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Can Energy Drinks Cause Heart Attacks?

A Florida man said he suffered the dangers of energy drinks first-hand. His doctors say his energy drink consumption may have caused him to have a heart attack at just 41 years old.

Healthy Diet Helps Cardiovascular Patients

A heart-healthy diet helps cardiovascular disease patients live longer.

Many Americans with High Blood Pressure Don't Talk to Their Doctor

A majority of Americans with high blood pressure don't talk with their doctors about ways to improve their condition, according to a new survey.

High Blood Pressure Is Often Missed in Young Adults

High blood pressure in young adults is likely to go undiagnosed, according to a new study.

Lifestyle May Lead to Heart Deaths in Winter

It may not be the cold of winter that leads to a seasonal increase in heart-related deaths, it's our lifestyle.

Coronary Heart Disease Risk High Among African Americans

The prevalence of fatal coronary heart disease is higher among African Americans.

Heart Risk Factors Are Prevalent in Hispanics

A large study of the U.S. Hispanic population reveals a high prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors.

Stem Cells From Anyone Could Help Restore Heart Tissue

A stranger's stem cells may be as safe and as effective as a patient's own cells for helping to restore heart tissue, according to a new study.

Signs of Aging Could Be Signs for Heart Attack Risk

Visible signs of aging -- balding, graying hair and wrinkles -- may also be signs of an increased risk for a heart attack.

Multivitamins May Reduce Cancer But Not Heart Problems

A study that previously indicated multivitamins may reduce the risk of cancer in men now shows no benefit when it comes to heart health.

Chelation Therapy May Benefit Your Heart

A study presented at an annual meeting of the American Heart Association suggests a slight heart benefit to chelation therapy, where metals are removed from the bloodstream.

The AHA Latest Findings Support Its Sodium Limits

The American Heart Association says latest research findings support the AHA's stand on limiting sodium intake.

Some Neighborhoods in America Lack Bystander CPR Training

Bystander CPR is lacking in certain neighborhoods.

Men with Cardiovascular Disease Are Also at Risk For PAD

Men who have risk factors for cardiovascular disease are also at risk for peripheral artery disease.

Man Receives the World's Smallest Heart Pump

A new, miniminally invasive technique gives new life to previously inoperable patients. Christine Haas spoke with a man who was one of the first to be treated with the world's smallest heart pump.

Rescue Crews Trained to Recognize Lack of Pulse Due to Pacemakers

Patients with L-VAD pacemakers do not have a pulse and that could confuse emergency workers. Now rescue crews are being trained to respond which could be life-saving.

Nearly Half of Americans with High BP Have It Under Control

Almost half of American adults with high blood pressure have it under control.

Antioxidant Rich Food May Help Prevent Heart Attacks in Women

A new study reveals foods rich in antioxidants could help prevent heart attacks in women.

Beta Blockers' Effectiveness Questioned

Beta blockers may not effectively prevent cardiovascular events.

The Smart Heart Artificial Heart

Clinic develops a newer, smaller artificial heart called a "smart heart".

Extreme Temps Increase Heart-Related Deaths

Enduring extreme temperatures may increase the risk of early cardiovascular-related death.

Preventing Marathon Deaths

Cardiac related deaths among marathon runners can be reduced with simple planning.

Americans Experience Rising Blood Pressure Levels

Millions of Americans have high blood pressure that they cannot control with medication or a doctor's help, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Man Survives a Heart Attack to Tell His Tale

Norman Wu was 37 years old and physically fit when he had a massive heart attack. He techinically died twice... but lives to tell about it.

Longer Resuscitation Could Save Lives

Extending resuscitation efforts by just 10 minutes could improve survival rates among hospital patients suffering cardiac arrest.

ECG Heart Screening for Healthy Patients Questioned

People who have a low risk for heart disease should not be given routine ECG screenings in the hopes of spotting something before it develops.

New Study to Predict Heart Trouble in Patients

A new study finds measuring the amount of calcium in your arteries is a accurate way to predict your risk for heart problems.

Tips to Survive a Heart Attack

Learning some tips can help you and others survive a heart attack.

Modifying Heart Stem Cells Into Healthy Tissue

New research reveals damaged heart cells can be transformed into healthy tissue.

25% of Elderly People May Have Heart Conditions

A quarter of elderly people may have an undiagnosed but treatable heart condition.