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These low calorie breakfast options will help you in weight loss

These low calorie breakfast options will help you in weight loss

10 must try, refreshing summer coolers to beat the heat this season

10 must try, refreshing summer coolers to beat the heat this season

Savannah Guthrie Shares Her Personal Mantra

Savannah Guthrie reveals the words she lives by.

Workout Moves to Do in the Kitchen

There’s plenty of idle time while you’re waiting for water to boil or the oven to preheat. Watch for some exercises you can do in your kitchen.

Lauren Bosworth Shares Her One Mantra That Helps Her Live in The Moment

Lauren Bosworth picked up her mantra from an ancient Roman philosopher. Watch to see the words she lives by.

Misdiagnosed: My Pain was Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Watch the video of a woman who was diagnosed with a UTI, but actually had pelvic floor dysfunction.

5 Barbell Moves That Will Make You Strong

Weight lifting decreases chances of stroke and heart disease and drastically improves bone and joint health. Watch for some easy beginner exercises to get you started.

The 5 Best Sex Positions That Give You Access to Your Partner’s Balls

The testicles are an often forgotten erogenous zone. Watch the video for ideas on how to incorporate his family jewels into sex for an even more explosive experience.

Sarah Potempa Says Every Woman a Bow in Her Beauty Cabinet

Celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa is here to show you how style your hair with a classic bow.

How to Get Sarah Potempa's Textured Ponytail

Celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa is here to explain her secret to creating the best textured ponytail.

7 Home Remedies for Rosacea You Should Try

From acne-fighting creams to ice in your coffee, these tricks can help reduce redness and bumps.

Flyby Fitness: I Tried a HIIT Workout That I Absolutely Loved

HIIT brings on an afterburn effect, or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). This ups your calorie burn even after your workout is over.

5 Best Sex Positions if Your Partner Has a Small Penis

If your partner is smaller than average, you can still have amazing sex. Watch the video for the best positions to maximize your pleasure (and his).

Carrie Dorr on Creating a Gratitude Jar

Carrie Dorr offers ways to overcome negative thoughts by using a gratitude jar.

5 Things You Need to Know About Anal Orgasms

Many women don't even know the anal orgasm exists. Watch the video for some facts on getting pleasure from your backdoor.

The 5 Types of Viral Hepatitis Explained

Hepatitis C may be the most famous (or infamous) hepatitis virus, but it’s just one of several that can make you sick. Hepatitis really means an inflamed liver. All of the hepatitis viruses can do this, although the viruses themselves are unrelated.

How to Make Tropical Fruit Bundt Cake

Not only does it bring island vibes to your kitchen, but it’s also a nutritious treat that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

How to Make Chickpea Pasta With Squash And Broccoli

Chickpea pasta is here to satisfy your carb cravings. This pasta alternative is low in calories and carbohydrates, but still super easy to prepare.

Julianne Hough Shares the Mantra She Lives By

Staying present is very important to Julianne Hough.

5 Conditions You Might Confuse for Genital Herpes

If you think you could have genital herpes, here’s what else might be to blame.

12 Hepatitis C Symptoms Everyone Should Know About

Few people develop noticeable symptoms of this often slowly progressing liver disease. Those who do might display theses signs.

7 Home Remedies for Sinus Infections

Most sinus infections are caused by virusesâ€"which is both good and bad news. The bad? Viral sinusitis can’t be zapped with medications.

5 Reasons Raspberries Are So Good for You

Raspberries are delicious, versatile, and have an impressive nutritional profile. Watch the video to see why they're so good for your health.

3 Resistance Band Moves for Strong Abs

Work your entire core in just 10 minutesâ€"using only one piece of equipment.

The 4 Stages of Endometriosisâ€"and What Each One Means

Experts use stages to classify endometriosis by severity, but the stage doesn't always correspond to a woman's pain and discomfort levels.

How to Make Turkey-Vegetable Bolognese With Spaghetti Squash

Squash is packed with healthy nutrients like high in vitamins A, B6, and C, and manganese. But the benefits don’t stop there. turkey contains B vitamins, and selenium.

Janelle Issis' 10-Minute BellydanceBURN Workout

Belly dancing is all about "tapping into that divine power, femininity, and confidence that you have to offer inside and out.” Follow along with Janelle Issis and get a great burn with this high intensity belly dance class.

Real Life Strong: Kate Speer

Kate Speer, CEO of The Dogist, spent years in and out of psychiatric hospitals for mental illness until her doctor discovered many of her symptoms were actually side effects of her medication. Watch the video to learn her story of healing.

Carrie Dorr on Cleaning Up Your To Do List

In this video, Carrie Dorr shares four tips that will help sharpen your focus so that you can make space for new things to come.

This Cute Roll-Up Bun (With Bow!) Is Our Work Day Savior

Sarah Potempa, celebrity hairstylist and inventor of the Beachwaver, puts a playful spin on a low bun.