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Anna Victoria Shows You How to Fix 3 Total-Body Moves

In this video, fitness influencer Anna Victoria is here to show you how to fix your form for three popular total-body moves, like forearm planks, jump squats, and bent-over row.

5 Things to Do During an Asthma Attack

If severe, asthma attacks can be deadly. Here's how to manage those scary symptoms.

9 Signs You Could Be Having a Panic Attack

Panic attacks trigger a fight-or-flight response that can lead to a wide range of unpleasant symptoms. Here's how to tell if you're having one. Watch this video to learn the warning signs.

The Key Differences Between Eczema and Psoriasis You Need to Know

Both psoriasis and eczema are thought to be caused by the same thing: an immune system that kicks into overdrive and mistakenly attacks your own body.

Stretch*d 5 Partners Stretches

Stretching wakes up your muscles and relieves aches and tension throughout your body. Here are 5 stretches you can do with a partner.

10 Weird Ways Antibiotics Can Affect You

Some antibiotic side effects, like nausea and diarrhea, are common, while others are rare but dangerous. Here's what to watch out for.

Connie Britton Reveals the Words She Lives by

Actress Connie Britton tells us the mantra that she uses to guide her day to day life.

60 Seconds with Connie Britton SITE

Go behind the scenes of our cover shoot with Connie Britton as the actress tells us how she winds down after a long day, and more.

My Mantra is...Hannah Bronfman

HBFIT founder Hannah Bronfman shares the positive self-talk that gets her through tough times.

5 Best Sex Positions That Show Off Your Toned Butt

You've worked hard for that booty, so why hide it? Watch the video for some ideas of how to show it off during sex.

Alicia Archer Barre Dance Workout

Alicia Archer, a dancer and an Equinox fitness instructor in New York City, created this ballet-inspired workout that focuses on small motions and high reps, to help sculpt and strengthen.

My Mantra Is... Mira Sorvino

American actress, political activist, and humanitarian Mira Sorvino lost a friend, Champagne Joy, to metastatic breast cancer. She shared the mantra she used to get through that tough time.

1. How to Release Your Lats.mp4

1. How to Release Your Lats.mp4

Jordin Sparks Reveals the Mantra She Uses to Keep Herself Grounded

Singer Jordin Sparks tells us the one word she tells herself when times get tough.

How to Perfect the No-Makeup Look

How to Perfect the No-Makeup Look

John Legend on Love and Cooking With Chrissy Teigen

John Legend credits love as the motivation for so much of what he does, including giving back.

Get a Full-Body Workout in Only 5 Minutes With Kelsey Wells’ Dumbbell Routine

Kelsey Wells demonstrates a full-body dumbbell workout you can do in just five minutes.

5 Things to Do to Get Over the Stomach Flu

The stomach flu can be miserable and there is no cure. Watch the video for tips on easing your discomfort until it passes.

Katie Austin 60-Second Sweat: Total Body Soup Can Workout

Fitness influencer Katie Austin has just the routine you need to give you a full-body, fat-burning workout. It’s quick, effective, and all you need are a few staples from your kitchen pantry: cans of soup.

5 Signs You're Addicted To Sleeping Pills

Yes, you really can be addicted to sleep meds. Here's how experts recommend kicking the habit.

The Sex-Ed Guys Explain Breastfeeding

Your favorite group of guys is back, and this time they’re trying to explain one of the many things women can do that they can’t: breastfeeding.

5 Best Sex Positions If You’re Getting Over a Cold

Do you want to get it on but don't want to get your partner sick with your cold? Watch the video for some tips on positions to keep them healthy.

How to Make Ham & Egg Cups

These high-fat, low-carb, totally delicious ham and cheese bites will help you avoid that 3 p.m. energy crash.

Sassy Gregson Williams' Moves That Will Give You Hardcore Ballerina Abs

A ballerina’s balance and posture comes from the core, meaning those sleek, feminine leotards are hiding rock-hard abs.

Jillian Michaels On Losing A House In The CA Wildfire

Jillian Michaels opens up about how the California wildfires have affected her family, and how she tries to maintain perspective.

How to Make a Sweet Potato Bowl with Blueberries

With hearty sweet potatoes and sweet blueberries, this bowl will definitely satisfy your hunger. And it's so easy to make. Watch the video for the recipe.

America Ferrera on Why She Gives Back

America Ferrera talks about the lessons she learned from her childhood, and how those drive her to give back and help people when she can.

Kirby Koo's 3 Floor Poses You Get Wrong

Yoga instructor Kirby Koo is here to help you nail three floor poses students tend to have trouble with. Watch the video for her tips to improve your next session.

Maintain Your Calm with this Anti-Anxiety Yoga Flow

Ronnie Howard is the cofounder of Vibes & Vinyasa, which curates monthly yoga experiences. Here, she demonstrates a yoga flow sure to keep you calm.

4 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight on the Keto Diet

Many people lose weight on the keto diet but you may not be. Watch the video for some possible reasons why.