canada’s 2019 Dietary Guidelines Don’t Include Meat or Dairy

The country’s latest food guide emphasizes three strategies for healthy eating.

These Are the Top 10 Superfoods of 2019, According to Dietitians

A new survey asked more than 1,300 nutritionists what's trendingâ€"here's what they said.

These Are the Best Healthy Foods to Eat When You're Sick

If you're feeling under the weather this season, fill your fridge and pantry with these healthy foods to help you get out of bed and back on your feet much faster.

This Common Food Additive Could Be Making You Lazier, According to a New Study

It's the latest reason to avoid processed foods.

The USA's Oldest Person Lived to 114â€"Her Family Credits This Superfood

Lessie Brown's family said she ate one every single day, starting when she was a child.

5 Foods to Avoid When You're Sick (And 3 to Eat Instead)

It’s important to eat healthy when you’re well, but when you’re sick, certain foods can actually prolong illness.

What You Need to Know About Electrolytes This Flu Season

Simply put, electrolytes are minerals that help your body work the way it should. They’re not hard to find, and there are plenty of vessels besides sports drinks. Sodium, chloride, and potassium are key electrolytes, while calcium and magnesium are lesser. Electrolytes are typically associated with rehydration, but they also keep the pH of your blood and all the other fluids exactly where they should be and help regulate the fluids throughout your body. Additionally, the brain uses electrolytes to signal messages to muscles and nerves throughout the body.

9 Fruits and Vegetables That Aren’t Actually All That Healthy

If you’re eating these produce items just to get a daily serving of nutrients, don't bother.

Why Cottage Cheese Is The New Champion Of Breakfasts

The neglected cousin of Greek yogurt, cottage cheese is the unsung heroine of breakfast. According to LifeHacker, it's neutral enough to pair deliciously with a variety of fruits and vegetables. However, don't get the low- or no-fat kind. Those can taste mealy, dry, and are far less satisfying. After all, the goal is to start your day on a note of satisfaction! Nevertheless, cottage cheese will keep you far fuller than cereal...and for much longer. It's also incredibly quick to prepare.

How Healthy Are Hard-Boiled Eggs, Exactly?

Learn why hard-boiled eggs can be a beneficial part of a healthy diet.

Jillian Michaels Reveals Foods That Are Bad For You

New Year, New You! Avoid these foods, according to fitness guru, Jillian Michaels.

Take on Our “Eat at Home January” Challenge in 2019

Here’s what you should know before you get started.

Are Your Winter Carb Cravings a Sign of Depression?

Here's how to curb your carb cravingsâ€"and clear the mental fogâ€"when temps drop.

I Ate Every Day Within an Hour of Waking Upâ€"Here’s What Happened

Be warned: It’s not as easy as it sounds.

7 Tips From Real People on How to Startâ€"and Stick withâ€"a Weight-Loss Plan

From making the decision to go for it to staying motivated, our Cooking Light Diet community members have been there. Here are their best tips.

The Best Foods to Eat on the Norwegian Diet

The Nordic Diet is about to be everywhereâ€"here's what you can eat on it.

No One Gets Enough of This Depression-Fighting Vitamin, but a Crazy Mushroom Technique Could Change That

The term “magic mushroom” has just taken on a whole new meaning.

Could Eating for Your Blood Type Be the Key to Losing Weight?

Does your blood type hold the key to what you should be eating for optimal health and effortless weight loss? Our nutritionist digs in.

Jillian Michaels Reveals the Festive Holiday Treat That You Need to Incorporate Into Your Diet

Jillian also explains the benefits of fasting.

5 Worst Foods to Eat Late at Night

Contrary to popular belief, eating at night doesn’t make you gain weightâ€"exceeding your daily calorie need doesâ€"but there are specific foods that don’t make the best bedtime snacks.

The 5 Healthiest Subway Sandwiches You Should Order, According to Our Nutritionist

Our nutritionist shares tips to finding healthy Subway menu options at any store.

Greek Yogurt Vs. Regular Yogurt: Which Is Better For You?

Business Insider reports that from 2008 to 2013, Greek yogurt quadrupled in production. But is Greek yogurt actually better for you? Well, it depends what is meant by "better." Greek yogurt is strained more than regular yogurt, making it thicker--but a little more sour. Greek yogurt also has more protein, and half the amount of carbs and sugar of regular yogurt. On the other hand, it has more fat and slightly fewer nutrients than regular yogurt.

Ginger Ale Isn't the Key to Calming Your Stomachâ€"Here's Why

These alternatives will do a much better job of taming your tummy.

Meghan Markle Will Probably Have to Change Her Diet During Pregnancyâ€"Here's Why

Health pros say there are quite a few risks associated for women experiencing geriatric pregnancies, including these diet-related issues.