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Can Mouthwash Kill Gonorrhea?

The Doctors discuss a recent headline that has caught attention. A professor tested a theory that mouthwash can kill gonorrhea on men who have detectable levels of the disease in their throat. Did it work?

A Yeast Infection Where?!

The Doctors discuss oral thrush, which is the same organism that causes vaginal yeast infections in women.

Audiobooks with Benefits?

The Doctors discuss a new vibrator from Vibease that syncs up with erotic audiobooks and works in real time.

Shailene Woodley Advocates for Masturbation Education

Actress Shailene Woodley is passionate about sex education and believes masturbation should be taught in school. What do you think?

Magic Mike Inspired Brunch?

The Doctors discuss a new brunch hot spot in D.C. that serves up eggs and a male burlesque show.

Social Media TMI?

Singer & reality star Jessie James Decker recently raised eyebrows when she celebrated her New York Jets hubby’s touchdown by complimenting his penis! Does this cross the line?

Sex Pasta?!

Magic can happen in the kitchen but can this pasta dish cast a “sex spell?” Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon puts it to the test.

Sex Toy Spying?

One woman received a shock when she found out she was being spied on …by her sex toy!

People Like Having Sex In Parked Cars, Study Confirms

A new study has confirmed something many of us have known for years: people like having sex in cars. Researchers from the University of South Dakota have indicated (through somewhat of a small sample size of 706 undergrads) that 61 per cent of men and 59.5 per cent of women have had sex in a parked car, Cosmo reports. The study also found 14 per cent of the survey respondents lost their virginity in a car. "Despite discomfort, body bumps, and risk of being caught, sex while parked was primarily a positive sexual and romantic experience for both men and women," the study notes.

Beauty Mask Treatments for Down There

Sheet masks are commonly used by people for a better complexion, but some people are taking this treatment down south.

What Are Some Erectile Dysfunction Warning Signs?

Could your runny nose be a sign of erectile dysfunction? A new study involving nearly 14,000 men found those with chronic sinusitis were 50% more likely to be impotent than those with no nasal issues.

Orgasms from C-Section Device?

The “hi massager” was originally developed to help women with post C-section pain. It’s shown to be effective at relieving discomfort, but it also has an unexpected side effect.

“Spray” Makes Men Last Longer In Bed?

A new male spray soon to hit drugstores claims that it can actually make men last longer in bed. The Doctors decide to put it to the test!

Light Therapy for Better Sex?!

New research supports that men with low testosterone levels and low libido may be helped by light therapy!

Vagina Massage?

Women are reportedly paying up to $300 dollars for a relaxing vagina massage. Would you try it?

Doctors Exclusive: 22 Kids & Counting!

Ari is a 41-year-old math professor who is also a free sperm donor to women struggling to get pregnant. With 22 kids so far, he’s earned himself the nickname the Sperminator!

Meet the Moms That Used the Sperminator’s Donations

Moms of daughter Zoe talk about how they feel about Ari and his role in their daughter’s life.

Coffee & Oral Sex?

A new café in Switzerland will offer hot coffee and the chance to order the services of a prostitute off an iPad to enjoy with it.

Is What this Sperm Donor Doing Illegal?

Attorney Areva Martin joins The Doctors to discuss the man who has donated his sperm to 18 different women, and has had five lawsuits filed against him.

Hollywood Health or Hype: Vitamin E Down There?

Khloe Kardashian is recommending women put vitamin E on their vagina to make it stronger. Is this good health or just hype?

Mayo Clinic Minute: Let's Talk About STDs

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wants everyone to talk about STDs, get tested and, if need be, seek treatment. Mayo Clinic infectious disease specialist Dr. Pritish Tosh says education about these preventable infections is important, because the number of cases is on the rise. In this Mayo Clinic Minute, reporter Vivien Williams talk to Dr. Tosh about STDs.

How Much Do You Know About Condoms?

Think you know condoms? Take this quiz and find out!

How Much Do You Know About Period Sex?

Think you know the facts about period sex? Take this quiz and see!

Driving Dangerously: What Have You Been Doing While Driving?

The Doctors and entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis discuss a recent study that surveyed more than 1,000 people about activities people engage in while on the road.

Perfect Sperm Donor?

The Doctors discuss a recent news story about the “perfect” sperm donor who had an IQ of 160, a PhD, and great looks…but turned out too good to be true!

How Long Does Intercourse Normally Last?

Model and actress Molly Sims joins The Doctors to discuss a recent study that looked at how long sex usually lasts around the world.

Invention for No-Mess Period Sex?

The Doctors discuss a new menstrual product called “Flex,” which claims to keep sex during that time of the month mess-free. But is it safe?

One Couple’s Surrogate Nightmare

What are your rights when the surrogate you’ve hired decides to keep the baby? Family law litigator Fred Silberberg joins the Doctors to discuss the legalities of one couple’s nightmare scenario.

Mayo Clinic Minute: Erectile Dysfunction Can Signal Other Problems

Even though more than half of men will deal with it between ages 40 and 70, erectile dysfunction, or ED, can make a man feel embarrassed or alone. However, seeing a doctor about the problem not only is better for mental and sexual health, but also it could reveal other issues. In this Mayo Clinic Minute, Jeff Olsen speaks with urologist Dr. Landon Trost about how ED can signal future trouble.

Sex Toy Imprint in Mattress?

Why did a photo of a woman’s mattress for sale go viral? It was pretty obvious what she had hiding under there.