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Your Risk for Heart Attack Increases If a Sibling Dies

A study suggests your risk for dying of a heart attack may increase after your adult sibling dies.

Over-Shoveling Snow Could Lead to a Heart Attack

Some people may be prone to suffering a heart attack if they over-do it shoveling heavy, wet snow.

Can Calcium Supplements Harm Your Heart?

They're popular for your good bone health, but could too much calcium damage your heart?

Some Women Experience Atypical Symptoms During a Heart Attack

Some heart attack symptoms in women are mild and vague, like nausea or stomach discomfort, and therefore can be fatally misleading.

Anxiety Can Increase Risk of Death From Heart Disease

Heart disease patients who suffer from anxiety face twice the risk of early death, compared to those without anxiety.

College Binge Drinking Increases the Risk of Heart Disease

Binge drinking in the college years can increase the risk of heart disease later in life.

Heart-Healthy Diets Can Help Men with Metabolic Syndrome

Eating a heart-healthy diet can help men with metabolic syndrome, even if they don't lose weight.

6-Year-Old Boy Receives Heart Transplant Despite Odds Against Him

A 6-year-old boy broke the record for surviving the longest on an ECMO machine that acted as his heart and lungs. He surpassed the odds and has now successfully received a heart transplant.

Burning Away High Blood Pressure

There are one billion people in the world who have uncontrolled high blood pressure. Now, there's a new way to fight it without pills.

The World's Smallest Heart Pump

A small device is changing the game for some of the smallest patients. See how it's helping keep kids alive while they wait for heart transplants.

New Heart Surgery Uses Dissolving Stents to Avoid Stitches

You've probably heard of stitches that dissolve in the body-now something similar could help hearts!

New Drug to Treat HOFH Genetic Cholesterol Storage

For some people no matter what they do, their cholesterol skyrockets. Find out what could help some patients bring it back down to earth.

Physical Fitness Can Reduce the Risk for Heart Failure

Good physical fitness can reduce the risk for heart failure according to a recent study.

The American Heart Association Reminds Heart Disease Patients to Exercise

A new statement from the AHA is reminding doctors that congenital heart disease patients need to exercise.

Doctors Find Way to Perform Heart Surgery Without Opening the Chest

A new medical procedure gives heart patients too frail for open heart surgery another option to fix a common cardiac problem. Grant Boxleitner spoke with one woman who says the procedure saved her life.

New Kind of Implantable Defibrillator May Save Lives

A new kind of implantable cardiac defibrillator may save lives. One cardiac patient shares his story.

Egg Yolk Could Be Bad For Your Heart

First red meat, now eggs. Researchers say lecithin found in egg yolks may prompt the body to start a process that may raise the risk for heart disease.

Alternatives Therapies Can Lower Blood Pressure

Alternative therapies can help lower blood pressure in some hypertension patients.

Mysteries of the Heart: Broken-Heart Syndrome

91 percent of all married couples say they are happily married. But what happens if you lose your spouse to sickness or death? It can actually break your heart and cause serious health problems.

Red Meat Could Cause Heart Disease

A study shows cholesterol and saturated fat aren't the only links between red meat and heart disease. The main problem appears to be a chemical found in red meat called carnitine.

Compound in Meat and Energy Drinks Could Clog Arteries

A compound in energy drinks and red meat may clog arteries.

Dr. Nancy Reports on the Link Between Red Meat and Heart Disease

Researchers believe they have discovered a new link between the consumption of red meat and cardiovascular disease.

Chest Pain After ER Discharge Should Be Checked Out

Chest pain patients who follow-up with a cardiologist after being discharged from the hospital have lower rates of death.

Reducing Statin Dosage Is One Way to Avoid Side-Effects

Research shows patients who struggle with statin side effects could have a better outcome by switching brands or reducing dosage.

Hypothermia Can Save the Brain Tissue in Cardiac Patients

Therapeutic hypothermia is being used at some hospitals to stop brain tissue death in cardiac patients.

Young Boy with an Enlarged Heart Waits for a Transplant

Young boy and his family wait for a heart to replace the one he has which is overgrown.

Lowering the Risk of Stroke

Pfizer's Freda Lewis-Hall, M.D. explains ways to reduce your risk of a stroke.

Medical Test You Should Not Avoid

One of Rachael Ray's viewers gets her cholesterol measured, a test that every woman should get.

New Heart Test Is Safer and More Accurate

New heart test is safer than typical exams, and can more accurately determine the severity of a blocked artery.

Medical Test You Should Not Avoid

One of Rachael Ray's viewers gets her cholesterol measured, a test that every woman should get.