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Pencils And Progress - Sophia Bush On Building Schools

Sophia Bush joins us to discuss an organization she's extremely passionate about, Pencils of Promise. Working with NGOs, they build schools in areas of need around the world.

What Foods Not to Eat During Pregnancy

Learn what not to eat whilst pregnant in this easy to follow guide from GP and new mum, Dr. Faye Kennedy.

What Maternity Leave?

Swaziland, Papua New Guinea, and the United States are the only three countries with no paid maternity leave. We need to stop living in the dark ages.

What to Expect at Week 35 - Cord Blood Donation

You're 35 weeks pregnant and are likely seeing the doctor every week now. One of the questions you may be asked is whether you plan to bank your baby's cord blood. Parenticity's Dawn Siff explains what that means and what your options are in this Growing and Glowing segment.

What to Expect at Week 36 - Packing Your Go Bag

You're 36 weeks pregnant and it's time for you to be ready for anything. Parenticity's Dawn Siff walks you through putting together the perfect "go bag" for the hospital, from cell phone chargers and slippers to toiletries and what you'll need for the baby in this Growing and Glowing segment.

What to Expect at Week 34 - Digestive Problems

By 34 weeks of your pregnancy, you may have noticed you re having all kinds of digestive problems: burping, acid reflux, bloating. You might not even be able to eat more than a few bites without feeling really, disgustingly full. Dawn Siff has some tips for you in this episode of Parenticity: Growing and Glowing.

What to Expect at Week 33 - Asking for Help

You re 33 weeks pregnant and you might be making plans for after the baby comes, things like: how much time to take off work, how much time your partner should take and when. In this Parenticity: Growing and Glowing segment, Dawn Siff explains that you may get many offers from well-meaning friends and family for help. But what s important is that you speak up and put their goodwill to good use.

What to Expect at Week 31 - Braxton Hicks

You're 31 weeks pregnant and your baby is growing quickly. You may start to experience tightening of the uterus that comes and goes. This is called Braxton Hicks, practice contractions named after the doctor who first described them. Parenticity's Dawn Siff helps you recognize Braxton Hicks and offers up suggestion on how to handle them in this Growing and Glowing report.

What to Expect at Week 32 - Shortness of Breath

At 32 weeks pregnant you could start feeling uncomfortable. Your uterus is expanding and begins to push on your other organs, like your lungs, making it difficult to take a full breath. Parenticity's Dawn Siff offers up some relief techniques and advises when you should go to the doctor in this Growing and Glowing report.

What You Need To Know About Headaches and Back Pain During Pregnancy

Former White House Doctor and EmpowHER's Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Connie Mariano returns to share some tips about what you should know if you experience headaches and back pain while pregnant. Check out the video below for more!

What You Can Do When You Are Pregnant

Former White House Doctor and EmpowHER's Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Connie Mariano returns to share some tips with new or expecting parents about what you can do if you are pregnant.

Feet and Ankle Swelling During Pregnancy

From elevating them to staying hydrated, get tips to alleviate feet and ankle swelling during pregnancy.

Signs of Pregnancy

Nausea? Cramping? Watch to find out what symptoms to expect during the early stages of pregnancy.

Foods to Avoid While Trying to Conceive

From caffeine to deli meats, find out which foods you should be avoiding, and why, when trying to conceive.

Gestational Diabetes Risk Factors and Screening

Am I at risk of developing gestational diabetes during my pregnancy? Find out the top risk factors here.

The Complications of Gestational Diabetes

Concerned about gestational diabetes? Streaming Well answers your questions on pregnancy diabetes, including what are the complications associated with gestational diabetes and how is it treated

Gestational Diabetes Risks and Information

Concerned about gestational diabetes? Streaming Well answers your questions of pregnancy diabetes, including what causes gestational diabetes and what are the symptoms.

How To Buy A Daughter - Choosing Your Baby's Gender Before Birth

Gender selection procedures make up a $100 million/year industry. But are women embracing a new reproductive freedom or paying for risky, high-tech eugenics? Joining the conversation are Andrea Elovson, Jasmeet Sidhu, Marcy Darnovsky and Lisa Belkin.

Embryo "Adoption" - Evangelicals Buying Up Test Tube Babies

Evangelicals are adopting frozen embryos as part of an anti-abortion campaign. Have they gone too far? And what about the thousands of orphans who need homes? Joining the conversation are Leah Campbell, Leslie Howell, Raymond Griffith, Sarah Buttenwieser and Stephanie Moyers.

Eating During the Last Six Months of Pregnancy

Time for a pop quiz. How many extra calories should a woman eat in the last six months of pregnancy?

New Theory on Why Pregnancy Last Nine Months

A new paper says the main reason babies are born helpless around nine months is because mom can't handle the metabolic strain.

You Wish: The Best Places To Give Birth

Think giving birth has to be uncomfortable? Oh no ladies, we have found you the swankiest place to see and bee seen giving birth. It's just like home... but better.

'Quiero Mi Baby': Yliana Y Josh - Episodio 2

'Quiero Mi Baby': Yliana y Josh - Episodio 2

Facebook Parents-To-Be Status Option

Jacob Soboroff, Nancy Redd and community members discuss Facebook status updates about expectant parents, privacy concerns, and what's off limits.

Calculating Baby's Due Date

Excited to find out when baby will be born? Learn how your doctor will calculate an accurate due date.

Conceiving a Boy Vs. Girl

There are different theories as to how you can conceive a boy or a girl. From different sexual positions to calculating ovulation -- find out which tricks are said to help conceive the gender of your choice.

Pros And Cons Of A Tummy Tuck After Pregnancy, From Dr. Oz

Heart surgeon, author, and host of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Mehmet Oz goes over the benefits and hazards of a tummy tuck procedure. Is it worth it? Part of the series Mondays with Marlo on

Rule Of Thumb On Weight Loss After Pregnancy, From Dr. Oz

How do you lose the weight after having a baby? Dr. Oz has a very important rule of thumb to drop the pounds and stay healthy, especially for nursing mothers. Part of the series Mondays with Marlo on

Pregnancy and Birth: Using a Birthstool

Virginia Howes demonstrates how to use a birth stool.

How to Use a Pregnancy Chart

GP and health writer Dr. Ellie Cannon talks you through how to use a pregnancy chart. This is a chart used by doctors to work out when the baby is due and how many weeks pregnant you are.