Burn More Calories With Shapewear

Could getting in shape be as simple as slipping on an extra layer? Quite possibly, if that layer is a certain brand of shapewear. But before you head out to the mall, see what scientists and fitness experts are saying about calorie-burning shapewear.

Lots of women wear shapewear to smooth out bumps and rolls for a slimmer, fitter appearance.  According to a study recently presented to the American College of Sports Medicine, shapewear made by "ShaToBu" does more than that. Marketed as "the workout you wear," ShaToBu was invented by chiropractor, Dr. Denise Perron. It was designed to shape and tone muscles and burn calories while you wear the undergarment. Independent researchers in the United States and Canada say women who wear it during normal everyday activities burn up to 12 percent more calories during their day. 

How does it work? ShaToBu shapeware is based on the principle of resistance training.  Seamless resistance bands are incorporated into each garment's fabric, making muscles work harder during natural movements like walking and climbing stairs. They're non-binding and not bulky so no one will know you're wearing workout gear. Made of moisture-wicking Nylon and Lycra and a cotton CoolMax gusset, they keep you cool and allow air circulation. 

Researchers at the University of Virginia studied ShaToBu's effect by testing it under controlled scientific conditions. Fifteen women, average age 39, took part in two 15-minute treadmill walking tests. In one test, they wore ShaToBu and in the other, they wore normal underwear. During the study, the treadmill speed stayed at a constant 3 mph but the incline varied every five minutes between a 0 percent and 10 percent incline. According to the study, women wearing ShaToBu burned between 3 and 16 percent more calories, especially when walking at a 10 percent incline.

While ShaToBu is not designed for vigorous workout sessions, it may add a layer of fitness to your day without much extra effort. Slip it on in place of your normal undergarments and enjoy the benefits of a sleeker appearance that's actually helping you move in a more fit direction. Will it replace regular exercise and a proper diet?  No, but as part of a healthy lifestyle, it may help you feel more confident and motivated to stick to your fitness plan.