If you're an acne sufferer on the lookout for a new way to battle this condition, you've probably heard rumors that vitamins could be the answer. Typically the treatment involves a regular application of skin-clearing agents that fight the inflammation. But is there a way to tackle acne from the inside out? Right now, it's hard to say.

Acne is typically caused by testosterone stimulating skin's sebaceous glands to grow, producing an excess of pore-plugging oil. It begins in adolescence and for some, continues or even starts in adulthood. Sufferers experience whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and even large lumps filled with pus. And it can scar you permanently.

One medical study conducted by Jordan University of Science and Technology found that low levels of Vitamins A and E can aggravate the severity of acne, but the general medical community has not accepted vitamin therapy as beneficial for fighting acne. Research has repeatedly shown that acne is not related to diet. However, good eating habits are important for your skin's overall health.

That being said, several experts (especially in the holistic medicine) propose that vitamins can help. Since a vitamin balance preserves the skin and body's overall health, hormonal balance, and optimal immune system, it makes sense that they could have positive effects. The following vitamins and minerals are associated with healthy skin:

  • Vitamin A - Helps maintain and repair skin tissue; Helps body void toxins; Present in some topical acne solutions
  • Vitamin B Complex - Helps relieve stress, which can trigger outbreaks
  • Vitamin C - Antioxidant; Spurs tissue growth
  • Vitamin E - Helps prevent free radicals from forming
  • Chromium - Can reduce skin infections
  • Zinc - Reduces the visibility of scarring; Helps wounds heal.

While more research is required to determine the full effects that vitamins could have in fighting acne, there is no question that a balance of vitamins and minerals is good for your skin. However, you do need to be careful to take the right dosage for your body's needs, since an overload of vitamins can be dangerous. Discuss a vitamin regime with your doctor to supplement your existing acne-fighting regimen.




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