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Gabrielle Bernstein On Meditation No Longer Working For Her

Motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein speaks openly about dealing with postpartum depression and turning to mediation for treatment.

Preview: Thursday, 1.9.20 â€" Gabrielle Bernstein

Tamron’s mind, body, and soul over-Hall week continues with motivational speaker, author, and new spiritual thought leader Gabrielle Bernstein on tuning in to your intentions and self-care for the new year. Plus: a story of revenge and regret.

Intermittent fasting may lead to longer life

Your daily dose of health news including benefits of exercise at preventing cancer development, a new trend found among teenage boys that witness abuse, and newly discovered benefits of intermittent fasting.

Should Children Be Allowed To Take Mental Health Days Off From School?

Tamron Hall discusses with the “Tam Fam” audience along with Dr. Jennifer Hartstein on whether school age children should be allowed to take mental health days off from school.

DNA May Provide Insight for Cancer Research

Your daily dose of health news including asthma worsening during the winter, side effects for a drug to treat depression and new findings in cancer research.

Preview: Thursday, 11.21.19 - Comedian Gary Gulman

On the next “Tamron Hall” comedian Gary Gulman discusses his battle with depression and his HBO special, “The Great Depresh” where he uses laughter as a tool to combat mental illness.

Let’s Talk: Women’s Stress Epidemic

Tamron invites a panel of women to dive in on the topic of women and stress. The panel share their knowledge on the root of your stresses, while also teaching tips and techniques on how to alleviate it.

Tam Talk: Andrea Parsons

Andrea Parson delivers a calming Tam Talk on visualizing stress relief.

Researchers State E-Cigarettes Are More Dangerous than Traditional

Your daily health news including what researchers have found to be true about e-cigarettes, effects of hypertension on pregnant women, and how temperature changes impact mental health.

Preview: Wednesday, 11.20.19 - Throwback Week Fun Continues With An R&B Icon

On the next “Tamron Hall,” our 3rd mystery guests stepped on the 80s R&B scene and left an impressionable mark! Plus, we discuss women and stress with a panel of women who will share stress alleviating techniques.

Stress May Increase Cholesterol Levels

Your health news including why mental health disorders may be connected, how stress may impact cholesterol levels, and how deep sleep may help those with anxiety.

Police Officer Shares How He Almost Committed Suicide

Former law enforcement officer Mark DiBona shares the moment when he almost committed suicide and what stopped him from taking his own life. Plus, he shares on “Tamron Hall” how he’s stopped other officers from committing suicide.

Why Are Cops Committing Suicide?

N.Y.P.D. Commissioner James P. O’Neill speaks on the mental health crisis causing many police officers to take their own lives and the preventative measures he’s taking to combat this crisis.

Woman Shares Her Pain After Her Police Officer Husband Took His Own Life

Cindy Lannon shares her tragic story of how her veteran police officer husband took his own life and why she believes serving on the force directly impacted his decision to commit suicide.

Preview: 11.5.19 â€" Mental Health & Police Suicides

Why are so many police officers taking their own lives? Personal stories of survival and what is being done to combat this crisis with New York City Police Commissioner James O’Neill.

Home-cooked Meals Contain Less Harmful Chemicals

Your daily health news including how air pollution may affect hair loss, why home-cooked meals may be good for the soul and your health, and how food you consume can affect depression symptoms.

Hysterectomies in Women May Affect Mental Health

Your daily health news including how hysterectomies may affect women's mental health, how men can experience postpartum depression too, and how screen time before bed can affect your sleep.

Small Acts of Kindness in The Workplace May Increase Productivity

Your daily health news including how financial hardship can take a toll on your health, how productivity can be increased in the workplace, and why younger adults are at an increased risk of a heart attack.

Giving up alcohol can improve mental well being

Giving up alcohol can improve mental well being Study

Magnetic therapy may reverse concussion symptoms says Study

Magnetic therapy may reverse concussion symptoms Study

Stress leads to Facebook addiction says Study

Stress leads to Facebook addiction Study

Post Marriage Careers of Indian TV Celebrities

Tv Couples Career post Marriage

5 Good Books to Read After Losing a Loved One

When you lose a loved one, it can feel like the world is closing in around you and that no one understands quite what you’re going through.

Would More Medical Marijuana Lead to Less Opioid Use?

The Doctors are joined by neuroscientist and medical cannabis expert Dr. Adie Wilson-Poe and addiction specialists Ken Seeley to discuss whether more access to medical marijuana can help curb our nation’s opioid addiction.

Can Psychedelic Drugs Curb an Antidepressant Dependency?

The Doctors examine whether micro-dosing psychedelic drugs like LSD can be used instead of antidepressants.

The Possible Dangers of Micro-Dosing LSD

Some claim taking small amounts of LSD can help treat depression and The Doctors discuss the possible negative side effects and potential lasting dangers of using psychedelic drugs for this type of mental health issue.

Former MLB Player Mike Marjama Opens up about His Eating Disorder

Former MLB baseball player Mike Marjama comes to The Doctors to share how he battled an eating disorder that nearly derailed his career.

How Former MLB Baseball Player Reveals How He Dealt with His Eating Disorder

Former MLB baseball player Mike Marjama shares how he treated and addressed his eating disorder, which at one point, caused him to lose 14 pounds in just 4 days.

Is the Opioid Epidemic Robbing Kids of their Innocence?

The Doctors discuss how the opioid epidemic has ravaged communities across the country, including the lives of children. Does the panel and Kevin Lorson, creator of HOPE Curriculum, think the epidemic is getting better or worse?

Can a Moderation Approach to Drugs and Alcohol Successfully Treat Addiction?

Addiction expert Dr. Adi Jaffe, author of “The Abstinence Myth,” explains how his moderation approach to treating addiction might be right for certain people.