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Bayer's Response on the Safety of Essure

The Doctors are joined by a representative of Bayer to talk about the safety of their Essure procedure. To see what happened after Sabrina's consultation with Dr. Sills, and to find out if she's able to have the insert removed, click here .

Is Essure Safe?

Family physician Dr. Rachel Steward and IVF and fertility specialist Dr. E. Scott Sills debate the safety of the Essure procedure. To hear Bayer's response, as well as see what happened during Sabrina's consultation with Dr. Sills, click here .

Woman Claims Permanent Birth Control Is Making Her Sick

After welcoming her fourth child a few years ago, Sabrina opted to get a non-surgical permanent birth control procedure called Essure. Since then, she claims she's suffered from extreme pelvic pain, hair loss, fatigue, weight gain, and excessive bleeding as a result. To learn more about the safety of the Essure device, click here .

College Woman Publicly Accuses Ex of Giving Her an STD

The Doctors react to the story of a co-ed who posted thousands of flyers around her college campus accusing her ex-partner of giving her chlamydia.

Everything You Need to Know About Being Transgender

HuffPost UK's TransBritain series asks transgender people all you need to know about being trans.

Everything You Need to Know About Being Transgender

HuffPost UK's TransBritain series asks transgender people all you need to know about being trans.

Ashley Pettit Living: Allergen Friendly Snacks for APL TV

Avoiding the 7 common food allergies and intolerances is key to keeping your kids and their friends safe from life-threatening reactions. In this episode of APL TV, certified nutritionist Ashley Pettit takes common after-school snacks and turns them into allergen-friendly versions with a nutritious boost.

What Role Does Transphobia Play In Suicide Rates In The Trans Community?

A Global News 16 X 9 investigation takes a look at how transphobia plays a role in suicide rates among trans people.

How to Date If You Can't Have Sex

How hard would it be to find a significant other if you were physically unable to have sex?

Parental Monitoring of Adolescents, Teens and Sex

Does parental monitoring of teens help prevent risky sexual behavior?

How to Date If You Can't Have Sex

How hard would it be to find a significant other if you were physically unable to have sex?

How to Do Bridge Opposite Arm-Leg Reach

Not only will this move tighten your core, but it can also help improve your focus. In this video, fitness expert Kristin McGee demonstrates how to do the Bridge Opposite Arm-Leg Reach exercise.

STD's on the Rise

HIV is in the news thanks to Charlie Sheen ? but it's not the biggest health threat between the sheets.

Charlie Sheen's Non-Disclosure Agreement for Sex

He may have paid them for sex, but apparently got their silence in writing.

Controversial Ad Uses One Night Stands to Promote Birth Control Use

OB-GYN Jennifer Ashton weighs in on a controversial new ad campaign in New York City, which aims to raise awareness for birth control options. Plus, she explains how IUDs can be used to not only prevent pregnancy but reduce menstrual bleeding.

5 Secrets of Women Who Never Get Sick

These 5 secrets will help you stay healthy all winter long.

Is Male Birth Control a Thing?

As it stands right now in the United States, there are only 2 forms of male birth control: condoms and vasectomies. But is there a new form?

How Many Sexual Partners Have You REALLY Had?

A UK-based company recently created a calculator that supposedly can tell you the number of people you have indirectly slept with. The Doctors react to the findings.

Two Thirds of World Has Herpes

The alarming figure was just released from the World Health Organization and could make you ponder before you pucker.

Woman Lets "Vampire" Boyfriend Drink Her Blood

Blut lets her boyfriend, Michael, drink her blood. She says it brings them closer together; he says it gives him energy. The Doctors discuss the risks and dangers involved with drinking blood.

Should We Eliminate Red Meat From Our Diet?

Yesterday the WHO's new report that bacon and other processed meats are cancer causing nearly broke the internet.

Dose of Cute: Children Throwing Tantrums

We don't know whether to feel bad or laugh...

I Survived: Breast Cancer

Cristina in 2008 was diagnosed with breast cancer. After years of treatment she learned how to keep the joy in her life.

Jack Antonoff Supports Planned Parenthood With an Original Song

With a little help from his friends, Jack Antonoff is on a mission to write a song about the many services that Planned Parenthood offers male patients.

Marcia Gay Harden Advocates for Brain Health

Actress Marcia Gay Harden is starring in public service announcements to educate people on how to take care of their brains as they age.

Does First FDA-Approved Libido Booster for Women Work?

The Doctors discuss how the first FDA-approved pill to boost sexual desire for women works differently than Viagra, its potential side effects and what you can expect if you take it.

Is the Withdrawal Method of Birth Control Actually Effective?

A recent study finds that when performed properly, the withdrawal method of preventing pregnancy can be as effective as condom use. The Doctors discuss the findings and emphasize the importance of using protection to not only prevent pregnancy but also prevent the spread of disease.

OTC Bladder Leak Prevention Put to the Test

Three women suffering from stress urinary incontinence put a new, revolutionary, over-the-counter product to the test. Does the simple device really help prevent embarrassing bladder leaks?

Simple Barre Exercises That Will Get You Toned

Barre originally started in ballet but has built into a fitness craze that even the Victoria's Secret supermodels partake in. We met up with The Barre Code's Master Trainer, Kiersten Bond, as she teaches us some simple moves that anyone can do at home.

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