Mental Health and Addiction - Videos

Millennial Addicts

The new face of addiction is a lot younger than previous years. Sonia and Soraya tell their stories of being millennial addicts through college.

‘Assume Your Kids are On Drugs’ Says Addiction Specialist

Former addicts Sonia and Soraya and addiction specialist Bob Forrest of Alo House join The Doctors to share the new face of the opioid epidemic: suburban teens and millennials.

Opioid Deaths Tracked in ‘Death Diaries’

ER physician Dr. Roneet Lev joins The Doctors to share about the unique way she’s trying to combat the opioid epidemic, one doctor at a time.

Can New Implant Help Opioid Addicts Move Forward?

Anna and addiction specialist Dr. Joseph DeSanto share how Anna is doing with a new device that helps addicts with withdrawal symptoms and an implant treatment that helps addicts stay sober.

Could New Device Bring Opioid Addicts Hope?

Could the newly FDA-approved Bridge device, which uses small electrical nerve stimulators, help reduce opioid withdrawal symptoms? Meet Anna who shares her struggle with opioid addiction and her quest to get help.

New Device for Opioid Withdrawal?

Anna tries a new device designed to help with withdrawal symptoms and undergoes implant surgery to help keep her sober. Addiction specialist Dr. Joseph DeSanto shares some of the successes he has had using this treatment combination.

Drs. Investigate: ‘Happy Pill’ Phenibut

Is the “happy drug” Phenibut - that claims to ease anxiety - worth all the hype? The Doctors explore the safety of this supplement.

Can Microdosing Marijuana Reduce Stress, Anxiety, & Manage Pain?

Dr. Dustin Sulak who treats patients with cannabis, and two microdosing moms Ozzie and Alexandra, join The Doctors to share their experiences with taking daily doses of THC.

Is Ayahuasca a Safe Treatment for Eating Disorders?

Libby says she overcame her eating disorder following an ayahuasca retreat. She and psychologist Dr. Adele La France who studies ayahuasca and eating disorders, join The Doctors and discuss if this treatment is safe.

Moms That Microdose Marijuana?

The Doctors meet a couple of moms who say that taking very small doses of marijuana, also called microdosing, has completely changed their lives.

Can Ayahuasca Cure Eating Disorders?

The South American psychedelic brew ayahuasca has been used for centuries in religious ceremonies. But could it also help people overcome eating disorders? Meet Libby who claims just that.

Should a Failed Drug Test Land You in Jail?

Former Major League Baseball player Darryl Strawberry and Judge Mary Chrzanowski join The Doctors to discuss whether a failed drug test while on probation should land an addict in jail.

Is the Current Approach to Helping Addicts all Wrong?

Is ordering addicts to stay sober enough? Criminal defense attorney Mike Nasatir and former client reality star Alexis Haines join The Doctors and share their opinion that jailing the addicts doesn’t solve the problem of addiction.

Flashback Friday: I Was Shot at Over 5 Times

Michael joined The Doctors last season after surviving an armed robbery and suffering from debilitating PTSD. See how he’s doing now.

What is Objectophilia?

Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho dives into objectophilia and why people become sexually attracted to inanimate objects.

Sobriety Gives Son New Relationship with His Parents

The Doctors bring Mason’s father Ron to the show to reunite with his now-sober son. Check out the incredible surprises The Doctors have in store for Mason.

The Best Way to Prevent Drunk Driving Accidents

Every day 28 people in the United States die as a result of drunk driving. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork shares his favorite way to enjoy drinks without the fear.

Extreme Alcoholic Celebrates His Sobriety

After 24-year-old Mason entered rehab he started experiencing both physical and emotional pain. Find out how Mason is doing now, 90 days sober.

Alcoholic Celebrates 90 Days Sober

Mason shares his gratitude list, which is one of the things that helps him stay focused on the positive things in his life and the appreciation of his sobriety.

Are Seniors Substituting Opioids for Marijuana?

Seniors are consuming more marijuana to help manage their pain. Could medical marijuana help some people replace their opioid prescriptions?

Does Marijuana Interact with Prescription Drugs?

Chief Medical Officer of Canna-Centers Dr. Bonni Goldstein joins The Doctors to discuss how seniors are using marijuana and the potential concerns of mixing marijuana with other prescriptions.

Marijuana Causes ‘Scromiting’?!

With more states legalizing marijuana, doctors are seeing an influx of patients experiencing behavior some are calling “scromiting.”

Mom Dies from Contact with Son’s Drugs

The Doctors discuss a tragic tale of a mother that found her son had overdosed. When she went to clean up her bathroom, she was rushed to the hospital and later died from contact with his Fentanyl.

Seizures from Synthetic Marijuana?

The Doctors discuss synthetic marijuana, known as Spice or K2 and its devastating consequences.

Emotional Support Squirrel?

A condo community in Florida is up in arms over a tenants unconventional emotional support animal.

Can a Pill Track If You Are Taking Your Meds?

The FDA has approved a “digital pill” that will be able to track if and when patients take their medication. This was designed to help those battling schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and those managing others’ medication.

Brain Microchip Erases Memories?

The Doctors discuss a “brain chip” designed to manipulate memories. Makers of the chip hope to help those with degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. But could it also be used to erase bad memories?

Trying to Quit Smoking?

Do you have a loved one you’d love to convince to stop smoking? The Doctors share a viral video that could help.

Former Beverly Hills Junkie on Her Addiction Struggles

Growing up in Beverly Hills with money to fall back on fed into author and comedian Amy Dresner’s cycle of addiction until rock bottom meant losing it all.

‘My Fair Junkie’ Author on Life after Her Addiction

Author and comedian Amy Dresner shares about what her life looks like with over four years of being clean and sober.