3 Ways to Put More Fun in Your Workout

People have a million excuses for why they slack off on fitness:

  • I don't have time,
  • It's too much work
  • It's boring
  • I'd rather be with my friends

But what if exercise was fun? What if you enjoyed it so much you made the time, looked forward to putting in the effort, found it exciting, and could do it with your friends and family? When you consider all the different ways you can add exercise to your life, it's really not that difficult to make exercise fun, easy, and something that enriches you. Try these three tips for making exercise fun again:

Make it a game. Soccer, tennis, golf, dodge ball, tbowling, racquetball, basketball, and an endless list of other sporting events turn plain old exercise into game time with friends.  All of these sports (plus countless more) provide excellent opportunities to bump up your heart rate and stretch those muscles, while you go out to play. 

You can burn about 280 calories with a half-hour pick-up game of basketball and about 240 playing racquetball.  Don't worry if none of your friends are game to join you. Exercise provides plenty of opportunities to meet new people. Call your local golf course and ask to be added to a foursome. Show up at the park with your ball or sign up for your gym's handball tournament. Once you've found your buddies, schedule regular workouts to keep your game on. 

Make it a party. When you exercise with other people, doing something you enjoy, suddenly, it's no longer tedious—it's a party. Try out the Zumba class at your local community center or sign up for Tango lessons.  Dance, kickboxing, spinning, and other group fitness activities pack all the exercise you need into super-social, fun events.  Gather a group of friends and host a Wii fitness party in your living room or take turns in each other's homes doing a new workout DVD every week. Nobody says you can't follow your fitness with a glass of something sparkly if that's what it takes to keep the party going.

Make it creative. If you've been doing the same old fitness routine for too long, it's time to mix it up.  Get off the treadmill and try something new. Challenge yourself to try 10 things you've never done before like kayaking, Pilates, ballroom dance, power-yoga, swimming, skiing, heck...even wrestling. The point is to make your fitness routine challenging, motivating, and rewarding. If you try something and discover it's not for you, cross it off and move on to something else.  Before you know it, you'll be toned, fit, and totally inspired.