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This is the love story of Gigi and Zayn

GIgi and Zayn have the cutest love story, now topped off with the news of a baby on the way.

Let’s Talk About It: Freezing Your Eggs

Tamron Hall speaks with Dr. Saya Nagori, who says freezing her eggs in her early 30s relieved the pressure of having to date in hopes of locking down a husband right away.

Tamron Hall Reveals Her Thoughts On Having Second Child

Tamron Hall shares her thoughts on having a second baby and whether if it’s too soon since Baby Moses is only six months old.

What the Surrogacy Journey Looks Like

As seen in PEOPLE Magazine, Shannon Rayner turned to surrogacy and Nicole Williamson to fulfill her dreams of being a mother.

How An Abnormal Pregnancy Led To A Rare Form Of Cancer

News anchor Michelle Velez recently revealed that she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer caused by an abnormal pregnancy.

Arjun Rampal & Gabriella Demetriades expecting their first child together

Arjun Rampal Gabriella Demetriades expecting their first child together

Study finds cancer fighting gene to prevent birth defects

Study finds cancer fighting gene to prevent birth defects

All The Times Stacey Solomon Got Real And Made Us Love Her

Whether it’s shaming body-shamers, or belly-laughing at her “parenting fails”, you’ve got to love Stacey Solomon’s efforts to keep it real in the face of celeb nonsense.

Sperm of infertile men is healthy when taken directly from testicles

Sperm of infertile men is healthy when taken directly from testicles

Smoking during pregnancy increases risk of sudden infant death

Smoking during pregnancy increases risk of sudden infant death

Study finds old sperm produces healthier offspring

Study finds old sperm produces healthier offspring

Maternity And Paternity: What Are Your Rights?

Expecting a baby? Then you need to be sure what your rights are at work. Here’s a brief guide to what you may be entitled to.

15 Adorable Gender Neutral Baby Names

Don’t fall into that pink and blue abyss. Choose one of our adorable gender neutral names and you can get the paint roller rolling and have that nursery ready before you can say “third trimester!”

More Moms Using Laughing Gas to Manage Pain During Labor

Nitrous oxide is actually a very old method of relieving pain during labor but is now making a comeback in the United States and it`s proven safe for mom and baby.

Toddler Helps Deliver Baby Brother?

A family is making news and stirring controversy after allowing their three-year-old to help deliver her baby brother. Is a toddler too young to help deliver a baby?

Women Credit 'Miracle' Bracelet With Helping Them Get Pregnant

Hundreds of women who struggled with infertility claim a bracelet worked better than thousands of dollars worth of fertility treatments.

Ohio Woman Gives Birth to Rare Twins

An Ohio mom says she is often bombarded with questions after people her meet her twin sons.

Man Forgets Wife is Pregnant After 'Bad Cold' Turns Out to Be Heart Condition

A Virginia man says he did not remember his wife was nine months pregnant after being hospitalized for an undiagnosed heart condition that led to memory loss.

Ikea Magazine Ad Doubles as a Pregnancy Test

Ikea is offering a discount on a crib to those who use it`s new advertisement that doubles as a pregnancy test.

Baby Born in Amniotic Sac in the Car!

The Doctors discuss a mother who began having contractions at 29 weeks. On the way to the hospital, she felt the urge to push and out came the baby…still in the amniotic sac!

Viewer Favorite: Triplets Pregnant at the Same Time

Viewers have made this video of triplets all pregnant at the same time one of our most popular.

Couple Says Sonogram Shows Image of Jesus Watching Over Daughter

A Pennsylvania couple says they are not very religious but say an unexpected image in the sonogram of their daughter is a sign from above after experiencing a number of pregnancy complications with their first two children.

This Is Your Pregnancy in 2 Minutes

Learn about the science and symptoms of a woman's 9-month pregnancy.

Man Awarded for Subway Chivalry

One man’s offer to a pregnant woman on a subway landed him an award!

6-Pack Abs While Pregnant… And After!

Fitness expert Massy Arias first went viral when she shared a photo of herself pregnant and still rocking 6-pack abs on social media. She returns to The Doctors after giving birth to her adorable daughter.

Quadriplegic Woman Uses IVF to Have Baby?

The Doctors weigh in on the news of a quadriplegic who used IVF to get pregnant.

Where Do You Draw the Line with IVF?

The Doctors discuss when IVF goes too far and whether having so many options when conceiving a baby is positive or negative.

Can A Salad Really Jump Start Labor?

The Doctors examine a salad from Caioti Pizza Café that some claim has helped pregnant women go into labor.

Mother Allegedly Takes Illegal Drugs during Childbirth?!

The Doctors weigh in on the troubling report of a New Hampshire mother accused of having a friend inject her with heroin and meth as she gave birth. Find out the possible effects this could have on a baby.

Mom Takes Photos of her Son’s Birth during Delivery!

See the amazing photographs taken by a New York mom who captured her son’s birth while she was in the middle of her delivery. Do The Doctors think this was a good technique to help moms distract herself from the pains of labor?