It's undeniable that most of us have made New Year's resolutions that we didn't keep. Along with requiring extra time and scheduling changes, resolutions also frequently entail forking over extra cash-something that is far from easy in our current economical climate.  Well, don't worry Your New Year's resolutions don't have to cost a lot. The following are a few tips to help you get your 2009 goals on track without breaking the bank.

Work out on a budget. Considering that close to 70 percent of the American population is overweight, it's not surprising that working out more often is at the top of many to-do lists. A big hurdle when it comes to exercising is the cost of a gym membership. The average monthly gym membership is approximately $50-which adds up over time. So how can you battle the bulge without tapping into your savings? The easiest way is to get outside. Yes, in the winter months it gets cold, but a 30 minute walk 5 days a week will burn approximately 540 calories in a week. Also, purchasing some light weights and a stability ball for your home won't cost you much and will go a long way.

Eat well without spending more. It is a common misconception that eating healthy will somehow put you into debt. But switching around your diet is as easy as a few simple swaps. Exchange white rice for brown and russet potatoes for sweet potatoes (minus the gooey marshmallow topping). Substitute potato chips and greasy snacks for fruits and vegetables. If you must get fast food, opt for a grilled chicken sandwich rather than a fat-laden burger. And most importantly, switch out soda and go for water instead. By making simple substitutions like these, you will improve your diet while your budget stays intact. 

Cold turkey is free. For those that smoke, quitting without the patch or nicotine gums may seem like a daunting task. But the truth is that a large percentage of people do quit cold turkey.  Aside from the self esteem boost you'll receive from quitting using only your willpower, you will save yourself a decent sum. The average cost for a six-week supply of the patch is approximately $150, while nicotine gums can cost upwards of $200 for twelve weeks. There are also free, online support groups that can help you stay on track. 

Set goals that don't cost a dime. Some of the most rewarding New Year's resolutions won't cost you more than some extra time. Spending more time with friends and family can strengthen your positive relationships and give you some much needed respite from the wear and tear of the work week. Volunteerism, a popular, unselfish resolution, can come in a variety of forms. Don't have more than a couple hours a week? No problem. Local animal shelters, soup kitchens, or religious groups can always use a helping hand. Sometimes just giving your time can make the biggest difference.