Multiple Sclerosis - Original Articles

Working Out When You Have Multiple Sclerosis

If you have MS, these four types of workouts may help you stay strong and flexible.

Sex and Multiple Sclerosis

Typical sexual problems MS patients face, and how they’re often treated.

5 Things to Do When You Are Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

These steps will help you feel confident and prepared when faced with this unpredictable condition.

Could Caffeine Delay Multiple Sclerosis?

Two studies link coffee consumption with a lower risk of MS.

6 Exciting Developments in Multiple Sclerosis Research

What s on the horizon for MS patients?

Multiple Sclerosis by the Numbers

From who s affected to how many medications are available, a look at the latest stats.

6 Lifestyle Factors That May Affect MS

The latest research on the role of diet, supplements, and more in multiple sclerosis.

Salt Intake May Worsen Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Ongoing research shows salt increases the number of a specific type of immune cells associated with autoimmune diseases (like MS), resulting in increased inflammation.

The Multiple Challenges Of Multiple Sclerosis

As chronic diseases go, multiple sclerosis is one of the most difficult to predict, understand, and treat. Rarely are two cases alike, but therapies can help prevent relapses and worsening of many symptoms.

How to Share Your MS Diagnosis

If you've recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, you may be grappling with how best to break the news to family and friends. Here's where to start.

Should You Share Your Diagnosis at Work?

Here are the essential factors to consider when it comes to disclosing a serious health condition in a professional setting.

The Multiple Faces of Multiple Sclerosis

Learn about the most common types of MS, how they are different, and what treatment options are available.

The Link Between Smoking and Brain Function

Sure, cigarettes can do damage to your heart and lungs. But did you know lighting up can take a toll on your mind as well?

Could Acupuncture Help MS?

While some find relief from this ancient form of Chinese medicine, more research is needed to determine its true benefits.

8 Ways to Fight MS-Related Fatigue

Here are actionable steps you can take to deal with this common symptom of multiple sclerosis.

What Causes Impotence in Men?

Thanks to TV ads erectile dysfunction is no longer under the covers. Still, misconceptions remain. Learn what causes impotence and ways to reduce your risk.

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Treat Pain

Mind over matter: You've heard it so many times, it may seem meaningless. But new research shows how emotional therapy helps to make pain symptoms easier to bear.

Taking Care of the Caregiver

Chronic disease changes lives and not just for the patient. Sometimes, caregivers of patients with physically debilitating diseases like multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and arthritis let their dedication stand in the way of taking care of themselves.

Don't Let Chronic Pain Result in Social Isolation

When it hurts to be active, it's hard to stay connected. Read on to break free from pain's captivity.

4 Pain-Friendly Outdoor Activities

Now that the sun is making an appearance, don't let pain keep you indoors. Indulge in these easy, pain-friendly, outdoor activities to let you enjoy your day in the sun.

Health Concerns: How to Keep Family Updated

The Web offers many options for staying connected and keeping loved ones updated on your or your family member's health issues. These methods are fast, easy, and efficient, and you'll know your support network is right there with you as a part of your journey.

Autoimmune Diseases: Frequently Asked Questions

In people with autoimmune disease, the immune system malfunctions and the body mistakenly attacks its own cells, causing a host of symptoms.

The Link between Women, Migraines, and Multiple Sclerosis

According to a study presented at the American Academy of Neurology's 2010 Annual Meeting migraines are seen in women with multiple sclerosis (MS) more often than in women without. What's the link? Read on to find out.

Marijuana for Pain Relief

Recent study confirms pain relief benefits of marijuana.

The Link Between Weight and MS

Did you know that your teenager s weight today could affect her risk of getting multiple sclerosis (MS) later in life?

Pregnancy May Slow Progression of MS

According to a recent study, having a baby may slow down the damaging effects of multiple sclerosis, a serious autoimmune disease.

The IBD and MS Connection

Researchers have discovered that those with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) have an increased risk of developing conditions such as arthritis, chronic renal, disease, and even multiple sclerosis.

Common Fibromyalgia Misdiagnoses

Other illnesses have similar symptoms to fibromyalgia, which can lead to misdiagnosis and treatment. Learn how to tell the difference.

Multiple Sclerosis: Myths vs. Facts

When it comes to multiple sclerosis (MS), false assumptions abound. Here, we separate fact from fiction.

10 Tips for Managing Multiple Sclerosis

Living with MS can be a challenge, but these tips can help make it easier.