Teeth and eyes should be shiny. But faces? Not so much. If your sebaceous glands seem to work overtime and your skin is oily—or, as we like to call it "extra dewy"—using the right products and adjusting your skin care routine is the key to dialing down the shine, which can be especially problematic during the warm weather months. Check out these five tips:

1. Switch up products. For instance, if you've been using a rich, moisturizing cleanser and thick, ultra-hydrating skin treatments all winter, lighten it up for the summer. Use a cleanser specifically for oily skin or a gel cleanser with a slight astringent quality. Then, trade your heavy moisturizer for something lighter that's not oil-based. Use less than you do during cold months, too. The sun's warmth will encourage your skin to produce more of its own moisturizers—sweat and oil—so you'll need less product. Another shine-reduction tip is to use a tinted moisturizer instead of moisturizer plus foundation.

2. Use blotting papers. Specially formulated facial oil papers wick up extra oil without ruining your makeup. They come in small, purse-sized packages that make it easy to grab, swipe, and go.

3. Use a gentle astringent or oil-control toner. Natural products like witch hazel gently remove oil from the skin's surface and there are over-the-counter options made with a variety of ingredients that remove dirt and oil while balancing the skin's pH level to produce less oil. If you don't wear foundation or blush, this product can be used two or three times a day—right after cleansing (morning and night) and once in between.

4. Use matte or oil-absorbing foundation. Some products are made to increase "glow," but if you glow enough on your own, choose makeup labeled "matte" or "oil-absorbing". These products are often made with natural clay to soak up extra oil on the skin and leave your skin looking fresh and even without looking shiny.

5. Use powder. Loose or pressed powder made from cornstarch or rice flour are great for removing shine and helping set makeup so it lasts longer on hot, sunny days. While most makeup artists prefer loose powder, many women find it easier to use pressed powder that's less messy and comes in a convenient compact.

Craig Kraffert, MD, reviewed this article.