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If you're struggling with anxiety or other mental health issues, you're not alone. Discuss the latest treatment methods, medications, and coping strategies with other support group members.

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seeing Psychiatrist for 12 years Severe anxiety
Xanax 1x a day helps anxiety is miserable... Depression bipolar disorder
I am a full time grad student working toward a master's degree in mental health counseling. My practice will specialize ... dealing with severe anxiety disorder for many many years

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Re: Anxiety
You can't fight anxiety, you can test to teach yourself to "let" the anxiety happen and deep breath slowly your way through it. Understanding that anxiety can only continue for a certain amount of time. It isn't an easy thing to do but, you can study to d   Read more...
Posted by Garrett Hnatiuk on Thu May 15

Can Sex Cause Depression?
Often i get very depressed never ever but recently i realized after i have sex or masturbate it seems to obtain much worse could that be causing me to become depressed. One of my friend recommend me this, Generic Viagra Soft Tabs pills . Please help me to   Read more...
Posted by Garrett Hnatiuk on Tue May 13

Anxiety Issues?
Hello i am not sure whether i am suffering from anxiety disorder can u someone please list the physical symptoms of anxiety disorder? I m afraid to go to sleep on certain days coz of these issues?    Read more...
Posted by Garrett Hnatiuk on Tue Mar 18

Young Woman (38) on the Move from Bipolar
Oh Dear .38 years old and what have I got to say for myself?Made it through High School .Had a rough time associating with other classmates. I Then went to a community college to get my Human Services Degree A.S Happy there. Had some pretty nice times wit   Read more...
Posted by KittyCat1 on Mon Mar 28

Re: Xanex
Quote: Originally posted by acesdev Is Zanex bad to take at the age of 25? ... All my thoughts relate to the age of 25, concern.  My know how about Zanex is so very little.  I would answer no.        Read more...
Posted by LucyWall on Mon Mar 7

Re: why is my head shakeing
Sweetie, I know exactly what your talking about but I don't know what it is. Sorry, but I want to say maybe you should google it and see if maybe you can get an answer there. I wish this group was more active. Such a shame. I so sorry that you find yourse   Read more...
Posted by grammah on Mon May 3

See more...

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