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Mumbai Police installs sanitary pad vending machines for female cops

Mumbai police installs sanitary pad vending machines for female cops

7 myths related to Periods

7 myths related to Periods

12 tips for finding your feet when you start a new gym

Tips for getting used to a new gym.

6 complete myths about strength training and weight lifting for women

Myths about strength training and weight lifting for women.

Made of Millions co-founders Rose and Aaron discuss the reality of living with OCD

As Women's Health Strong Mind month draws to a close, hear Rose Cartwright and Aaron Harvey's story of learning to live with OCD.

3 Mobility Exercises to Try Today

Tight hamstrings? Sore hips? Tag these 3 mobility exercises onto your next workout to strengthen weak and problem areas

3 Mobility Exercises for Beginners

Try these mobility exercises to build strength in your weak areas.

16 Real Women Share Who They'd Like To Thank For Helping Them With Their Mental Health Issues

In support of Women's Health Strong Mind month, sixteen real women share their thanks to the person who helped them with their mental health when they were in a time of need. - If you are struggling with any of the themes raised in this video, contact NHS 111 or Samaritans on any UK phone on 116 123 - likes are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. #StrongMind

Learn How To Do A Pull Up With Kayla Itsines

If you're a fan of BBG or Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsines, you'll love this form video from the Instagram star sharing exactly how to master a pull up if you're a complete beginner. - Upper body workout, sorted. - All right Women's Health UK

Woman’s Vanishing Bones Explained!

The Doctors reveal how a woman’s arm bone vanished. Should you be worried about this condition?

Kayla Itsines Shares Her Favourite BBG No Equipment Legs Workout Video

Looking for a Kayla Itsines BBG workout that'll target your legs and glutes? - Stop the search with this handy three move video from Women's Health US.

If You're Looking For A BBG Workout, Try This Kayla Itsines Ab Circuit

A workout, for you, from Women's Health US and Australian-PT Kayla Itsines. - Simply do as many rounds as you can for seven minutes to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping. - For more workouts, videos and wellness content, head to You're welcome.

Should Expecting Women Avoid Strenuous Activity during Their Pregnancy?

The Doctors weigh in what types of physical labor expecting women should be concerned about.

Pre-Period Butt Pimples Explained!

The Doctors discuss how your period plays a role in breakouts. Plus, find out some tips on how to combat hormone-related acne.

How Fitness Expert Emily Skye Transformed Her Life and Dealt with Postpartum Depression

Health and fitness expert Emily Skye joins The Doctors and shares how she worked through a series of personal challenges, including postpartum depression.

UTI Prevention Tips

While discussing a viral meme about UTIs, The Doctors share tips on how to prevent a urinary tract infection.

Alice Liveing Opens Up About Her Struggles With Domestic Violence

As Women's Health Strong Mind month launches, Women's Health hear personal trainer Alice Liveing's story of her own struggles with domestic abuse. - Joined by her mother, they encourage you to speak up if you are suffering. Remember, you are not alone. - If you are experiencing domestic violence or know of someone who is experiencing abuse and may need help and support, the Freephone 24 Hour National Domestic Violence Helpline, run in partnership between Women's Aid and Refuge, is a national service for women experiencing domestic violence, their family, friends, colleagues and others calling on their behalf. The Helpline can give support, help and information over the telephone, wherever the caller might be in the country and is open 24 hours a day. All calls are completely confidential. For more information, visit or simply call 0808 2000 247.

Form Check: How To Do A Bent Over Row by Joslyn Thompson Rule

Make sure that you're bent over rowing form is correct with a little help from WH's Strength Coach and Nike Master Trainer Joslyn Thompson Rule. - These form tips will not only ensure you don't get injured, but help your overall strengthening and conditioning, too. - Watch or head to Women's Health UK for more.

Fearne Cotton talks you through the A to Z of Happiness

Catch November WH cover star Fearne Cotton explain what happiness truly means to her and break it down for you into A to Z. More on

Louise Thompson On Her Top Abs Exercises

WH July cover star talks through the workout she uses to get those abs.

A Drug-Free Solution for Period Cramps?

The Doctors put a product which claims to treat period cramps without drugs to the test. Find out if our testers found relief without taking any medications.

Can You Delay a Period?

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry weighs in on a viewer question about whether you can delay a period for something like an upcoming vacation.

Why Some Doctors Will Not Recommend a Vaginal Birth After a C-Section

If you have had a C-section but are hoping to a have vaginal second birth,OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry explains why some doctors are apprehensive about this birthing plan.

Michelle Keegan Talks Abs Workouts And Hating The Gym | The Cooldown

Women's Health November 2017 cover star Michelle Keegan talks diet and fitness. That's when she puts cheese on her eggs, her most hated gym move and so much more. ____________________________________________ SHOOT TEAM Location: Repton Boxing Club Crew: Big Hair Films ____________________________________________ Women's Health on Instagram Women's Health on Facebook Read more online

Urinary Incontinence Treatment Chair Put to the Test

Urinary incontinence affects millions of people, but could a chair that causes the pelvic muscle contractions through electromagnetic waves help?

Were Women’s Incontinence Issues Helped by Chair That Stimulates Pelvic Muscles?

Kitty and Nancy, who suffer from urinary incontinence, share whether a chair which uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate the pelvic muscles, helped with their conditions.

The Vitamin That May Reduce Risk of Having a Miscarriage

The Doctors discuss the findings that a lack of vitamin D may play a role in miscarriages and weigh in on the importance of getting adequate levels of this important vitamin.

Warning Against 'Down There' DIY Lightening Treatments

The Doctors discuss a viral online post claiming you can use lemons, coconut oil and rosewater for genital lightening. Hear what OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry has to say about attempting to lighten your genitals.

Can Pregnancy Affect a Woman’s Eyesight?

After meeting with ophthalmologist Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, Riann -- who is considering getting pregnant a third time -- joins The Doctors to find out if there anything that can be done to help with her declining eyesight.

Woman Worries Third Pregnancy May Lead to Blindness

Riann, who has had vision issues since she was a child, says her eyesight became worse after having her two children.