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5 Yogis Share the Mantras That Get Them Through the Day

A mantra can see you through a grueling day or motivate you to finish an intense workout. In this video, 5 of our favorite yogi's share theirs.

Real Life Strong: Kennedy Yanko

Kennedy Yanko is an artist and former fitness trainer known for reshaping industrial materials into striking sculptures. Watch the video to see how she keeps her mind and body sharp while working in traditionally male-dominated fields.

The Sex-Ed Guys Explain STDs

Watch this video as the Sex Ed Guys attempt to explain sexually transmitted infections.

30-minute Fat-Burning Row Workout

In this video, Row House coach Caley Crawford will guide you through a 30-minute sweat session on and off the rower.

Anna Victoria's 10-Minute Butt-Lifting Workout

If you’re looking for a booty-blasting routine, look no further than fitness pro Anna Victoria’s two circuit, six-move regimen.

Iskra Lawrence’s Top 5 Moves for Strong, Toned Legs

Iskra Lawrence once found fault with her legs, but now counts them one of her biggest assets. Watch the video for her top 5 moves.

Household Chores That Burn Calories

Feel like you’ve got so many chores to do that you don’t have time to work out? Never fret, these seven household tasks burn 100 calories or more each.

Jillian Michaels' Low-Impact Cardio Workout

If you’re in need of a quick, Jillian Michaels offers a series of moves that focus on stretching, cardio, and strength.

Katie Austin 60-Second Sweat: Upper Body Chair Workout

Watch the video to follow along with Katie Austin as she works her legs and lower body with nothing more than a chair.

3 Fitness Stars on The Exercise They Love to Hate

If you've ever found yourself regretting signing up for a fitness class because it is, you're not alone. Celebrity trainers and fitness stars Lacey Stone, Nicole Winhoffer, and Jeanette Jenkins reveal the exercise that they love to hate.

5 Yoga Stars' Favorite Yoga Poses

Yoga has 84 basic poses. But with the help of five yoga influencers, we’ve narrowed the list down to the ones that offer the most physical and emotional wellness.

My Story: Noa Shaw

After a life filled with danger and drug addiction, it was ironic that Noa became his most unhealthy while working in rehab. Watch his remarkable story of how he went from being 300 pounds to an instructor at SoulCycle.

She Went to the Doctor With Stomach Painsâ€"and Found Out She Had Stage 4 Colon Cancer

Kate Bowler was on top of the world when she started having stomach pains, which led to a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer. Watch the video to see how she has come to terms with her battle.

What's Your Mantra: Jeannie Gaffigan

Jeannie Gaffigan discusses gratitude and shares the mantra that help her when times get tough.

10 Ways to Make Walking More Fun

These tips can help make walking an activity you look forward to.

What's Your Mantra: Venus Williams

Venus Williams reveals the words that help her keep going.

5 Fitness Influencers Share The Mantras They Live By

Anna Victoria, Joe Holder, Kirsty Godso, Katie Austin, and Simone De La Rue share the mantras that keep them going.

8 Things That Can Make You Gain Water Weight

Watch the video to beat the bloat.

Sky Ting's 10-Minute Wake-Up Yoga

Follow along with Sky Ting's Krissy Jones, as she leads you through an energizing wake-up yoga routine to get you ready for your day.

3 Fitness Stars on What Fitness Has Taught Them

Getting into fitness is about learning more than proper squat form. Watch the video to hear what fitness stars like Lacey Stone, Jeanette Jenkins, and Hilaria Baldwin have learned on their fitness journeys.

This Model Is Sharing Her Ovarian Cancer Treatment With the World

Elly Mayday beat ovarian cancer once, but now she's facing it again. Watch the video to see how this strong woman is sharing her story to help others.

7 Reasons You’re Dizzyâ€"and What to Do About It

Dizziness can be a symptom of many things. Here are some tips about what to do if you experience it.

This Jalapeño-Ginger Spritz Is About To Be Your Favorite Summer Beverage

Watch this video to see how to make a Jalapeño-Ginger Spritz, which is a marriage between a Moscow Mule and a Margarita (sans alcohol).

Venus Williams, Shay Mitchell, and Other Celebs Reveal the Mantras They Tell Themselves Whenever They’re Feeling Down

In this video, you’ll hear the go-to phrases of five women: tennis champ Venus Williams, actress Shay Mitchell, Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez, model Iskra Lawrence, and author Jenny Mollen.

Katie Austin 60-Second Sweat: Step Cardio Workout

In just 60 seconds, Katie Austin shows us how you can complete three moves that will get your heart pumping.

You Need These Delish Tarragon Chicken Salad Cups In Your Life ASAP

This colorful protein- and veggie-packed meal is perfect for your next summer soirée or light-but-filling dinner. Watch the video for the recipe.

Real Life Strong: Zahra Arabzada

Zahra is an Afghani student and runner currently living in America. See how running with her hijab, or headscarf, gives her the strength to pursue an education while being so far from her family.

4 Ways to Get More Pleasure From Your Breasts During Sex

Breasts sometimes get overlooked during sex, but they can bring great pleasure. Watch the video for some tips on bringing attention to your breasts in bed.

What Is Intuitive Eating?

Dieting is out; intuitive eating is in. Watch the video to get the basics.

5 Celebrity Trainers' Healthy Everyday Habit

To find out the easiest way to kickstart your healthy lifestyle, we caught up with five celebrity fitness trainers and asked them which everyday habit helps them feel their best. Watch the video to learn their simple secrets to healthy living.