Fitness and Exercise - Safety & Injury Prevention

How to Protect Your Aging Knees

Your knees have a heavy load to bear. They support a good percentage of your body weight and have been doing so since you learned to walk. So it's no surprise that as you get older, your knees may experience a little (or a lot) more trouble than they used to.

2 Pains You Mustn't Ignore When Working Out

Know what to watch out for whether you're going for a jog or lifting weights.

Chocolate Milk May Boost Post-Workout Recovery

Studies show that lowfat milk is a better choice than sports drinks or soy beverages for replacing lost fluids and repairing muscles after endurance exercises and strength training.

The Real Dangers of Overtraining

Every day, thousands of people put themselves in harms way by doing something healthy: exercising. They hit the track, gym, court, or pool with such extreme that they end up doing more harm than good. So how much is too much?

Women are Injured More Often During Exercise

Understanding why this is the case can help prevent further tears, sprains, strains.

How to Properly Treat Tennis Elbow

When an individual gets pain at the elbow, frequently the diagnosis is tennis elbow. This condition is considered to be the result of irritation of the tendons from the muscles that extend the wrist and fingers found on the top of the forearm.

Tips to Avoid Spring Sports Injuries

Trying to leap back to last season's performance level without appropriate training can be the fast track to a sports injury this spring.

Muscle Cramps: What You Should Know

What causes muscle cramps in the first place, and how can they be avoided?

Stem Cells May Help Repair ACL Damage

Read on to learn about this method that's helping fitness fanatics get back on their feet.

Caffeine and Post-Workout Soreness: What's the Connection?

Will caffeine help take away the pain? Read on to find out.

Could You Have Runner's Knee?

This common and painful condition could be hampering your workouts, but how do you know if you have it?

Could Your Ab Workout Be Harming Your Health?

Recent reports are questioning whether some of the most popular ab exercises are effective--or even safe.

10 Ways to Improve Your Flexibility

Here, ten fun moves to get you all limbered up.

Upper Body Exercises for Arthritis

If you have arthritis, you may be apprehensive about exercising your upper body for fear of hurting yourself or causing pain. Relax. Exercising is actually beneficial.

Simple Steps to Senior Fitness

Whether you re a senior yourself or have a special one in your life, read on for simple ways to get in shape remember, a little can go a long way.

7 Tips for Running Success

Read on for seven tips that will help keep daily runners on track.

Sports Drink or Water: What s the Better Choice?

What do you reach for after exercising: a sports drink or a bottle of water? Your decision could determine how well you recover from your workout.

Exercising When Sick: Helpful or Harmful?

Read on to find out when exercising while sick is a good thing and when it s better to curl up with a big bowl of chicken soup.

Dos and Don'ts of Sports Injury Recovery

How well you treat your sprain, strain, or tear will determine how well you bounce back. Here, the dos and don'ts of recovery.

How to Avoid Common Gym Injuries

Here, get common sense advice on how to avoid common gym injuries and prevent chronic pain in the future.

5 Ways to Improve Your Balance

How do we find more balance in our bodies? Start by trying these five fun balance exercises they re fun, easy, and can be performed right in your living room.

Sports Injury or Sports Hernia?

Sports hernia, an increasingly common type of sports injury, can cause chronic pain and loss of function. Learn about the causes, symptoms and treatment of a sports hernia.

5 Tips for Safe Hiking

You don t have to be a wilderness expert to go into the woods, but it's important to have a good understanding of The Great Outdoors.

15 Ways to Prevent Back Pain

Although back pain is common, it doesn't have to be inevitable. Follow these easy tips to reduce your risk.

4 Ways to Avoid Exercise Injuries

Read on for four ways to stay in the game.

Choosing a Running Shoe: Advice From an Expert

Chris Bergland, winner of three triple ironman competitions and a Guinness World Record holder for the most distance covered on a treadmill in 24 hours (153.76 miles), talks about the importance of a perfect fit and how a sneaker that s wrong for your foot will surely sabotage your fitness efforts.

A Beginner's Guide to Running

Think running is out of your league? Think again. This helpful guide will get you moving in no time.

12 Most Common Exercise Mistakes

Want to avoid injury and get the most out of your workouts? Avoid the following fitness mistakes.

Tips for the Weekend Runner: How to Avoid Injury

Follow these tips to avoid having your Saturday morning run result in a weekend warrior injury.

10 Health Club Dos and Don'ts

How to spot the worst gym habits and what you can do to improve your own.