Summertime gets all the glory for outdoor sports, but fall may be an even better season for fitness. The weather's still warm enough to exercise outside but not nearly as hot as summer. Read on for ten fall fitness tips to help you enjoy the season.

Rake leaves. Nothing says autumn like falling leaves. Yard work provides a great calorie-burning workout.  Set a brisk pace, and start raking.  Bend to scoop up leaf piles, or stretch and lunge to snag leaves a little out of reach. Raking can burn between 200 and 400 calories (depending on your size and how fast you rake). Use your legs to protect your back and tighten your thighs.

Go on a hike. There's no better time to hit the trails.  Enjoy the fall colors, cool temperatures and dry trails before they turn into ski runs or mud slides.

Get an early start at the gym. Don't wait for the pumpkin pie to settle.  Make your New Year's resolution now to get a jumpstart on fitness and avoid gaining weight this holiday season.

Go back to school. Community colleges, parks, and recreation centers start new classes for fall fitness programs.  Sign up for something new such as ballroom dancing, Pilates, or circuit training. 

Play soccer. Don't let your kids have all the fun.  Adult indoor and outdoor soccer is a fun, high-energy way to enjoy fall fitness. Check out your local parks and recreation department for teams, clinics, and classes that cater to all levels. 

Enjoy the park or athletic field. If joining the team isn't your thing, you can still get a great workout while your kids play sports. Enlist other parents as workout buddies and walk the track or park perimeter.

Hop on a bicycle. Whether you're biking those pre-ski mountain trails, peddling around town, or joining a team, fall is perfect for biking.  Many teams start training and competing in fall while the roads are dry and temperatures are above freezing.  Back to school season inspires eco-minded parents to bike their kids to school. This low-impact aerobic exercise can burn 500 calories (or more) per hour.