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Looking to Spice Up Your Love Life? Chicken Parm is (Apparently) the Answer

Move over, oystersâ€"there’s a new aphrodisiac in town.

Does an Avocado a Day Keep Bad Cholesterol Away?

New Journal of Nutrition study suggests the answer might be yes.

The War on Juice Boxes? Parents Search for Alternatives With Less Sugar

But some drinks that aren’t as sweet don’t pass the taste test.

3 Reasons Why Tiger Nuts are About to Become the Next Big Superfood

If you haven’t yet heard of tiger nuts, you’re about to.

Weight Watchers Just Launched a New Line of Healthy Kitchen Tools at Kohl's

These tools from WW can help you eat healthier and stay on track.

The 4 Things Jillian Michaels Eats Every Dayâ€"Plus 3 She Avoids

Jillian Michaels is the picture of health: Glowing skin, lots of energy, and a toned tummy. We talked with the fitness expert about how she maintains her figure with such a busy schedule.

Eating This Type of Midnight Snack Could Boost Your Metabolism

A new study shows that eating foods like cottage cheese before bed could actually help you lose weightâ€"here's why.

Here’s What a Harvard Cancer Doctor Eats Daily to Prevent Disease

Dr. William Li spoke with us on what he eats every day to not only stay healthy but fight off chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes.

The Unexpected Reason You Could Be Bloatedâ€"Plus, How to Fix It

A new study from John Hopkins University identified a major cause of bloating and a crucial component to beat it.

Is Spinach Basically a Steroid? New Research Suggests It Might Be

Popeye was onto something: eat spinach for massive gains.

Are Lentils Healthy, and Can You Eat Them Raw?

A bag of dry lentils is one of those foods you bring home with good intentions, only to find it in your pantry weeks later and realize you still have no idea what to do with it. You could throw some in soup, but it's too hot for that. You could make a salad, but how long does that take? Could you eat them raw? Maybe they could bulk up a smoothie? But is that even safe? If you want to become a person who doesn’t toss dusty bags of lentils after years of neglect, let’s dig deeper into what lentils are, what makes them so healthy, and how to make them super tasty and delicious.

Is Celery Juice Really That Good for You?

Here’s what the experts have to say about it.

What's the Deal with Alkaline Water? Here's What You Should Know

This new "basic" beverage craze is experiencing a swell of popularity. But does it work?

Keto-Approved Fruits

If you think you can’t have any fruit on the keto diet, you’re probably right. Kidding aside, these fruits, ranging from avocados to certain berries are the exception. Even then, some of them ought to be consumed in moderation.

8 Sneaky Signs Your Body Needs More Carbs

Here’s how to tell if your body’s begging for fuel.

The 5 Worst Food and Drinks for Bladder Health

What you eat and drink impacts your bladder in more ways than just filling it up

Is Peanut Butter Vegan?

Find out if this tasty nut butter has a place in a plant-based diet.

9 Fruits That Are Actually Keto-Friendly

You don’t have to completely deprive yourself.

On Balance with Marcus Samuelsson

Find out how the James Beard-winning chef prioritizes healthy eating, exercise, and self-care.

On Balance with Samin Nosrat

The author and cooking teacher stopped by to share some of her tips for eating healthily.

Heartburn Remedies: Natural Ways to Prevent Heartburn

Naturally reduce your GERD or acid reflux with these foods.

Why Am I Always So Hungry After a Workout?

We dug in to find out if lemon water really lives up to its health halo.

What Are the Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water?

We dug in to find out if lemon water really lives up to its health halo.

7 Things We Learned After Cutting out Alcohol for 10 Days

Turns out, our definition of “moderate drinking” was completely wrong.

Are Bagged Salads Healthy? A Nutritionist Weighs In

Salad kits make for easy meal prepâ€"but are they good for you?

5 Health Benefits of an Apple

Apples are not just crunchy, sweet and satisfying.

What Happens When You Eat Too Much Bacon

It is, in fact, possible

Study: Eating This Food Daily Can Reduce Heart Disease Risk By 20 Percent

The antioxidant power of blueberries have shown to possess amazing heart-health benefits.

Here’s What Marie Kondo Eats Every Dayâ€"And What She Feeds Her Kids

Find out if Marie Kondo’s diet sparks joy for you, too.

The 5 Best Foods to Eat for Muscle Cramps

And we're not talking about bananas.