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Young People Experiencing Less Anxiety with Remote School

With many schools going online this year, learning is looking very different. How will this affect the mental health of our children? This and more, from Treepple Health News.

The Benefits of Placebos

Even though placebo pills do not have any active ingredients, they can still help patients have positive medical outcomes. Here's how, from Treepple Health News.

Sleep Related Myths

There is a lot of research out there surrounding sleep's relationship with health, and it can be difficult to determine what is true or not. Here's the facts, from Treepple Health News.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

Have you ever wondered how people experience lucid dreaming? Here are some possible techniques for learning how, from Treepple Health News.

Lack of Sleep Messes with your Emotions

We all know getting enough sleep is important, but here is the scientific explanation to why your mood and productivity may be affected by sleep, from Treepple Health News.

New Study Could Change Our Understanding of Parkinson’s

Previously, researchers were unsure what causes Parkinson's disease, but a new study has shed light on the process. Here's the latest, from Treepple Health News.

Healthy News Consumption

Do you have healthy news consumption habits? In these uncertain times, news viewership is sky rocketing. Here's how to keep it under control while staying informed, from Treepple Health News.

Am I Experiencing Crisis Fatigue?

Many are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted during this global pandemic, and it can be easy to ignore these feelings. Treepple Health News explains what crisis fatigue is, and how to treat it.

Online Boxing, Yoga, or Ballet Could be Your New Favorite Workout

Are you getting bored of your at home workout routine? At Treepple Health News, we have put together a list of some creative online fitness classes you can use to get motivated again.

PTSD Awareness

Millions of Americans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but fortunately, there are many resources available to those who need them. For PTSD Awareness month, Treepple Health News has some tips on how to get help for yourself or a loved one.

Keeping Your Screen Time Healthy

We have so many screens easily accessible to us, from laptops to smartphones, and it's difficult to put them down. Here's some advice, from Treepple Health News, on how much and what kind of screen use is healthy.

How to Reduce Stress for Pregnant Women during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Advice from Treepple Personalized Health News for keeping stress and anxiety under control while expecting during quarantine.

How Stress Affects Communication

Your latest from Treepple Personalized Health News on how stress has been shown to impact communication skills.

How to Deal with Stress During Quarantine

Advice from Treepple Personalized Health News for keeping stress and anxiety under control while staying at home during quarantine.

High blood pressure leading cause of death worldwide

Your daily does of health news including the benefits of transcendental meditation, new research that shows drinking alcohol doesn't prevent weight loss, and high rates of high blood pressure worldwide.

Scientific health benefits of spring cleaning

Your daily dose of health news including the risks and benefits of intermittent fasting, what influences young people to commit crimes, and proven health benefits of spring cleaning.

Sex of the baby not determined by family history

Your daily dose of health news including the benefits of animal-assisted therapy, how early bedtimes for children may affect obesity, and new evidence that shows the sex of your baby is completely up to chance.

Nearly a third of food is wasted

Your daily dose of health news including how therapy may improve weight loss, high rates of women that are dying due to alcohol, and the high amount of food waste.

Western diet may be decreasing sperm count

Your daily dose of health news including how weather may affect flu season, the poor health of informal caregivers, and how Western diet may be impacting sperm counts.

Preview: Monday, 2.24.20 - Motivational Monday: Getting Through Grief

Motivational Monday â€" ways to cope with, accept, and embrace grief. A powerful show of healing and loss with secrets to living a happy and fulfilled life even after tragedy.

Playing golf may lower risk of heart attack and stroke

Your daily dose of health news including the benefits of playing golf, the importance of optimism during stroke recovery, and how just simple movements can reduce depression in teenagers.

Type of birth may influence postpartum depression

Your daily dose of health news including how smell may improve your learning, research that found c-sections may increase your likelihood of developing postpartum depression, and the benefits of having a plant on your desk.

Racism may age black Americans prematurely

Your daily dose of health news including antibiotics that may contribute to childhood obesity, how racism effects aging, and the long-term effects of gun violence.

Surgeries delayed due to hospital gown shortage

Your daily dose of health news including why surgeries around the country are getting cancelled, new findings that suggest drinking tea may lower depression levels in seniors, and how sugar changes the brain.

Facebook posts not effective for depression help

Your daily dose of health news including the benefits of fish for couple's who are trying to get pregnant, marijuana's popularity among college students, and the ineffectiveness of reaching out for depression help on Facebook.

Burnout from work could lead to A-Fib and death

Your daily dose of health news including an effective violence prevention program that sports coaches are participating in, effects of marijuana on driving after the high is over, and the deadly effects of burnout.

Oprah Winfrey Talks Tour & Daytime Television

Tamron Hall joins Oprah Winfrey on her 2020 Vision Tour to talk about her tour and why she is doing it. Plus, she talks to Hall about daytime television and if she'd return.

Drinking green tea may improve health, increase longevity

Your daily dose of health news including the link between smoking cigarettes and depression, what scientists believe could lower the suicide rate in America, and benefits of drinking green tea.

Cooking shows may improve children's eating habits

Your daily dose of health news including research that identified the many emotions music can evoke, a study that disputes claims of a link between talc-based baby powder and cancer, and evidence that suggests watching cooking shows may improve eating habits in children.

Tam Talk: Gabrielle Bernstein

Spiritual thought leader Gabrielle Bernstein gives an inspiring “Tam Talk” on turning into your intentions and self-care.