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Three Reasons Why Nutrition Is In Line With Republican Values

Yelena Vorobyov gives three reasons why caring about your health and nutrition is in line with Republican values.

Bob Harper Explains Why Nutrition Is Number One For Weight Loss

Bob Harper may spend his days working out the contestants on The Biggest Loser, but he knows that to drop pounds sound nutrition is key. Good news: Bob believes in cheat days. Learn more of his nutritional philosophy, why you should avoid fat-free cheese, and his 80/20 rule when you watch this video.

An 'Invisible' Disorder

You don't have to weigh 80 lbs. to have a problem. From "in-between" sufferers to full-figured bulimics, many are fighting disorders invisible to the human eye.

5 Myths About Frozen Yogurt

Here are 5 myths about frozen yogurt. Counter-intuitively, some experts say higher fat content in ice cream actually fills you up more quickly and you end up eating less, potentially taking in fewer calories than you would when having frozen yogurt. Toppings also make a huge difference in calorie count.

How to Detoxify Your Body

Detoxify your body to look better and have more energy.

Oklahoma City Inspires Residents to Curb Obesity

Investment and innovation in community health is vitally important. National Journal and The Atlantic will explore how investment in community health can be optimized through partnerships between the public and private sector, spotlighting innovative care delivery models that can improve health outcomes for all citizens.

Dr. Ann Smith Barnes' Farmers Market

Health, physicians, and a farmer's market. How this idea could help battle the bulge and cut healthcare costs.

Food Banks Lack Healthy Options For the Poor

Millions of Americans use food banks to feed their families, filled with cheap, high-calorie foods. Janet Varney, Nancy Redd and community members Dr. Melony Samuels, Erica Walker, and Jennifer Jones-Austin talk about their experiences with feeding the hungry and better ways to provide healthy options.

Two Surprising Foods That Are Good For Eyesight, from Joy Bauer

Nutrition Expert Joy Bauer shares two foods you probably didn't know could help with seeing better. Part of the series Mondays with Marlo on

Foods That Are Belly Fat Traps, from Joy Bauer

Nutrition Expert Joy Bauer talks about which foods can turn into belly fat, how to avoid them, and healthy alternatives. Part of the series Mondays with Marlo on

The Biggest Enemy For Belly Fat, from Joy Bauer

Nutrition Expert Joy Bauer tells us the number one reason belly fat won't go away, and how to get rid of it. Part of the series Mondays with Marlo on

One-Third of U.S. Children Overweight, At Risk of Diabetes

A new study shows one-third of U.S. children are overweight and at risk of Type 2 diabetes.

How to Perform a Lymph Self-Exam

The lymphatic system is an essential part of your immune system, with lymph nodes located throughout the body. Dr. Travis Stork details the role of lymph and how to perform a lymph self-exam.

How to Perform a Home Hearing Self Exam

In a culture that uses headphones almost as much as cell phones, our auditory senses are at risk. Plastic surgeon and ENT Dr. Drew Ordon demonstrates how to perform a hearing exam at home.

Exercise for People Over 50

Karen Fuller, Director, Health & Nutrition Services of Dorot teaches us teaches us that the key is to keep moving and keep healthy so you can maintain your health gracefully into your golden years.