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Has Heroin Completely Taken over Young Woman's Life?

Gia says she has given her life over to heroin and fears she will not be able to ever regain control.

The Double Intervention to Save Two Heroin Addicts

Gia is addicted to heroin, meth, crack and she’s been to rehab, detox and jail. Her desperate family has come to The Doctors to seek help for Gia her addict boyfriend Dustin.

Will This Double Intervention Succeed?

Gia, her family and her boyfriend Dustin discuss their addiction and this life or death situation. The Doctors offer both Gia and Dustin a chance to get clean. Will they go?

Is This Couple Ready to Stop Using Heroin?

Gia and Dustin have agreed to go to rehab. See as they say their tearful goodbyes.

Can This Family Heal from the Damage of Addiction?

The Doctors recommend that Gia’s family uses this time while she’s in rehab to get the help they need to support themselves and Gia post-rehab.

A Family Torn Apart By Addiction

Gia’s family thought Gia and her boyfriend Dustin had gone to get methadone, but Dustin comes clean that they are shooting up drugs in the family home.

One Opioid Prescription Can Get You Addicted

The Doctors discuss the severity of the opioid epidemic that’s affected the United States. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork shares how people can get addicted from just one opioid prescription.

Drs. Rx: What You Can Do in the Opioid Epidemic Fight

The Doctors share an important step that you can take in battling the crisis.

From Opioid Prescriptions to Heroin Addictions

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry and Judge Mary Chrzanowski meet with a group of recovering addicts in Dayton, Ohio who, like so many, say they started using after getting a prescription from their doctor following a procedure, injury or accident.

Can You Spot Black Market Pain Pills?

The Doctors producer Leslie Marcus meets with DEA agents who share just how hard it is to spot black market “prescription” pills that people are buying on the streets.

Can Recovery Efforts Help Opioid Addicts?

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry and Judge Mary Chrzanowski go door-to-door with police in Dayton with their Grow Blitz campaign that offers recovery efforts to addicts in hopes of saving their lives.

Ohio Loses 11 People Every Day to Opioid Overdoses

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry and Judge Mary Chrzanowski step inside the Montgomery County morgue to learn just how extreme the crisis is.

What You Need to Know about Carfentanil

Producer Leslie Marcus joins The Doctors to share about the dangers of carfentanil, which is 10,000 times more powerful than morphine.

Will the Opioid Epidemic Get Worse?

Everyone that OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry and Judge Mary Chrzanowski spoke with in Ohio warned that the opioid crisis will get worse before it gets better. How can we get Fentanyl off the streets?

Inside Ohio's Opioid Epidemic

90 percent of drug deaths in Ohio are caused by fentanyl, which has the one of the highest overdose death rates in the country. OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry and Judge Mary Chrzanowski head to Dayton, Ohio to learn about this first hand.

Recovering Opioid Addicts Share Their Stories

Recovering addicts in Dayton, Ohio share their stories of losing loved ones to overdoses and battling their own addictions to heroin, fentanyl and other common drugs.

Medications to Get Addicts Clean?

Judge Mary Chrzanowski and recovery specialist Bob Forrest share their opinions on the effectiveness of medication-assisted treatment for addicts, which blocks opioid receptors in the brain. Do they work or are medications a crutch?

Why is Woman Addicted to Eating Uncooked Pasta?

Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho shares her insights into Tammy’s 30-year addiction to eating uncooked pasta. Check out the amazing surprises that The Doctors have in store for her.

I’m Addicted to Eating Uncooked Pasta

Tammy joins The Doctors to get help for her 30-year secret addiction to eating uncooked pasta.

13 Things People With Anxiety Want You to Know

For starters, we can’t just stop worrying.

Mom’s Intervention with her Heroin Addicted Daughter

Cynthia, her mom Nancy, and Interventionist Ken Seeley sit down with Sarah to try and get her into treatment. Will she go to the BRC rehab facility?

Terrified Mother Doesn’t Want to Bury Her Daughter

Cynthia reached out to The Doctors to help her drug addicted daughter Sarah who she says has seizures unless she constantly uses heroin. Cynthia and Sarah’s grandmother Nancy join The Doctors to share about Sarah’s addiction.

Will Heroin Addicted Daughter Go to Rehab?

Interventionist Ken Seeley joins Cynthia, Nancy and The Doctors to get Sarah on a flight and into treatment.

Virtual Reality Rehab?

Research shows that over half of addicts relapse after rehab. Now there’s a new tool to prepare people in recovery for the pressures of the outside world.

Drs. Rx: How to Help a Loved One Struggling with Addiction

Interventionist Ken Seeley shares some simple steps you can take to protect your loved ones.

Save My Daughter from Heroin

91 Americans die from opioids every day according to the CDC. Cynthia is fighting to keep her heroin-addicted daughter Sarah from being one of those devastating statistics.

Should Addicts Make Permanent Reproduction Decisions?

Children rights advocate and attorney Areva Martin and OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry wonder if Barbara’s sterilization option through Project Prevention is taking things too far. What happens when women and men get clean and sober?

Meet a Sober Mom Who Got a Second Chance with Her Family

After giving birth at 17, Julie struggled with alcohol abuse. Her daughter’s father took custody of their daughter and Julie fell deeper into addiction.

Should Addicts Be Sterilized?

The Doctors focus on children of addicts who are also victims of the opioid epidemic. Barbara from Project Prevention joins The Doctors to discuss her controversial program that offers addicts money for birth control or sterilization.

Is Offering Sterilization to Addicts Wrong?

Barbara from Project Prevention and Julie from Sober Mommies join to discuss a controversial that offers money to addicts for an option to get sterilized. Julie wants people to know that recovery happens every day.