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Allergies? Or Something Else?

About 10% of Americans suffer from seasonal allergies, and if where you live ranks fairly high for areas with bad allergies, you may think your runny nose and watery eyes mean you have allergies. Admit it -- you Googled the symptoms, right? Not so fast, Googlechondriacs.

How to Cope With Pollen Allergy

Around one in five Britons suffer from hay fever, an allergy to pollen. Find out how to minimise the symptoms of your pollen allergy.

The Claritin Clear Challenge

Former Mommy Correspondent for 'The Doctors,' host of 'Dancing with the Stars' and busy mom of four, Brooke Burke-Charvet reveals her biggest springtime allergy trigger, and how taking the Claritin Clear Challenge helped manage her symptoms.

Ways to Cope with an Early Allergy Season

The mean season for millions of allergy sufferers is officially underway...and it's set to be very rough Spring.

Preventing Allergy Symptoms Is Easier Than Treating Them

Experts say it's easier to prevent spring allergy symptoms than stop them after they have begun.

Drops Under Tongue Could Be as Effective As Allergy Shots

People who suffer from severe allergies often get shots to train their bodies to react less aggressively to pollen, dust, ragweed, grass and mold.

Bringing Devon to School with Robot-Assisted Learning

Seven-year-old Devon's severe allergies prevent him from attending school, physically, but with the help of VGo robotic technology, Devon is able to visually trek the halls of his school and learn beside his classmates. Follow Devon to school with his VGo robot. Plus, Devon's robot takes a field trip to The Doctors ' stage!

Explaining Eosinophilic Esophagitis

Seven-year-old Devon suffers from a wide array of severe allergies, including a condition called eosinophilic esophagitis, where an inflammatory, allergic reaction causes the airway to swell and impairs breathing. Devon's severe allergies actually prevent him from attending school, physically, but with the help of VGo robotic technology, Devon is able to visually trek the halls of his school and learn beside his classmates. See how the VGo robot has changed Devon's life, from both an educational

Living with Life-Threatening Allergies

Seven-year-old Devon suffers from a wide array of severe, life-threatening allergies. See the daily precautions that need to be taken to prevent Devon from having an allergic reaction.

Food Allergy Bullying?

An alarming study out of Mount Sinai School of Medicine found that, out of 250 families surveyed, a shocking 45 percent of children with food allergies were bullied simply because they had an allergy. The Doctors discuss the dangerous and potentially deadly bullying trend.

Study Advises to Introduce Allergen Foods to Allergic Children

A new study advises parents to introduce highly allergenic foods to young babies, instead of waiting.

Control Your Allergy Triggers

Spring is officially here, and for millions of Americans, so are allergies. Get tips to control your triggers from allergy specialist Dr. Robert Eitches.

Hair Dye Allergy Explained

See how black hair dye caused 19-year-old Mike's head to swell twice its size.

The Hidden Universality of Food Allergy

Dr. Russell M. Jaffe is Lab Director of ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies LLC and Fellow of the Health Studies Collegium. Through his expertise in non-invasive studies of cells, he developed novel tests for blood platelet survival, fibrinogen survival, platelet aggregation, and lymphocyte response.

Bullied Children Often Have Psychological Issues as Adults

Children who are bullied often have long lasting psychological problems into adulthood.

Allergy Season: Gonna Be Bad

Texas is known for fresh, clean air but to the estimated 40 million who suffer with allergies, it smells a lot different. The state is already setting record pollen levels and some days, the Lone Star state is the worst in the country.

The Cure For Peanut Allergies May Be...Peanuts

Erika Edwards reports people with a peanut allergy would never put peanuts in their mouth... But they may someday be cured by putting it under their tongue.

Natural Health Explorer: Food Sensitivities

Natural Health Explorer blogger Debra K talks about food sensitivities.

PTSD: Just the Facts on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

War veterans have always suffered from PTSD, even before it officially existed.

Rapid Resolution Therapy for PTSD Patients

Some PTSD patients are alleviating symptoms with a treatment called Rapid Resolution Therapy.

Military Mental Disorders Rising

Repeated long deployments are taking its toll on US soldiers.

PTSD Can Be Affected by Fireworks

Fourth of July, while celebrating the efforts of our troops, can also wreak havoc on their PTSD.

Moderate Exercise Can Ease Anxiety

Moderate exercise helps ease anxiety long after your workout is over.

Cold Weather Can Make You Feel Lousy

The cold weather doesn't cause a cold... but it can make you feel lousy in other ways. Sheena Parveen reports.

Caretakers May Need Updated Guidance on Food Allergies

Babysitters, teachers and even grandparents may need extra guidance on food allergies in children.

Warm Weather Causing Allergies to Flare Up

Warm weather is triggering misery for millions who suffer from allergies.

Coping with Allergy Season

The early spring and blooming trees have made this a nasty allergy season already.

Treatment For Your Allergies

People with allergies have a range of treatment options available from over-the-counter products to prescription medicines. Learn the differences among these varying treatments and which products can work best for your symptoms.

Kids and Allergies

Allergies can leave children feeling sniffly, teary and itchy and take their toll at play and at school. Previously, allergy remedies left children feeling foggy and tired, but today there are a variety of choices for all ages.

Learn the Science Behind Allergies

Are you sick of sneezing, wheezing and suffering from seasonal allergies? NBC Learn, the educational arm of NBC News, has teamed up with the National Science Foundation to explore the science behind the news.