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Need advice on excersises

Posted by nan1369

I have lost about 65-70 lbs over the last 2.5 yrs. my problem is that i cannot get rid of my waving upper arms & my love handles. Does anyone know of some excersises I can do for these. I also need to tone up the rest of me, but these are my problem areas. Thanks for any & all advice.

Re: Need advice on excersises

Posted by RainandSunGirl

wow congratulations on the weight loss! do triceps dips ... but sometimes after a large weight loss surgery is necessary to remove excess skin. speak with your doctor. good luck!

Re: Need advice on excersises

Posted by CaitlinSnyder

Variety!  Shock those muscles!  Try getting a book of workouts and make 3-4 workouts, alternating every month.  You can work the same muscle groups, just in different ways.  It doesn't allow them to adapt to the workout, and you won't hit a plateau!  If you don't want to build the workouts on your own, consider something like a pre-determined program...  Like p90x.  It's not as intimidating as it sounds.  I did it and lost most of my weight around my love handles (my problem spot).  You can see my before and after pics here.  Have you ever heard of p90x?

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