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Heart Condition Encyclopedia

From atrial fibrillation to venous thromboembolism, your guide to some of the most common heart-related terms.

Are Women With Heart Disease Overlooked and Under Treated?

Our expert discusses the results of two new heart studies, and what they mean for women.

The Worst Foods for Your Heart

Though the advice for heart-healthy eating changes over time, the goals remain the same. Here’s the latest thinking on heart-smart diets, and seven types of foods you should avoid.

Coffee and Hypertension

Does coffee raise your blood pressure? A recent study suggests the answer might be different from person to person.

Autoimmune Disease and Medication Heart Risk

For people diagnosed with certain autoimmune diseases, medications like antihistamines and antidepressants may increase the risk of fatal cardiac arrhythmias.

Lower Risk of Stroke for People on Statins and Fibrates

A recent study found older adults who take statins may have a lower risk of stroke.

Survivors of Heart Emergencies at Higher Risk for Cognitive Problems

Want a healthy brain? Keep your heart in shape.

Atrial Fibrillation Update for Women

New guidelines for taking blood thinners.

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) by the Numbers

What you need to know about high blood pressure, and 5 tips to keep it in check.

Why Optimistic People May Have Healthier Hearts

A study examines the relationship between heart health and optimism. Plus, 5 tips for training yourself to think positive.

The Potential Dangers of Preventative Aspirin Therapy

Many people take aspirin for prevention but is this a good idea?

Heart Attack Vs. Cardiac Arrest: Understanding the Terms

Do you know the difference?

A Little Exercise, a Lot of Benefit

Exercise matters, but you don t have to run marathons to reap the heart health benefits. Learn more.

Irregular Heartbeat, Surgery, and Risk of Stroke

What you need to know.

Thyroid Conditions and Heart Disease: What s the Connection?

Common thyroid problems could increase your risk of heart disease. Are you at risk?

Understanding Chest Pain and Other Heart Attack Symptoms

From chest pain to tiredness, here s what you need to know.

Women, Men, and Heart Disease

Heart disease affects men and women differently and for women, symptoms of a heart attack may be subtle and difficult to detect. Learn more.

5 Steps to Get on Track After a Heart Attack

These habits will help you regain your health after a heart attack.

Stress and Your Heart: 4 Stressors, and How You Can Cope

Learn about the four major stressors that can affect your risk of heart disease.

Men with Baldness at the Crown May Be More Prone to Heart Disease

Studies have shown a link between specific patterns of male baldness and the development of coronary heart disease. However, there isn't a clear explanation for the association. Should you be concerned?

5 Heart-Healthy Ways to Prepare Chicken

Chicken is on just about every list of heart-healthy foods, but if you don't prepare it correctly, you risk damaging its reputation for being low in calories, fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

It Is Not Possible to Be Obese and Healthy, Study Shows

Although they may feel healthy in the present, obese individuals are not exempt from the long-term consequences of carrying extra pounds.

5 Heart-Healthy Ways to Use Garlic

It's tough to beat the health benefits of garlic—it fights inflammation, cancer, hypertension, and even has anti-coagulating properties. Read on for delicious ways to incorporate more garlic into your diet.

5 Heart-Healthy Ways to Enjoy Kale

Kale is a versatile, nutrient-packed powerhouse that may be the healthiest food in your fridge. Learn how to enjoy this dark green oxidant-fighting machine.

High Cholesterol May Promote the Growth of Breast Cancer

New research from Duke University Medical Center finds a byproduct of cholesterol may be linked to the growth and spread of breast cancer. But are cholesterol-lowering drugs the answer?

Tofu: Perfect Health Food...or Not?

As a soy food, tofu is a terrific source of vegetable protein. But in addition to helping to prevent certain health problems, it may actually cause some others.

Keep Your Heart Healthy in Every Season

Heat, humidity, and bitter cold can be difficult for anyone. But if you have a heart condition, changes in the weather can be downright dangerous. Learn how to keep your ticker safe.

What Type of Body Fat Is Most Dangerous?

More than one third of adults and nearly one in five children are obese. However, not all fat is created equal.

Do You Have Too Much of This Type of Fat?

Excess abdominal fat, especially visceral fat, may be a risk factor for some serious health problems. Fortunately, you can take measures to improve your health. Here's how.

8 Signs You Have Secondary Hypertension

Could your high blood pressure be a side effect of another medical condition? Learn more about this form of hypertension.