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Could a Video Game Treat ADHD?

Could the first prescription video game help millions of kids with ADHD? Child psychiatrist Dr. Domenick Sportelli joins The Doctors to talk about this treatment.

Is There a Way to Spot Fentanyl in Powders or Pills?

There’s now a strip that you can use to detect whether there is fentanyl present in a powder or pill, which its advocates argue can help prevent overdoses.

On Anti-Depressants? Be Careful of Serotonin Syndrome

Psychiatrist Dr. Domenick Sportelli joins The Doctors to share about serotonin syndrome and what you should be aware of.

Teen Vaping Trend Parents Need to Know

Teens are using a vaping device with high doses of nicotine and it’s being referred to as juuling.

Did an Intervention Save this Addicts Life?

Alyssa has been in treatment for 3.5 months. Psychiatrist Dr. Eric Chaghouri meets with Alyssa to see what’s next on her journey in sobriety.

Family of Woman Addicted to Drugs Seeks Help

Earlier this season, we met Alyssa and staged a life-saving intervention. Find out what happened after she went to the hospital.

Social Media Sensation Shares Her Private Health Struggle

Social media star Spirit’s pickle-crunching videos have millions of views. She joins The Doctors to share her health struggle that inspired her to become an ASMR sensation.

Web Exclusive: The Pickle Lady and Dr. Ordon’s ASMR Collab

Go behind the scenes as Spirit aka “The Pickle Lady” and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon create an ASMR video.

What is ASMR?

Many people claim that the sounds of soap shaving, whispering, finger tapping or pickle eating help alleviate stress, insomnia, depression and pain. Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho explains how this works.

Nurse Set on Fire Undergoes PTSD Treatment

Earlier this season we met Lieutenant Katie Blanchard was brutally set on fire by a coworker while serving as a military nurse. The Doctors crew follows along as she undergoes treatment for PTSD.

Breakup Stress Leads to Breakouts?

New research shows that heartbreak may actually be linked to acne breakouts.

Can You Blackout From Anger?

Can you truly blackout from rage? The Doctors discuss the case of a man who was accused of strangling his wife but claims he completely blacked out. Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho weighs in.

3 Fun Ways to Improve Your Memory & Sharpen Your Brain

There are many ways to sharpen your memory: diet, sleep, flashcards…but what about mentalism? You read that right! We spoke with renowned mentalist Paul Draper, who explains that improving your memory is all about neuroplasticity â€" or growing new pathways in your brain. Read on for Paul’s three ways to boost your brain. THE LIST is the national Emmy award winning show where pop culture takes a need-to-know twist. We have everything that’s trending and fun, in the form of a list. Watch us weeknights on TV! And Online Anytime Like Us on Facebook Follow Us on Twitter Watch us on YouTube Go Behind the Scenes on Instagram Get The List App Android: IPhone:

Memory Tricks: The PEG Memory System Explained by Mentalist Paul Draper

People try all kinds of things to sharpen their memories, from diet and sleeping to flashcards and herbal supplements. But Mentalist Paul Draper might just have the answer to our troubles with the PEG Memory System. THE LIST is the national Emmy award winning show where pop culture takes a need-to-know twist. We have everything that’s trending and fun, in the form of a list. Watch us weeknights on TV! And Online Anytime Like Us on Facebook Follow Us on Twitter Watch us on YouTube Go Behind the Scenes on Instagram Get The List App Android: IPhone:

FDA Warns About Opioid Withdrawal Products?

FDA National Health Fraud Coordinator Captain Jason Humbert joins The Doctors to discuss products that claim to help opioid addicts cope with the difficulties of withdrawal.

Is Electroconvulsive Therapy Making a Comeback?

Dr. Domenick Sportelli joins The Doctors to share about his experience using electroconvulsive therapy on severely depressed patients.

Who Does Electroconvulsive Therapy Help?

Julie had electroconvulsive therapy after her third suicide attempt. She shares her results with this controversial treatment.

Average Age of an Addict is 23

A survey of patients at treatment centers around the country found that most addicts are relatively young and they first started using with prescription opioids like OxyContin.

Millennial Addicts

The new face of addiction is a lot younger than previous years. Sonia and Soraya tell their stories of being millennial addicts through college.

‘Assume Your Kids are On Drugs’ Says Addiction Specialist

Former addicts Sonia and Soraya and addiction specialist Bob Forrest of Alo House join The Doctors to share the new face of the opioid epidemic: suburban teens and millennials.

Opioid Deaths Tracked in ‘Death Diaries’

ER physician Dr. Roneet Lev joins The Doctors to share about the unique way she’s trying to combat the opioid epidemic, one doctor at a time.

Can New Implant Help Opioid Addicts Move Forward?

Anna and addiction specialist Dr. Joseph DeSanto share how Anna is doing with a new device that helps addicts with withdrawal symptoms and an implant treatment that helps addicts stay sober.

Could New Device Bring Opioid Addicts Hope?

Could the newly FDA-approved Bridge device, which uses small electrical nerve stimulators, help reduce opioid withdrawal symptoms? Meet Anna who shares her struggle with opioid addiction and her quest to get help.

New Device for Opioid Withdrawal?

Anna tries a new device designed to help with withdrawal symptoms and undergoes implant surgery to help keep her sober. Addiction specialist Dr. Joseph DeSanto shares some of the successes he has had using this treatment combination.

Drs. Investigate: ‘Happy Pill’ Phenibut

Is the “happy drug” Phenibut - that claims to ease anxiety - worth all the hype? The Doctors explore the safety of this supplement.

Can Microdosing Marijuana Reduce Stress, Anxiety, & Manage Pain?

Dr. Dustin Sulak who treats patients with cannabis, and two microdosing moms Ozzie and Alexandra, join The Doctors to share their experiences with taking daily doses of THC.

Is Ayahuasca a Safe Treatment for Eating Disorders?

Libby says she overcame her eating disorder following an ayahuasca retreat. She and psychologist Dr. Adele La France who studies ayahuasca and eating disorders, join The Doctors and discuss if this treatment is safe.

Moms That Microdose Marijuana?

The Doctors meet a couple of moms who say that taking very small doses of marijuana, also called microdosing, has completely changed their lives.

Can Ayahuasca Cure Eating Disorders?

The South American psychedelic brew ayahuasca has been used for centuries in religious ceremonies. But could it also help people overcome eating disorders? Meet Libby who claims just that.

Should a Failed Drug Test Land You in Jail?

Former Major League Baseball player Darryl Strawberry and Judge Mary Chrzanowski join The Doctors to discuss whether a failed drug test while on probation should land an addict in jail.