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Forgetfulness While Pregnant

Is pregnancy brain a real condition? Get the scoop on why you tend to forget things when you're expecting.

Soothing Itchy Pregnancy Skin

A lot of women are surprised when they are itchy during pregnancy, but since your skin is stretching to accommodate baby, it is a very common problem. Get tips from to help fight and soothe your itchy skin.

Pregnancy Stomach Pains

Stomach cramps are common during the early stages of pregnancy. Watch to find out which type of abdominal pain is normal and when you should consult your doctor.

C-Stories: Three Women On Their C-Section Experiences

Three different women have three different takes on c-sections, each one explaining the pros and cons of how their birthing process went.

I Loved My C-Section

Full Segment: The rate of cesarean sections is at an all-time high in the U.S. and many women say they're grateful they have the option, but should elected inductions be allowed?

Newborn Essentials

You're 39 weeks pregnant. Do you have everything you need to bring home the baby? Dawn Siff explains that you don' t need to buy out the baby store or pharmacy to be prepared.

Last Minute Baby Preparations

You're 37 weeks pregnant, full term, and it's time to learn the hospital procedure for your delivery. Dawn Siff breaks down the basics.

What to Expect Week When Delivering

You're 38 weeks pregnant and could deliver at any time. Parenticity's Dawn Siff walks you through what you can expect from when you arrive at the hospital for delivery, to who you will see (OBGYNs, anesthesiologists, nurses), to what you'll need (insurance card, patience).

Going Past Your Due Date

When is this baby coming anyway? At 40 weeks pregnant, and Dawn Siff explains when you expect when you' re deep into the waiting game.

You've Got Genavieve Diggs

Genavieve Diggs, of Logo's new docu-series "The Baby Wait", talks about her decision to give her daughter up for adoption and how it's changed her since the show has ended.

Signs of Braxton Hicks Contractions

Braxton hicks contractions = false labor. You can recognize these if the contractions become less frequent, if they come at irregular intervals, and if they start strong and then ease up.

Reasons to Initiate Labor

Reasons to initiate labor: past your due date, medical complications, pre-eclampsia, chronic or acute illness.

Problematic Breastfeeding

Tia talks about how difficult and painful breastfeeding was for her. She hired a lactation consultant to help her, and received the right advice.

Tracking Kick Counts in the Fetus

Keep track of your baby's kicks: pick an active time and count 10 movements. Expect 10 movements an hour.

Choose Pain Relief for Labor Wisely

When choosing medication for labor, keep in mind they can have an impact on your baby and they won't take away the pain, only relieve it.

A Story of Postpartum Psychosis

Hillary talks about experiencing postpartum psychosis. How she couldn't bond with her daughter and had thoughts of hurting her. She got the help she needed and says women should ask for help the minute they notice something is not right.

Pregnant And Depressed

Pregnancy can be a joyous experience, but it can also cause depression. We often hear about postpartum depression, but prenatal depression is just as real.

Coping With Prenatal Depression

Rhiana Maidenberg explains to Nancy how medication helped her get through depression during pregnancy.

Multiplicity of Twins

From IVF to older moms, twins seem to be taking over. What kind of cultural shift occurs when you get up to five sets of twins in one classroom? What does it take to have, let alone raise twins?

Twins: Now More Than Ever!

From IVF to older moms, twins are taking over. What kind of cultural shift occurs when you get up to five sets of twins in one classroom? Joining Nancy to discuss are guests Bridget Rainey, Carrie Carroll, Dr. Michael Feinman and Maureen Doolan Boyle.

Prepping For Baby: Setting Up the Nursery

Learn what to skimp on and what items are worth an investment, how pops of color are good for baby, and why gender-neutral nursery pieces are a good idea.

Prepping For Baby: Dressing the Bump

Dressing the Bump

Prepping For Baby: Birth Plans

Why Erin Loechner and her husband opted to go with a different kind of caregiver

Prepping For Baby: Prenatal Tests

Find out why she made the personal decision to skip testing and trust her instincts.

Prepping For Baby: Cravings


Prepping For Baby: Registry Tips

What do you really need for baby?

Prepping For Baby: Anxiety

Prepping for Baby: Anxiety

Prepping For Baby: Birthing Fears

Erin Loechner is due in just a few weeks and wonders to expect during labor

Prepping For Baby: Sharing the News

Sharing the News

Prepping For Baby

Prepping for Baby