Eating and Nutrition - Videos

Amazing Cider Health Benefits

Rick, a NY State apple grower, discusses the health benefits of apple cider.

Budget Friendly Whole Grain Tips

Registered dietitian Liz Weiss discusses the top tips for adding budget-friendly whole grains to every dinner.

Why Add Whole Grains to Your Diet

Registered dietitian Liz Weiss explains the importance of adding whole grains to your diet. She reviews the best whole grains for breakfast so you can start your day right.

Eating Whole Grains at School

Registered dietitian Liz Weiss explains how the new school cafeteria guidelines incorporate more grains to keep your kids fueled and focuses throughout the day.

Eating Whole Grains with Healthy Family Meals

Registered dietitian Liz Weiss explains how to use whole grains for healthy family meals.

The Benefits of Whole Grains

Registered dietitian Liz Weiss explains the benefits of whole grains and provides tips and tricks on how to eat better for weight loss and incorporate grains into your diet.

The Risks of Eating Brain

Brains have long been considered a culinary delicacy by many cultures, but are they safe to eat? Plus, discover the best foods to feed your brain.

Movie Popcorn Dangers

Movie popcorn, although delicious, is high in calories and may contain the artificial butter flavoring diacetyl, which has been linked with Alzheimer's. OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson shares her recipe for diecetyl-free, low-calorie popcorn.

Nutritional Stroke Prevention

Adding more of this tasty salad staple to your diet may lower your risk of stroke by double-digits.

The Importance of Fiber for Women

Fiber is important for everyone's digestive health. But does it play a particular role for women? Dr. Daemon Jones shares why fiber is an important part of a woman's diet.

Eating Healthy on a Budget

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork debunks the common excuse that it's too expensive to eat healthy, and proves just the opposite! See how to cut costs and calories to boost your health and your bank account.

The Harsh Reality of Being a Junk Food Junkie

Are you someone with a naturally slim figure? If you think you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want, learn why you may want to think again!

10 Ways To Lose 10 Pounds

Give up just 100 calories a day and lose that extra ten pounds in a year. But what does 100 calories look like? We'll break it down and show you simple ways to cut those extra calories.

Foster the People Give Photographer Weight Loss Challenge

Andy Barron, 29, says he's been overweight his entire life. As a photographer for rock band Foster the People, Andy says one day the lead singer, Mark Foster, rallied the rest of the band to motivate Andy to get his health back on track with The Foster Challenge.

How to Make Your Skin Look Younger

The Talk co-host, actress, author and comedian Aisha Tyler reveals two secrets to looking half her age: Less sugar, more moisturizer. Plus, check out her age-defying smoothie!

Health Benefits of Cutting Back on Sugar

The Talk co-host, actress, author and comedian Aisha Tyler joins The Doctors to reveal her secrets for looking half her age, one of which is cutting sugar out of her diet.

How to Stop Retirement from Making You Fat

Marketwatch's Kelli Grant has some advice for retirees who find themselves unable to keep weight off and unable to relax.

Salma Hayek Credits Fatty Foods For Looking Young

Fatty foods help with looking young! According to Salma Hayek she believes this is true. The 46-year-old actress says being curvy is important to her because she knows her face looks better than if she is too skinny.

Shame On You Mom! - Nick Speaks Out On Child Obesity

Dr. Claire McCarthy argues that shaming parents into fighting childhood obesity is a necessary evil. Should the battle against childhood obesity start with parents? Guests Anjali Varma, Dr. Claire McCarthy, Dawn Lerman, Katie Hurley, Nick Preto, and Toni Preto join the discussion.

The Dangers of Method Acting

Actor Matthew McConaughey recently dropped 30 pounds in a short amount of time for a movie role. Did he put his health in danger? The Doctors explain the health risks of method acting.

The Truth About Multigrain Breads and Foods

The label "multigrain" on products ranging from bread to chips makes them seem more healthful. But in fact it can be misleading. Learn how to avoid getting duped.

Danielle's Robotic Gastric Bypass Surgery

Weight-loss surgery is a big decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. See how Danielle, 25, reached the decision to undergo robotic gastric bypass surgery and how she's doing since the procedure.

The Doctors' Sexy-Cress Smoothie

See how to make The Doctors' Sexy Cress Smoothie as a great way to replenish muscles after a strenuous workout.

How to Skim the Excess Fat from Food

See how much fat congeals on different foods after being refrigerated for 24 hours, and learn how to cut your saturated fat intake by simply skimming the fat off leftover meals.

Dr. Travis' 10-Second Slim Downs

Stress can be a major cause of weight gain. E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork shares easy tips for maintaining a healthy weight and ways to keep stress and anxiety at bay.

Why Travel Can Increase Weight Gain

Find out why the more people travel, the more they tend to be overweight.

Bacteria in Your Belly Can Cause Weight Gain

A study of intestinal microbes in mice found that changes in their intestinal bacteria affected their weight. Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez joins The Doctors to explain how the bacteria in our belly responds to what we eat, which can, in turn, affect weight gain.

How Your Alarm Clock Affects Your Weight

Wake up! It's time to learn how your alarm clock can affect your weight.

Weight Gain in Different Life Stages

From puberty to menopause, can you guess which time in your life you're most likely to gain weight?

How Marital Status Affects Weight

Are you more likely to be obese if you're single or married? E.R physician Dr. Travis Stork puts two married couples on the spot to see how they affect each other's eating habits. Are you a bad influence on your loved one?