Pregnancy - Videos

Pregnancy and Birth: Going Back to Sex

When can one resume sexual intercourse after the birth.

Pregnancy and Birth: Maternity Bra Tips

Tips fos choosing a bra for pregnancy and breast feeding.

Pregnancy and Birth: Choosing a Maternity Bra

What to look for when choosing a bra for pregnancy and breast feeding.

Pregnancy and Birth: Co-Sleeping

Some women choose to sleep with their babies.

Pregnancy and Birth: Baby Emergency First Aid

First Aid and what to do if your baby stops breathing.

Pregnancy and Birth: Baby Swimming Courses

Taking your baby for swimming classes and a fun social activity for mothers as well.

Pregnancy and Birth: Baby Swimming Classes

Take your baby for swimming classes, an instructor discusses the benefits.

Pregnancy and Birth: Stretch Marks

Mothers discuss what they do to try and prevent stretch marks.

Olympic Moms: Keli Smith-Puzo, Field Hockey

Keli Smith-Puzo's energetic sons - Xavi, 2, and Ian, 11 months - will be in London cheering for Mom as she makes her second Olympic appearance.

Olympic Moms: Khatuna Lorig, Archery

In a career spanning more than 20 years, Khatuna Lorig has competed in five Olympics, representing three countries.

Olympic Moms: Tayyiba Haneef-Park, Indoor Volleyball

Three-time Olympian Tayyiba Haneef-Park saw her pregnancy as a much-needed "vacation" from the U.S. women's indoor volleyball team. After taking silver in 2008, Haneef-Park and Team USA are expected to have a gold-medal rematch against Brazil.

Laura Kraut, Equestrian Show Jumping

Laura Kraut heads to London with her biggest fan, 13-year-old Bobby, by her side.

Olympic Moms: Mickey Kelly, Modern Pentathlon (Alternate)

The newest mom among the group, Mickey Kelly welcomed her first child, Lily, in November 2011. She was back to work six weeks later, training for the five disciplines that comprise modern pentathlon.

Olympic Moms: Danielle Scott-Arruda, Indoor Volleyball

2012 brings an entirely new experience for Team USA Women's Volleyball's veteran middle blocker. This will be her first time competing as a mom, with 2-year-old daughter Julianne there to cheer her on.

Olympic Moms: Lashinda Demus, Track & Field: 400m Hurdles

Lashinda Demus is the proud mom to five-year-old twins Dontay and Duaine. After narrowly missing the team in 2008, she came back with a vengeance. She is favored to win gold in London.

Olympic Moms: Candace Parker, Basketball

Candace's daughter Lailaa, 3, is always by her side and will be in London as Team USA looks to take home the gold.

Weight Gain in Multiple Pregnancies

Already feeling six months pregnant before your 12 week scan? Fast bump growth in the first trimester is a sign that you could be expecting more than one baby. Learn what changes to expect from your body in a multiple pregnancy, as well as how much weight gain is normal.

Pre-Eclampsia Diagnosis, Complications, and Treatment

Pre-eclampsia can affect pregnant women in the second half of their pregnancy. Learn more about pre-eclampsia diagnosis, symptoms, complications and treatment.

The Effects Alcohol Can Have On Your Pregnancy

Dr. Natasha Withers discusses why expecting mothers should avoid alcohol during pregnancy.

How to Stay Calm When Your Wife Is in Labor

Stay calm when your wife is in labor with these new-dad tested tips.

Predicting a Common Pregnancy Complication

This health video looks at the new ways to be able to predict the common pregnancy complication Preeclampsia.

How to Avoid Health Complications During Pregnancy

Keep that amazing glow that expecting mothers get when they are happy and healthy.

What Not to Eat While Pregnant

Wondering which foods are off-limits now that you're eating for two? From unpasteurized cheeses to cold cuts, get the scoop on what to avoid from

How to Understand Prenatal Testing

Every pregnant woman getting proper medical care will undergo certain prenatal tests, but some testing is a matter of choice, not necessity. Obstetrician and author Dr. Keith Eddleman explains prenatal testing and genetic screening.

Choosing an Accurate Fertility Test

Dr. Laura Corio describes the most accurate test that a woman can take to determine her fertility, called the second or third day bloods, which tests the blood from her menstrual cycle.

The Maximum Age to Get Pregnant Naturally

Dr. Laura Corio discusses how late in life a woman can get pregnant naturally and what ages are risky to try for pregnancy, after which it can get dangerous.

Preventing Spina Bifida in Newborns with Folic Acid

Dr. Robert Bernstein, Chief of Pediatric Orthopedics Surgery at Cohen Childrens Hospital, talks about diet tips to reduce the chances of spina bifida birth defect.

Preparations Before Getting Pregnant

Meredith Orlow talks to Jean Jamele of Hunterdon Health Care about the importance pre-conception preparation.

How to Prepare for a Healthy Pregnancy

What should a woman do before getting pregnant to ensure a healthy pregnancy?'s Dr. Bertram Finch III explains.

When to Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins

When should you start taking prenatal vitamins?'s Dr. Bertram Finch III explains.