Jump ropes made their way from the playground to the boxing ring long ago, but now they're turning up in gyms and fitness centers all over the world. Aero Jump is a jump rope-based workout developed by ex-boxer Michael Olajide, Jr.  It's fun and fast-paced, but it's anything but child's play. Olajide says Aero Jump workouts reflect the evolution of fitness, "You walk before you run. You jump before you fly." Are you ready to jump into some intense exercise?

When Olajide finished his career as a world-class boxer, he took his fancy footwork and jump rope-conditioning skills and designed a fitness routine to tone the lower and upper body, increase agility, and improve cardiovascular function. Using nylon jump ropes and fast-paced music, he put together a variety of 30 to 60 minute workouts that whip clients into the best shape of their lives. Olajide says Aero Jump burns 1200 calories in just 45 minutes.

Aero Jump classes lead clients through high-impact training moves like crossovers, double turns, one-leg and slow motion jumps, squats, and lunges—all choreographed to music set at 140 beats per minute. Olajide acknowledges that it takes time to learn jump roping skills, but says anyone can benefit from his workout with or without a rope. Using a jump rope is optional. While his clients learn how to master the rope, Olajide recommends they simulate turning an imaginary rope by twisting their wrists one rotation per beat while jumping to the rhythm.   

Since jumping rope provides one of the most demanding high-impact, total body, and cardiovascular workouts, it's essential that people warm up thoroughly and build up their skills and stamina gradually. Aerojump® classes are offered at the Aerospace fitness center in New York, but similarly-styled jump rope classes are popping up in fitness centers all over the world.

Aerojump® workouts are also available on DVD so people can learn and practice at home. The only equipment needed is a rope and enough room to jump.   

Wood, rubber, carpet and blacktop surfaces are great to jump on, but cement floors are too hard and uneven and marble and polished surfaces are too slippery. Wear cross trainer athletic shoes with plenty of ankle support and padding in the soles. Wear long sleeves and long pant legs when you first start learning to Aero Jump to protect your skin from rope burns. Keep practicing, keep jumping, and it won't take long before you're a jump rope champion.



Aerospace High Performance Center  http://aerospacenyc.com/aerojump.html