9 Activities for Indoor Family Fun

Your home is your haven, and it can also be a great source of easy and inexpensive entertainment. Angie Cunningham, a life coach who bills herself as an "Intentional Living Enthusiast," suggests the next time you find yourself looking for something to do, you might want to consider some of these budget-friendly indoor activities, many of which can be tailored to include your whole family:

1. Play games. Classics like tag, red rover, and hide-and-seek help kids burn off excess energy, while board and card games can keep the mind active and help pass the time when the weather is gloomy. To spice things up, you and your family can even create some new rules, or come up with different ways to play old favorites.

2. Make your own stories. Creative storytelling is another easy (and free!) home activity for kids. Have one person start the story and let each family member build upon the last person's chapter. Or write a play as a family and act it out. You'll create new memories, and keep everyone engaged. 

3. Clean the house. This productive, family-friendly activity, will get some chores out of the way. Challenge your children to see how fast they can complete different tasks and offer increasingly difficult responsibilities as they prove they can handle them. Reward the hard work with a treat, like baking healthful cookies.

4. Dance up a storm. Dancing is a great form of exercise and can be fun, either alone or with a spouse and children. You can also do traditional calisthenics, such as sit-ups, squats, and jumping jacks to build strength and flexibility. Just avoid anything that causes pain.

5. Reminisce about old times. Look at old family photographs or yearbooks. This can be a great way for kids to learn about your past, and is an an activity you can also enjoy alone.

6. Connect with long distant friends and relatives. Consider writing a letter or placing a phone call to catch up with people who live far away.

7. Socialize with neighbors. Reach out to those who may be in need of some company and include them in your activities at home. Older folks can be particularly lonely and might enjoy sharing their stories and skills with your family.

8. Use social media. Find old acquaintances or catch up with friends through the Internet. You can even use a web camera for a live chat to help you feel closer to loved ones who live far away.

9. Practice your favorite hobby. When planning activities at home, be sure to incorporate your favorite pastimes, such as tending your garden, soaking in the tub, trying a new recipe, making a scrapbook, or anything else you love.

Angie Cunningham reviewed this article.



Cunningham, Angie. Personal coach/Intentional Living Enthusiast. Email interview 9 March 2013.