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David Reavy on How To Fix Your Form on 3 Common Strength Exercises

These strength training moves might be basic, but it’s not uncommon for people who do them regularly to have bad form. Watch the video for Reavy's pro tips.

Amanda Kloots High-Energy AK! Dance Workout

In this video, celebrity fitness instructor and founder of AK! Dance Workout Amanda Kloots guides us through a high-energy dance workout.

Lucy Hale Reveals Her Mantra

While the actress is constantly on-the-go and traveling from coast to coast, she carves out time for self care, too. Here, she reveals the words she lives by.

Mom vs. Yoga

Nicole receives a crash course in yoga and meditative breathing from her longtime friend Nicole Sciacca. She’s then thrown into a surprise challenge: to teach everything she’s learned in a real yoga class.

An 86-Year-Old Woman Lost 120 Pounds by Doing This Simple Thing Every Day

It didn't cost her anythingâ€"in fact, she didn't even need to leave the house.

11 Ways to Help Someone Who Has Anxiety

If you really want to know how to help someone with anxiety, think about how you can empathize with them. Watch this video for more ways to help a friend or family member with anxiety.

Stretch*d's 3 Lower Back Stretches To Do At A Desk

A trainer from Stretch*d, a New York City wellness center, is here to show you how to stretch it out from the comfort of your desk chair.

Danette May's Stretches for Anxiety and Stress

Fitness influencer and author Danette May demonstrates ways to move your body and stretch that help relieve anxiety and stress trapped in different compartments of your body.

The 5 Most Intimate Sex Positions for Women Who Love Spooning

Spooning is perfect for getting intimate on cold nights. Watch the video for some hot variations of spooning-sex to try with your partner.

How Jessie James Decker Deals With Postpartum Depression and Mom Shamers

Jesse James Decker opens up about postpartum depression, and all new moms need to hear her advice.

This Fitness Routine Can Dramatically Slash Blood Sugar Levels

Here are all the benefits associated with a HIIT workoutâ€"and you only need to do it three times a week.

10-Minute Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

Amy and Rhys take us through a 10 minute dumbbell workout that focuses on the upper body. This dumbbell workout consists of squat to dumbbell curls, plank row to rotations, front raise holds to a lateral raise, hammer curls, and a Tabata burnout. Follow Rhys and Amy on Instagram! Rhys: @rjathayde Amy: @aeisinger

Beauty Scoop: Effortless Waves

People are loving lived-in, romantic waves that don’t look super styled. Here's how to achieve the trendy look.

Lacey Stone Fix Your Form

Celebrity trainer Lacey Stone is here to show you how to fix your form when doing three common dumbbell moves. So grab your weights, and let’s get started.

Allongee Technique's Core & Butt Sliders Workout

Trainer Jillian Dreusike is here to walk you through a 10-minute plank workout that will strengthen your core like never before.

How To Get A Blush Bomb Look

This blush bomb makeup look is the sun-kissed cheat you need for dry winter days. Watch this video for all the steps to create this look.

How to make Peanut-Chicken Bowls

Peanut-Chicken Bowls are simple to make: just sauté chicken, slice veggies, and mix the dressing. Watch the video for the full recipe.

How to Tell the Difference Between a Panic Attack and an Anxiety Attack

A panic episode looks and feels different than the type of chronic worry that can bubble up and interfere with your life.

How to Make Morroccan-Spiced Chickpea Bowls

If you’re a chickpea lover and are craving something with a bit more heat, we’ve got the perfect recipe to get that spice fix and save you from another sad desk salad.

Katie Austin Fixes 3 Dumbbell Moves You Might Be Getting Wrong

Katie Austin is here to demonstrate the exact right way to do these three popular dumbbell movesâ€"narrow squats, reverse lunges, and one-arm deadlifts.

Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino to perform at Coachella 2019

Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino to perform at Coachella 2019

Amanda Kloots' Heart-Pumping AK! Dance Workout

Kloots is a former Radio City Rockette, so she knows better than anyone how to get your body moving and kicking...and have so much fun doing it. Watch this video to follow along.

This Cleopatra-Inspired Makeup Is a Look Fit For a Queen

This OMG-worthy look will make heads turn, giving you the spotlight you deserve. Watch this video to perfect your new favorite makeup.

How to Make Vietnamese Zucchini Noodles

Zucchini noodles are a foodie’s best friend. They’re the perfect pasta substitute for anyone who doesn’t want to overdo it with carbs.

I Tried It-Sculpsure

I tried the body contouring treatment SculpSure to help get rid of some of my stubborn belly fat. Here's what happened.

Anna Victoria's Total-Body Partner Workout

If exercising solo just isn’t cutting it, recruit your favorite gym rat and try this killer total body partner workout. Not only will it work your legs, glutes, upper body, and core, but it’ll really get you moving and help increase your heart rate.

David Reavy Fix Your Form How To Fix 3 Dumbbell Moves 3

When doing a dumbbell routine, form is half the battle. If your body isn’t aligned properly, you might make the exercise harder than it needs to be, and you could also injure yourself.

Katie Austin Arm & Leg Workout

Katie Austin's 10-minute sweat sesh packs double the moves in half the time, and it works two major muscle groups at the same time: arms and legs.

Dating a Sociopath with Brittani Louise Taylor

One woman's story of dating a sociopath. Watch the video to learn signs of domestic violence from YouTube star Brittani Louise Taylor.

5 Sex Positions That Can Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Life can get all of us stressed and anxious at times. Try these sex positions to help you relax.