Are You Ready for Pole Dance Fitness?

If you're looking for a workout that's really different, maybe you're ready for some pole dancing. When we think of this activity, many of us probably conjure up ideas of strip clubs but it's actually an art form that combines dance, gymnastics, and acrobatics. If you've been to the circus or Cirque du Soleil, you've seen pole dancing.  Pole classes combine stretching, strengthening, abdominal and cardio exercises for a total-body workout.  Music and synchronized breathing turn it into a mind-body experience. It's so athletic, it's even being considered for entry as an Olympic sport. 

Pole dance fitness classes for all body types and dance abilities are offered all over the world and on DVD.  Most pole classes are sensual, not sexual and designed to be an empowering, supportive all-female experience. Classes for men are cropping up but most classes are not co-ed.  Many pole-dancing studios have dim lighting and no mirrors, to make women feel less self-conscious and to create the right mood.

Spins, squats, lunges, lifts and dance moves are gracefully performed to music, with and without a pole.  The pole is used as a prop and piece of exercise equipment but many of the moves can be done on the floor or against a wall.   

Sheila Kelley's S-Factor studios in California, Chicago, New York, and Texas, offer six levels of pole and dance-exercise workout classes taken once a week.  Each eight-class level builds upon the last.  You'll learn the "S-Walk," "Firefly," "Lap Dance," and "Ballerina" moves in your beginning classes.  As you gain strength, stamina, and self-confidence, you'll progress to advanced pole dancing and even strip tease.  

At Sensual Souls Pole Dance and Fitness studio in Hollywood, Florida, beginning classes include forward and reverse spins, strengthening and flexibility exercises.  In intermediate and advanced classes you'll learn to climb, straddle, hold, and hang while giving your glutes, abs, and arms the workout of their lives.

How do you find a pole dancing class?  Just enter the words "pole dance fitness" into your Internet search engine to find classes in your area.  Check out the studio, ask for references, and then go have fun.  Pole dancing's got it all going on.


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